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How Spoiled are your Dolls?

Jan 2, 2019

    1. So, how Spoiled are your Dolls? Do they have 2, 3, or 10 outfits? Do you buy them or make them props and accessories all the time?

      Is there ONE that is your favorite out of your collection that just gets it all?

      I have one that's more spoiled than the rest haha
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    2. I seem to have one of every size that's the most spoiled. I have one yosd, who is probably my most spoiled of all, but close seconds are my first msd girl, who is now accompanied by 3 more msd but has more clothes than then combined, and my 65cm boy, who is my child and would be the only doll I would keep if I had to suddenly get rid of the rest. You could say that I play favorites. xD
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    3. The smaller the doll, the more stuff I end up getting for them. Most of my SDs only have one outfit and no shoes, but my Yo's have closets full of props and clothes:XD: Its too hard to resist the tiny cuteness!
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    4. I try to spoil all nine of my dolls more or less equally. XD;; Either with bought items or items I make myself. The primary way I'm enjoying my dolls recently is by sewing and crafting for them, so they get new stuff (a pair of shoes here, a haori jacket there...) every month....

      If any single doll is the most spoilt out of my crew, it may be my SDM Hewitt girl, simply because I have a big collection of MSD girl clothes (I've never counted, but probably 100+ pieces), and she's my only doll who will wear them. ^_^;;

      @Mangakaotaku911 who is your most spoiled doll and why is he/she the most spoiled? :D
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    5. i'd be lying for sure if i said i didn't have a fave, lmao. he's so spoiled i bought him his former boyfriend when he went up for sale. rowe certainly wasn't for me (at least not to start with, hehe, i love him to bits now)

      that's right, caspian. i got him for you. the least you can do is not turn him down! ingrate.
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    6. I tend to play favourites, but on rotation. Currently it is my tan Coco, Rani, who is getting everything her little resin heart desires. I am sure later in the year one of the other girls will have their turn (maybe...).
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    7. Two is my top favorite out of 40 I have... they’re the most spoiled because I give them most attention. About half of the other dolls were bought for them, so they’d have their friends and family surrounding them. They got the most of the wardrobes. They stand center of all dolls. Hell, I even have anime version of them in other dolls as well and smaller version planned. So yeah, two are most spoiled and the first ones I worry about the most when something happened (i.e. earthquake).
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    8. Oh my dolls are definitely spoilt, the most spoilt being my boy Pip but I think that's mainly cuz he was my first and only doll for a while (I have four now so it's harder to spoil everyone equally) I have however used some Christmas/birthday money to buy everyone some clothes!
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    9. My dolls are pretty spoilt. I have a trunk full of toys and "plushies"/pillows for them that were either bought or made. Most of my dolls clothes are handmade and I buy and make props for them. If I had to say one was more spoilt than another it's probably the tinies. They're easiest to sew for, especially by hand when my sewing machine is but away. And I can find decently priced shoes for them (except for the realfee, I can't even find her shoes! But I made her like 7 pairs of uggs so...). And since they don't really have "characters" they're just my little cuties. Sassy and cute!
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    10. I definitely have one who's more spoiled than the rest, my Aramy (Mystic Kids QingChen). He has the most outfits and jewelry, and he keeps demanding more. >_> It may be because he's shelling my favorite OC I've ever created, and it doesn't help his character is the showy princess type lmao.
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    11. I tend to spoil those in my crew who travel with me as you can't expect them to wear the same outfit in every photo. LOL. First to be spoiled of the current group is Zoey my Pukifee Zoe. She's been on several vacations so she has the proper amount of clothing for a world traveler who only seems North America. Next is Eddie my Bishonen House Steve. He has only been on a couple of trips, but he like Zoey also has done several photo stories.
      The newest to be spoiled in my two Fifth Motif guys, my Goohwa, Hyun and my Venitu, Stone. Unlike the other two I had to be more careful in my choices of clothing as their bodies are large and I didn't want to waste money on stuff that might fit. So I made sure to check each item carefully, and then buy two one in a different color then the other. Which isn't always possible. Anyway they when Stone has his face up completed will be staring in New stories and soon as weather warms up going on trips together when ever possible.

      I have to add my other dolls have at least a pair or two of pants, at least three shirts, a nice hoodie and plenty of shoes. Only a couple have jackets or coats, but those do travel on occasion in past and that is required clothing. I have been taking dolls on vacations and to local Japanese Garden for over nine years, so some are still here others have gone to new homes and left many great memories.
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    12. My Minifee Rendia has the most out of all my dolls, she was the first one I ever completed and one Christmas when I asked mostly for doll things Claire received about 3 outfits and a few accessories.
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    13. My favorite is very clear - my doll based on my dnd character is spoiled rotten.

      So far he's had one complete outfit commissioned and has a buttload of props.
      Now he's getting another commissioned outfit, armor, and a custom fit mask.

      With as much as I have spent on him, I could have bought at least three or four more dolls! :lol:
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    14. I love seeing and crafting for my dolls too!
      Mine would be Bug, he's one of my ocs shelled into doll form. He's special to me so he ends up with more props and clothes than he needs lol
      Oh, he's an Impldoll Glenn on an Akagidoll 66cm body
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    15. They’re all kind of spoiled, but some are more than others. I try to have at least 5 outfits and two pairs of shoes per doll, and they each get at least two things specific to their character. I also have a spare room that has become The Doll Room and one entire wall makes up nine bedroom dioramas, but I’m currently at...um...18?...dolls, so they don’t all get a room. The SD crew without rooms sit on a 1/3 custom couch my dad built for them or hang out in their friend’s room. The tinies, anthros and my first doll who doesn’t fit with the rest of the crew are in a display case in my sewing room.

      The most spoiled doll is probably Luc. I’ve had him longer than most of the others, and bonded with him a lot faster. He’s got a lot of personal items in his room and he’s also the only one ever to get a $200 prop, but it’s a fully functioning 1/3 scale compound bow, so it was worth it for him.

      My least spoiled would be Kit, she owns nothing but her fullset outfit. This is partly because she’s new and was unplanned, as she was a prize from the last DoA anniversary contest, and partly because she’s an anthro, and only my humans get in depth characters and stories. I do plan to make/buy at least one more dress for her. Although she’s my least spoiled, she’s still the only one I’ve ever (in 11 years) sent out for a full faceup and bodyblushing! It cost more than I’ve ever paid for commissioned work before, BUT I love it so much, she’s totally worth it! I feel like it’s helped me get to ‘know’ her better and bond easier.
    16. I do not have any dolls yet but, rest assured, when I finally get my first one she will be as spoiled as i can afford to make her! probably like 12 outfits and stuffed animals and making things for her and the list goes on and on!
    17. My crew are every inch as spoiled as my cat, and that's really saying something given how rotten Mei is. :lol:

      I can't claim that I don't have favorites, but like Flowergirl said upthread about her own dolls, I tend to tinker with them in rotation. One day it'll be Shonokin who gets all of the attention. A week later, I'll be all about the staff of the Division of Endings or Talis and his "brat pack" friends, or Ophelia and Dakar, or who-ever else strikes my fancy.
    18. My dolls are very spoiled haha they have draw and draws full of clothing, but all my MSDs share so none are more spoiled than the others. I find if I don't get them plenty of clothes to change their outfits often I pick them up less and less so I like to have loads to be able to change things up all the time.
    19. I only have one doll so far, but he's fairly spoiled. I make clothes for him and he has his own cubicle in my room, so he gets a lot of space. I'm about ready to have my dad order clothes for him so he looks good for a bjd convention we're about to go to. He has his own drawers full of clothes and care items. Most of my pictures on my phone are of him. He's not as spoiled as other dolls though. He still has to hold my laptop chargers and pencils :XD:
    20. Not at all, haha. My dolls are lucky if they have one (1) pair of shoes, and even then they don't even actually have to fit.

      My most spoiled doll is probably my Dream Valley Vine, since he has shoes, SOCKS, multiple outfits, AND even a doll of his own (A figma archetype I painted lol). But that's not really spoiling HIM so much as spoiling myself with more dolls (albeit tiny ones)