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How small is too Small?

Oct 14, 2009

    1. (Ok if theres something like this please tell me!)

      Any way i know theres a thread for how big is too big...

      I'd like to know how small a doll is to small?

      For me it would have to be anything puki sized...(Or 15cm)...I almost lost the one i owend once...so yeah...

      what do you think is to small?
    2. Anything under 10-12 inches (To-SD size) is too small for me. I couldn't imagine owning a pukipuki or something even smaller.
    3. anything smaller then YoSD (so about 30 cm) is waaay too small. It simply will get lost in the piles of anime figurines that I have. + I don't think I will be able to perceive something so small as a doll and not as a figurine. ^^;
    4. Puki-sized, definitely. XD
      I can handle my Banji boy, with his delicate fingers and limbs...but the Puki was just too small and chubby for me...I didn't know what to do with him--he was just like a little action figure, and if I had wanted an action figure, I would have bought one that cost considerably less. ^^;;;

      I am definitely a big-doll person, though, so it shouldn't be surprising I'm not very fond of most of the little ones....
    5. It will NEVER be too small.
      I love them tiny. :>
    6. I have zero interest in larger dolls, and am currently saving for a Banji, and hoping to purchase a PukiPuki, and the even smaller RealPuki once a face I like comes out for them, along with other Yo-SD and smaller dolls. I don't want to own anything bigger than an MSD, and even then, maybe only a pair that large.

      I know I'm in the vast minority being of that opinion, but, meh. I want my dollies handheld!
    7. Anything bellow the 40cm-45cm range. If it's smaller, I don't care how awesome it is, I won't buy it.

      For the 27cm-30cm range, I'm happy sticking to Pullips and Barbies, so I wouldn't get a BJD in that size. And anything smaller would be a pain for me to sew for.
    8. I swore to myself that puki size was too small and I'd never have one.. until I got one :sweat She's just as much doll as my SD13 girl is and I love her just the same. I play with her even more often I think, and she's super portable (my purse faerie xD). I won't buy another one, but I guess you can never say never in this hobby.
    9. I like all the sizes I have, honestly, from 60cm down to the Puki. They all have different strengths. I love that I can get clothes for the Puki and 27cm at a regular store - I can even get wigs for the 27cm there! They're fun to dress and pose and play with. For photostories and being characters I much prefer the minis - they get the most photo time and are my important characters. For cons and meets and general carrying around I prefer the 60cm boys.

      I'd love to have a Realpuki someday. I don't feel the need to have tons of tinies - maybe a couple more 27cm's, and I like the Puki Ruby but don't have a reason to get her - and focus on Minis, but I've not found one I consider "too small" yet.
    10. Anything smaller than an msd is too small for me too, the proportions are just wrong to me, and I would have to separate them, which I don't want to do. :/
    11. That's a hard one... I'm not sure what is too small for me. I see Puki's and others their size that are really cute but at this time I can't imagine ever getting one. I'm fond of the SD and MSDs mostly but maybe a super tiny bjd will come out who will win me over yet.
    12. Well, at first anything smaller than SD size was too small for me. Then I started a love affair with mature tinies, managed to hold out on the Pukis for a while then broke down & got those, along with some Brownies & a tiny Elfdoll Kai. But really, I can't imagine anything smaller than that. Right now I'm hooked on 27cm dolls that aren't children like the Planetdoll gang & the Bobobies. Still, when it comes to sewing, SDs are the way to go.
    13. My Pipos Dali is pushing it. Anything smaller than that and I wouldn't want to spend that much on it and would be afraid of breaking it. The smaller Pipos dolls would be out of the question. I also think having two tiny-sized dolls is quite enough. I would really much rather invest in bigger dolls that seem to have more value per pound. (I realize dolls are not ground beef, but if a tiny-sized doll is $300 and an SD sized doll is $600 and is bigger and heavier by more than 2x, then ...)
    14. MNF size and smaller is just too tiny for me. When I say MNF I don't mean MSD size since I like my DoCs just fine, it's that MNFs are so slim that when I had one awhile ago he felt just substantially smaller than my others guys of the same height. It's too bad really since I think most MNFs are beautiful and find a ton of even smaller dolls absolutely adorable, but for now I even feel with three minis under my belt I definitely need to take a break from that size and focus on the larger ones. Who knows, I may come back to them someday, but as I like more mature facesculpts better anyway, it might be a long awhile.
    15. Just want to say this too....
      The advantage of having smaller dolls, especially pukis is this: they are so small they can go everywhere! Some days I take them to work with me, they sit on my desk being adorable and no one would even notice. :>
    16. i have a bobobie isabella which is about 27cm and she is sooo cute. but anything smaller i don't think i would like. i think any smaller you wouldn't be able to see the expressions on their faces and changing the eyes must be a nightmare.

    17. For what it's worth, it's much, much easier to change my Puki's eyes than my 27cm Resinsoul girl's eyes. Way easier to pull off a faceplate and change them than either take off the head or work around the S-hook, and you don't have to fish around inside a head at all. Not saying you should go smaller than you're comfortable with, but the eye thing is just not true.
    18. For me it's never the size itself, but how much it costs. I will not. *WILL NOT* pay MSD or higher price for a teeny-tiny, no matter how much I adore the sculpt.

    19. I find that me and tinies don't bond...I've had an Elfdoll Adel, a Bambicromy Lotti, a Tinybear Bonbon, an OD So-Ye..and they've all gone bye-bye...the only tiny I have kept is my OD SO-JI.. as I dyed him red, gave him horns and tail..and named him Horny..{hey everyone needs a horny little devil in their family!;)}

      but really, I am very tempted by Charles Creature Cabinet tinies, those really cute little ones on Fairyland, and a few others but I know if I get one..it won't last long.
    20. thanks, AmyAngel about the eye info. maybe one of these days i will get up the nerve to change isabella's eyes. have worked with a couple of my 43" dolls but i always end up making them look cross-eyed.
      i guess i just need experience. maybe i will start with isabella and work my way up. i still wouldn't go any smaller than 27cm tho.