How to add or request dolls to the List of dolls known to have been recast

Jan 24, 2016

    1. Hi,

      I'm in a european FB group that allows also recasts. the other one is public so I don't join :-P
      I saw that the Ipplehouse panther and Fairyland Minifee Sia are avaidable as recasts.
      I tought I will go to the wiki and make a comment so that they would be added but I don't see something like this or I'm to stupid ^^
      How can I let someone change this page?
      List of dolls known to have been recast - DoA BJD Wiki | Den of Angels
    2. I think you can do it yourself - just click "edit" and then add dolls.
    3. If you're not sure how to add it yourself, you could also post in the Ask the Moderators Forum. The Mods should also be able to make that update.
    4. So the Panther was purchased from a recaster despite Iplehouse's efforts...? For shame... =/
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    5. I don't think you make comments on the wiki but you can just click "edit" in the upper right, add whatever information you want and then scroll down and click "save" to update any page of the wiki
      I just updated the list with the two dolls you were going to add
    6. Oh on my mobile phone i see the ddiz button. Maybe is was really to early today ^^
      Yeah the recaster ask for a few people. They needed at least 5 orders so that it is without lost of money. They need to buy the doll teirself i guess.

      So mean..