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How the heck do you pronounce Delf "Lishe"??

Jul 6, 2005

    1. This may seem a really dumb question, but it's been bugging me for a little while and I thought I'd ask.

      How is "Lishe" pronouced? :?

      Is it "leesh"?

      Is it "lee-shee"?

      Is it "lee-shay"?

      Is it just "lish"?

      Someone help! *_*
    2. i just call her leesh.

      on several occasion , i called her with all the pronounciations. XD
    3. Thanks for the link! :grin: But ARRRGGGHHH! Everyone has a different way of saying it!! I swear, sometimes I think they come up with these names to drive people nuts! :vein

      *Stops ranting* Someone should just ask the company directly to see how they pronounce it, but even then we might not get a decisive answer.. *_*
    4. I say "Lish-ee," but that's just personal preference, I have no rational reason for doing so ;)

      Aislinn seems to like it that way, though!!

      -- A :>
    5. I think the most accurate should be the chinese way: Li Xi , as much as Soony is Shun Yi, and Soo is Shiu. But it's just my opinion, related to their corean names translated for foreigners... dunnow ^^U
    6. Does it really matter?
    7. No, but it would be cool to know. :daisy

      To every owner, their doll is unique. I guess the different pronounciations are direct evidence of that. :grin:
    8. Hehee, I'm finnish so I tend to pronounce everything as it's written. Unless I wanna be funny and intentionally pronounce something in very finnish way, like Yder -> Yyteri, El -> Eli, Bee-A -> Piia.

      So, I call Lishe Lishe. Li like from the word "LIsten" and she like from the name Sebastian, but kinda like I was drunk ( add the H ) ^^

      Sometimes it's a bit hard though, like with Eujquv x_x I guess I'd go with Eujukuv.
    9. I pronounce it as "Leash"
      Hey, I'm Jamaican, I have a thick accent, forgive me. :lol:
    10. I pronounce it 'LIsten-SHEbastian", too. Which makes things confusing when I meetup with people who prounounce it Lish.
    11. "Lisheh", only with a short "eh"? LOl... I guess LI-SHebastian would be the same thing. I wonder what is the right way to pronounce Yder? *_*
    12. I always just say "Lish"... my friend says "Leesh".... other friend says "Leeshee".... other friend says "Leesh-uh"...

      Only one of them ever tried to correct me... to which i felt a little "Eh?" considering there is no "correct" answer as of yet that I know of. Until I hear from CP or Luts, I will continue to assume my pronunciation is as correct as any :)
    13. I always think of it as lee-shee. But I also think of Soo sounding like soap, not like Sue. So what do I know? :wink:
    14. I always thought it was Li-shay. I was surprised there were so many different ways of pronouncing it.
    15. After a quick look at the Korean Luts site and a few minutes with google, it is pronounced something similar to 'ree-shee'. Riswi for a more accurate romanization. The 'wi' sound is one of those fun ones that doesn't really exist in English.

      I found this to be rather helpful: http://blue.white.lv/blog/archives/000138.html

      The page for Lishe on the Korean site is http://doll.luts.co.kr/FrontStore/dvProduct.phtml?pid=LUTS_136&iCategoryCode=6
      The name is found in the black box, moving rather annoyingly back and forth... It's the two characters in the quotation marks.

      So... It's apparently a win for the 'Lee-she' folks. (And for the record, I've been pronouncing it wrong, heh, I've been saying the 'e' the Japanese way.)
    16. That's very interesting, I don't actually know too much about Korean pronounciation, except my Japanese teacher, who has a Korean sister-in-law, says it's very easy for Koreans to pick up Japanese, on account of how similar the pronounciation is.

      I will persist in calling Bella a "Lish", mainly because I have a good friend with that name, and it's fun to tease her that there's a doll named after her :oops:
    17. I like to say "Lish" because it makes me think of the words luscious and delicious :D
    18. i say leesh XD :oops:
    19. Am I the only person who says it "lyshe," with a long "i" sound in the middle? Like the sound in "spice." XD