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How tall are DoT boys?

Jul 4, 2007

    1. I couldn't categorize this into the size of the doll, because I have no idea!! I figured it's a 60+cm doll? :/
    2. From the DoD site:

      Height : 64cm
    3. :O I couldn't find the size on the site!! =| Thank you.
    4. I think this will help you a lot
      this is my D.O.T. Lahoo next to my Kid Delf Boy CHERRY


      I sow that you have a girl Cherry and I though a photo of a Cherry next to a D.O.T. will help you out
    5. OMG YES!!! That helps so much!! ^^ Thank you~!!
    6. Be careful with dots and wigs they got small heads compared to some other sd size dolls. I got a E-an turning up anyday now and i was recommended getting a size 8-9 wig, not sure about the boy dolls but they probably the same. DoT girls are 60cm tall and as stated boy DoTs are 64cm tall.
    7. DOT boys have smaller heads than most other SD/60cm sized dolls. I have bought 2 DOT wigs in the past that did not fit my other SD boys (they were too small).
      I have heard that some wigs made for MSD sized dolls actually fits DOTs very well tho.
      anyways, DOT boys are quite big and heavy compared to alot of other SD dolls, and they have HUGE hands. They are such lovely dolls tho^^
    8. The title says it all. I'm just really interested in him and would like to know how tall he is before I go and save up for him...:sweat
    9. 64 cm ---------------
    10. Ok, thank you!
    11. Great comparision pic thanks. Woah lots of useful DOT info on here I want a sha ^_^. Small head? I'll have to watch out.
    12. The last DoT wig that I had wouldn't fit on my Dollkot Hara, who has a wig size of 9" DoD says that the DoTs have 9" heads, but they're closer to 8-9" so they are VERY small compared to most companies.
    13. I find bigger wigs will fit my boy with some velcro to keep it in place, but his original wig doesn't fit our Delf at all. His features are pretty large for the small size of his cranium, though, so a larger wig almost evens out the visual he presents next to other dolls, if that makes any sense. DoT's a little odd proportion-wise.

      I've heard that Kid Delf wigs fit DoTs, but we've got one for another boy and unless it's the smallest wig ever I don't think that's right. They're way too small.

      Kaida, that's an awesome picture. :)
    14. Are D.O.D dolls SD? i dunno xD i am still sorta new to this.. and i cant seem to find the thread with terms.. can someone post it please??

      the thing is, i found this dress on D.I.M , and i really liked it and plan on buying it but it fits SD dolls or somthing like that... and i am not sure if D.O.D are SD or not xD i mean, they probably are, but i dont know xD

      sorry for my BJD noobness!!! i am learning though! xD
    15. Don't apologise Hun. It IS confusing( I still have to check things). The compnay actually does different sized dolls. D.O.T.= Dream of Teenager. D.O.C.=Dream of Children( so smaller) etc.Unless a Limited or fullset, sometimes you can tell by the price as well...Hope that helps a bit.
    16. ooh.. thankies xD
      yes, i wanna get a D.O.T i think..... uh xD i dunno i so confused with all the sizes and things.... but yeah >.>
      thanks! xD
    17. My advice to you is for you to try to get to a meetup so you can see how big the dolls really are! I know it was quite shocking for me to see them all in person for the first time. You don't really know what size you have an affinity for until you see/hold them. Some people find an SD size doll to be too intimidating for a first doll. I had to ease into them myself. Take a tape measure and check out how big 60cms is.
    18. The typical SD size is 60cm. You can look at the stats of different company's dolls and see if they are taller or shorter.

      The old-style Elfdoll boy is 58cm. CP Luts Delf boys are 60.5cm. Dollmore Youth Adam boys are 62cm. Iplehouse boys are 63cm. DOD boys are 64cm. Dollshe and Dollzone big boys are 70cm. Dollmore Model Doll boys are 71cm.

      This can be a problem when it comes to pants legs' length so you have to shop around. I have found most SD tops can fit all the different SD sizes if the sleeves are short.
    19. Just to clarify, SD= Super Dollfie. Super Dollfie is the Volks brand name for their Ball Jointed Dolls. SD has sort of become the generic name people use for BJDs.

      Dream of Doll call their large dolls Dream of Teen.
      Volks makes Super Dollfies.
      Luts sells Delfs and Senior Delfs.
      Custom House calls their large dolls Ai.

      All of the companies dolls have slightly different doll measurements. Check the Sticky at the top of this subforum to compare their measurements. It's a lot of info to take in but read as much as you can. :)
    20. Are DOTs slightly bigger than Senior Delfs? I heard somewhere that they were an inch or so taller...