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how tiny do you like your tinys?

May 21, 2009

    1. I like my tinies to be about as my palm. Well i dont care much about size but if there bigger i dont consider them tiny.
    2. [​IMG]

      My tiniest tiny is about the size of palm, if not smaller. I love miniature dollhouse stuff too, so it makes a lot of sense!
    3. I'm definitely all about palm sized tinies or smaller if possible! The tinier the better:D I have always loved miniatures and I adore tiny tiny things with lots of detail. For me a really tiny detailed bjd is just heaven:D
    4. 11cm is a good size for a tiny, other than that I like large dolls - 68/70cm.
    5. The puki size is just fine, 9 or 10 cm would be ok as well, but more tiny would be hard to handle for me.
    6. I love very tiny dolls : the smallest if possible.
      One inch are the tiniest I hand made.

    7. Gilou, your dolls are fantastic! I love them!
    8. I love tinys that have lots of detail. The smaller the better in my opinion too. Half scale, quarter scale and 144 dollhouse minis are among my favorites.

      Not surprisingly I have some elfdoll tinys (Catsy and Min), pukis and the new Brownie Small comfort. They are wonderful! Can't wait for some regular brownies to arrive. They are so much fun to make clothes for. Plus most of the Re-ment accessories fit them perfectly!

      Gilou - nice dolls. I like how they all have different outfits.
    9. smaller the better
      the largest Lati Yellow ..I do have some larger .Ante
      but Im happy with 1 ..Lati , Elf ..PocketFairys I could have any army ,.I just love them tiny
    10. I love the 1:12 scale dolls, like Banji, Elfdoll tinies and of course Tinybear's elves :)

      I love that size because of all the awesome dollhouse size things you can get for them. Even so there are a lot of Barbie or Bratz size things you can get larger dolls, the compact size of dollhouse sized dolls makes it easier to fit in the house and enjoy :)

      Even so I may one day get my minifee doll body, I'll never get a large collection of that size or any other size like I have my 1:12 scale. They're perfect!
    11. puki size is perfect for me, but I like bigger tinies too. :)
    12. I like tinies from Felix Small Comfort, Brownie, and OD So size up to Petites!

      and have dolls up to 70cm, with many of the available sizes in between. ;)

      So, let me sum up--I like dolls. :D:fangirl:

      Ann in CT
    13. I just got a Bisou Ai Shushu and love this size... but I've had Lati whites and they were wonderful too. I don't really have much of a size preference, there are advantages and disadvantages perhaps, to all. If I like the sculpt, that's where I start from.

      But with tinies I end at the price. I won't pay a lot of money for a tiny... I just can't! I've been enamored of Charles Creature Cabinet dolls, but I will not pay MSD prices for a tiny, no matter how neat, I just will not. ^^;;

    14. What beatiful dolls Gilou!!!
      I love dollhouse size tinies as well. My Nari Pon and Puki are the perfect size for dollhouse accessories. My Felix Small Comfort will be my tiniest. For some reason the BJD's over 15 cm don't appeal to me.
    15. My favourite tinies are ones that can fit in the doll houses. Tinybear Elves, Puki, Brownies, Small Comfort babies, Banji, Naripon, Genie Lilica, Pocket Fairy, Serendipity Cumi, Charles Creatures and Lati White. But then I also like them up to 10 inches. Over that and I'm not really interested.
    16. I love miniatures and putting together rooms for dolls. So the smaller dolls are going to be the most fun for me. I still have to finish accessorizing Miela's room. Tinybear's elves are so much fun to decorate for.
    17. my largest is a 30cm mini gem, but i don't really concider her "tiny", tiny to me is more 15cm down!
    18. I have a Tinybear Moona and she's actually a little too small for me. I have problems with my motor skills so she's a bit difficult for me.

      I have an incomming PukiFee and I'm a little worried about it being too small. On the other hand a PukiFee is not as slim as a Moona so I hope it will be allright.

      I do want a tiny "take with me everywhere" doll. I really regretted that I didn't order a Bisou Ai Lilly too in the December sales at Custom House but I just don't feel like ever going through a waiting time like that so I have given up on getting her. I think she'd be a perfect size for me though.

      I do love bigger tinies as well. I have an Ange Ai Uri and I love her and her size. I also have a LittleFee Shiwoo Elf face-plate and an incomming body. They are just such an adorable size but they are just a bit too big to always take with you.

      I actually think there should be two different sizes for tinies. Like under and over 20cm.

      Edit because I just thought we could call dolls smaller than MSDs and bigger than 20cm for small or petite and under 20cm could be tiny.

    19. My only tiny is a 15cm BBB. I've no problem with his size, and I actually wouldn't mind having a puki around as well. They're just a tad harder to photograph when you have to get right down with them!

      Dustbunnie: two different categories for tinies would be nice. It's becoming a broader and broader range compared to the others.
    20. I know, this hobby forces you to spend even more money on better cameras! It never ends!!! LOL