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How to cope with 'pining' for a doll?

Aug 30, 2017

    1. I'm currently saving for my first bjd, a Resin Soul Mi but it will be a few months before I can order her and I'm struggling with 'missing' her and 'pining' for her. I just really want her home to customise her and play with her and just have her around! So I just wanted to know if anyone else feels this way and how does everyone cope with this feeling? Especially in terms of a first doll!
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    2. I'm impatient and vent to my friends who probably fin dme annoying. Lol. :P I'm 21 dolls deep and I still get that antsy, can't wait to have them home feeling~

      I'm thinking I'll end up taking a minor buying hiatus as I try to build my savings account after my Miro bodies come in (Unless someone sells my grail, of course). But waiting is hard!
      I often think about their character, outfit choices, development, etc to help pass the time.
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    3. I'm not sure if I have any particular advice about pining, per se, but I will warn you against doing too much looking around while saving for your first! When I was saving for my first doll, I ended up finding something cheaper and jumping on it as soon as I had the money. I ended up being rather disappointed with that doll after a while and really wished that I had stuck it out for that doll I really wanted in the first place.

      So I guess my advice is to stick to your guns!

      As for actually passing time, I usually work on my doll's character and story, and do things like shop for wigs and eyes and design/shop for outfits. That's what I do! :3nodding:
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    4. Yeah I've been doing a TON of planning and sketching to try and quench it :XD: at least I'll know what i want her to be once she's here haha

      Looking for her clothes, wig and eyes actually has helped a lot with the waiting haha! But in terms of sticking to my guns I've changed my mind several times but only because my other wishlist dolls are way too out of my price range at this time in my life as a student lol but I will definitely stuck with my choice now as I've fallen in love with her character haha
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    5. I have the hardest time.

      There's this doll I've been wanting for four years and I finally got the chance to save for him for sure. I'm sure I'll buy him before the year ends but in four years you can bond with a character deeper than I expected and sometimes it hurts, oh boy!
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    6. That's brilliant I hope you can get him soon! I'm glad someone gets that it actually hurts wanting them so bad lol I thought I was a bit mad :XD: But the bonding thing is a good point, I guess it's the whole 'distance makes the heart grow fonder'
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    7. I couldn't have said it brtter myself! And thank you! I hope you get your girl soon too ^ .^ !
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    8. I'm currently pining for a doll that not only costs more than almost every doll I've ever owned, but is also a limited sold out doll from Soom that I'll have to find secondhand from a reliable seller who is asking a reasonable amount of money. There actually is one on the market right now that I would love to make my own, but I can't come up with the money, not even enough to meet their layaway terms. :(Right now, I feel like I will never ever see him. I've been working on his character in the meantime, planning his wig and eyes, thinking about clothes and shoes, how I want his faceup to look, photos I want to take of him.

      Also, @littleraeven congrats on picking ResinSoul Mi! I own her, and she's gorgeous!
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    9. I've been facing this myself while making gradual payments on a Soom doll. In the mean time, I've done like the others have said, and worked on fleshing out his character, story, personality, etc. I did actually end up buying a set of wings for him, and an outfit I knew would work for him, which just reignited the excitement when they showed up! I'd like to have at least enough to clothe him and get him some good eyes for when he arrives, that way he'll be able to sit on display until I get more things to go with him!
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    10. When pining for a new doll, I may look up his measurements and try crafting or sewing something for him, or I may write a detailed character biography if one does not already exist, or I will draw him over and over to nail down what I want him to look like, or plan the details of photos/photostories I want to create. Generally those activities are free. As a motivator if I am still saving up, I may keep pictures of the doll on my phone to look at throughout the day--that can be enough to convince me to stick out another few hours for extra pay.

      Then, when all else has failed, I find something else to occupy my mind so I don't lose it. :abambi:
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    11. I'm waiting for my first doll to arrive. I've been passing the time by nesting, moving stuff around my whole house to make a better place for him to live when he gets here.

      If you think the wait to order is painful, the wait for the shipping notice is worse :)
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    12. That's exactly what I'm planning on doing, I want try try and tidy my room enough to move some stuff off of a shelf so she can sit there when she gets here. Oh I know it's gonna suck haha! I think it'll be slightly better than now though because I will know she is actually on her way instead of like now where I can't afford her yet
    13. Waiting for your first doll is the worst. I waited for 5 months and it was terrible. Waiting for second, third etc. is much easier. :) Maybe you can look for her once you have an access to the marketplace? That way you could potentially get her cheaper, sooner and faster.
      Also you can pass time by preparing for her like practicing faceups on Monster High, try sewing, pick clothes, wigs and eyes for her etc.
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    14. Here are my tips for killing time:
      1. Print a few blank heads to color on; you can make faceup mockups.
      2. Google character development questions to help you develop who this doll really is
      3. I like Polyvore for putting together outfit ideas for your new dolly
      4. Sometimes this works for me even though it sounds silly- I try to avoid thinking about my new doll and pretend to myself that I haven't bought a doll at all.

      Good luck! Tell us how it goes!
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    15. I definitely agree with Sonik that it was difficult waiting for my first doll. Now that I have him, though, it's less hard waiting for my second doll.

      To pass the time I would look at a lot of dolls and clothes and stuff just in general, and watch videos of people talking about how to care for dolls/etc. Being on here helped a lot too because it gave me an outlet to look into the hobby more and be more 'preoccupied' with learning stuff that it helped take my mind off of the adorable little guy that I was wanting to buy so badly.

      Aside from that... I just reminded myself that patience is key and to not get too frustrated, especially with something as expensive as BJDs. It might take a while to get him (or her), but when you do get them, it's well worth the waiting.
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    16. Waiting until I can get a doll for me is very much searching up clothes eyes and wigs 24/7 and then looking st the listing over and over again. I then look on tags on social media to see what other peoples dolls of the same sculpt look like lol
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    17. That's exactly what I've been doing lol, I love looking at how someone else has styled a doll! And same I'm also obsessed with looking at the listing, I do it pretty much daily :XD:
    18. Yea, I like to plan for a doll years before I even get it XD
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    19. I get it, it's super hard :( I was so excited to finally order my first Bjd Back in June and then afterwards found out I wouldn't be getting her for 6 months T_T it was super hard at first but I have come to terms with it lol.

      In the mean time I busy myself with other doll projects, smaller & cheaper dolls like MH and Pullips. It helps keep my mind occupied on those things while I wait :3

      However I just recently found which doll was my Grail - I fell in love with her instantly and even though I'm still paying off my first doll order, I hope to get this new girl soon, as she is a limited release and I want to snatch her up before she disappears. DX But until I can, I have been pining hardcore just like you. I just keep going to look at pictures of her hahaha.
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    20. I feel this! I get to order my first BJD soon but I'm already wondering where she is and I haven't even pushed the check out button on my dealer's site! So far, I've just been getting myself into other things like movies, reading, and games and that helps distract me from thinking about it too much because I easily get into stories and focus on them for a while.
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