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How to chose a wig?

Jul 27, 2010

    1. I'm sure there is a topic about this somewhere, but I did some searches, but nothing came up, so here goes...

      How do you chose a wig? I just ordered my first doll, a Island Wallis (45cm), and I'm having SUCH a hard time finding a wig for her. I've decided what eyes I'm going to get, but I really cannot find a hair that completely fits me.

      Since the eyes are coming from Dollmore, I was hoping to find a wig there, but they all seem a bit stiff to me. I've found some on Luts that might work, but I'm still not completely sure...

      I'd like something that looks somewhat natural, either blonde or black I think, and while I love some of the really long hairstyles, I'd long something that is a bit more "realistic", so something with thin hairs, moderate length and thickness... I think I'd prefer blonde or black...

      So yeah, as the title say, how did you chose a wig for your doll? Where did you look and how did you decide what to get?
    2. I look on the Marketplace, which you can do once you've gained access, I hunt on Ebay, and Etsy(if I'm looking for fur, Etsy has some good sellers) I look on doll sites, I look for sites that sell specifically doll wigs...for natural ooking, a variety of styles, SOFT wigs that come in a wide range of natural (and unnatural) colors, I look at Monique wigs, I go through Juju's Dolly mall for them if they have what I want, as they refund the shipping charges on Monique wigs, but there are a few sellers of Monique wigs, and a lot of them will have a few wigs that the other online shops don't have.
    3. I agree, Monique or Jpop wigs are my favorite. They're
      softer than any other wigs out there and look real.

      One thing you may learn in the hobby is that you'll likely
      accumulate A LOT of wigs or eyes. For me it's wigs!
      Even with your doll staring at you it might be hard choosing
      the "right" wig....so it's often much harder when all you've
      seen of your doll is company pictures. Also be careful if you
      decide to go with black (or even brown) wigs as it's very
      likely they'll stain your dolls head, sorry if you already know
      this! There are ways to protect your doll from these stains
      though, so don't worry.

      Hope you find your girl the perfect wig! :D

      edit: Here's the link for jujusdollymall. Just in case!
    4. Thanks for the tips! I've been looking around, Monique sadly seem to be a bit out of my price range at this point (the doll was hard enough on my wallet >.<)

      Lula: Thanks for the tip about staining! I have heard that wigs could stain, and I've been looking at wig caps to have under, or possibly a silicone cap, though someone said that those might not be good for the doll?
    5. I'm not a fan of silicone caps. I used one for my Lati
      yellow because her default refused to stay on but it
      left rub marks on her head!! So yeah, I don't use them.
      I would just make a stocking cap if you decide to give
      your doll a dark wig.
    6. Thanks :) Yeah, I could do that. However, I found a blonde wig I'm going to get, so hopefully it won't be a problem. Funnily enough, it's a Monique Gold Label I found at JpopDolls, so I'm very thankful for the tips ^^

      I love the little curls, they remind me of my character in Aion ^^
    7. With Monique wigs you get the quality you pay for. They've been making doll wigs forever. I'm happy with my Jpop too.
    8. I really like Monique, Volks, and Leeke World, though the blond wig I got from Dollmore was really pretty nice too. It's been a lot of trial and error for me, and overtime I find myself tending to stick with the same few companies, because I've had the best luck with them. Some wigs had to be customized to work for a particular character, as some hairstyles are less common.
    9. Luts has an amazing selection, and their wigs are very pretty, in my opinion. Leekeworld also has popular wigs, and Monique wigs are high quality. I personally love Luts' wigs a lot.

      There are those that turn their existing characters into dolls, and I imagine that can get frustrating, trying to find a wig that matches exactly what you're looking for... Myself, I'm the kind that finds a doll I'd like to buy, and then makes a character for it after deciding on buying it. When that's the case I just browse the wigs of different companies, although I try to stay with the same company as the doll to make ordering less of a hastle, and find something I think would suit the character and/or the doll's face...
    10. If you're feeling adventurous, you could try making your own fur wigs. You can get free samples from Distinctive Fabric and there's a free pattern floating around somewhere. I've made bunches of wigs and right now Chae-ri's "default" wig is a pink fur wig I made for her.
    11. First, I'm a huge advocate of the silicone wigcap. I have had them on my dolls, unless they have a fur wig, and in some cases, they've been on for years. I don't change their wigs, they wear them all the time, and none of them have marks or stains from the silicone. I've used both Luts wigcaps and the ones from DDE. the only 3 dolls I own that have stains are from the wigs themselves (and one was totally my fault. I tried a wig on a head, threw him in a drawer and forgot about it. huge stain. I don't recommend doing that), both Leekeworld, that stained around the silicone wigcap.
      They help keep the wigs on which is hugely important to me, and protect the head. I love them. *gets off soapbox*

      As for wigs, my top favs are definitely Monique and Jpop...as a lot of people have said already XD
      I recently got one from Iplehouse that is amazing, Soom has very nice wigs, the ones I've gotten from Dollmore are all well made and good quality, I have a few from ebay (just search BJD wigs) that turned out very nice...and there are quite a few very talented people on DOA who will custom make a gorgeous fur wig if that's what you want. I've gotten a lot of wigs from various DOA members and I love them to death.

      Don't be afraid to mod already existing wigs into different styles either...I didn't realize how much I liked cutting hair until I got into BJDs XD

      And don't worry if you can't find a perfect wig right away...My first doll went through several wigs before ending up with the "perfect" one. He was a pre-existing character (most of mine are) and I didn't know enough starting out to really find the right wig immediately. His first wig was a horrible silver one with blunt-cut bangs that came with him XD he's supposed to be a blond!
      I loved him anyway <33

      Good luck! <3
    12. Thanks a lot for all the tips! I might try a silicone wigcap sometime, and just keep an eye on it to see if it leave marks... I guess it might depend on the resin?

      I'm looking forward to get acces to the marketplace so I can browse there, people here seem so creative, so it will be awesome getting a chance to buy from some true artists ;)

      A good thing I guess is that I don't have a finished character for my doll, so I won't have the problem finding a wig that fits a specific idea. I can imagine that must be difficult! So I'm just browsing around ^^

      Emby Quinn: Making one myself is definitely something I'll try eventually! I'd just like something somewhat nice in the beginning, so I can take some pictures and stuff :) But one of the reasons I'm trying to get into this hobby is because it would be great trying your hand on all sort of things, such as sewing clothes, doing face-ups etc. I have tons of creative interests, and this seem the perfect way to combine them!

      VampireAngel13: Thanks for writing about your experiences with different wigs! It's sometimes hard to judge the quality based on just the images on the homepage. For instance, to me, the dollmore wigs looks a bit too stiff and wig-like, rather than actual hair, but they might be pretty nice. Maybe I should test myself :)
    13. I adore Leekeworld wigs... Once I get a bigger doll I will be unstoppable and probably order every wig they have ;D
    14. I looove Luts wigs. They are really nice and soft. IMO.
      But they are stiff too, they keep their style so I don't have to worry about brushing it too often. [Well, at least the one that I bought] ^^
      I personally like that, but some don't.
    15. I have had wonderful luck with Monique Gold wigs. I must have half a dozen, at least. Because they stretch quite nicely, and I prefer more realistic snug look, I always buy one size smaller than the doll manufacturer's specs suggest. My Soom MAs wear size 8-9, my Dollmore Ha-Yarn Cho (notorious for her small head) comfortably wears 6-7, my Volks YoSD wears a 5-6. With the last one, however, out of two 5-6 wigs only one fit well (Paris), because the other one (JoJo) turned out too tight after all.
    16. The only thing I've learned as a rule about BJD wigs is that 60% of the wigs you buy will not work for any doll you have or any doll you plan to get. :( and :lol:

      I've managed to pick wrong colors, wrong sizes, wigs that only look good on big round heads, wigs that are too thin or too full. Really it's the item I've had the most trouble with. I make up for this by having a huge eye and shoes collection for my crew. ;)

      My favorite wigs whether they have worked on a doll or not have been Monique, Volks, Leekeworld, For My Doll and 4D. Some Leeke and some Volks have stained foreheads but thankfully only on dolls that I happened to have painted myself.
    17. Wow I have to like second this. ._. Wigs are like my worst pet peeve about my doll. Trying to find one that worked also drove me batty @-@ Still does. It's gotten a lot easier since I've learned his head size/wigs that look best on him. But that doesn't mean it's not always hit and miss. The one big suggestion I can make, is to disregard the manufacturer's wig size recommendation, look at the doll's actually head circumference and buy the wig based off that.

      I've bought wigs from all over. My personal favorites are Volks and Leeke World. Leeke World has a huge selection too @-@

      Also, you can try a blind wig gift bag when they come out. I found a wig that I wasn't expect work perfectly! :)
    18. I actually have this issue not only when deciding upon a wig for my dollie, but a hair style for any of my OCs.

      I usually start out looking through the different sites, ebay, and the market place. I save images of colors and styles I like.

      I'll also go to online pixel doll makers like candybar and shift through their different hair styles until something pleases me.

      After that I'll go through all my saved images (very slowly), giving myself breaks between it. Little by little, I'll delete wigs I decide that aren't really for me. When it gets down to two or three, its usually pretty hard. Sometimes I'll buy both.