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How to decide who goes with you on a trip?

Nov 4, 2016

    1. First, sorry if this has be asked before, I didn't see one so hope it's okay!

      Second, my boyfriend and I are going to the beach soon on vacation and I want to take one of my dolls for pretty beach pictures. But who?
      I just wanna take one for ease, but how can I decide who stays and who goes?

      How do you decide who to bring? If anyone? :0
    2. I usually take either whoever is less travelled or fits the setting/vacation better. :)
    3. I decide on the Character Background.
      If I'm going to the Beach i wouldn't take my Vampire's with me nor my Demon.
      But i woul'd take one of the others with me, maybe two of them.
      Perhaps my Twins, they never travel alone ;)
    4. Depends which doll(s) went on the last outing (be it doll-meet, holiday, to visit friends or whatever) and which have outfits appropriate for the setting, usually.

    5. I usually go with whichever character would be most likely to go to the destination OR which is the easiest to carry there.

      My last trip was to Gatlinburg, TN with my family, and I took Justin because my sister's doll is his boyfriend, and we thought it would be fun to get pictures of them as a couple in the Smokey Mountains. The motel was next to a creek in the woods, so taking SD boys just out behind the motel didn't require carrying them for long or needing a large doll bag, and they were safe in the room when we went out.

      My next trip is to a BJD con in St. Louis next week, and I'm still deciding who to take to it. I'm taking Rose for sure because she's only 16cm and fits in my purse, and the con theme is circus and I have circus themed dresses for her. I also am taking Eirnin, my SD boy, because he ever gets to go anywhere even though he's my grail, and being a really old classic Volks boy I think it's only fair that he gets to go since Volks is kind of the grandfather of all modern ABJDs. Lastly, Derby is going because she's small (YoSD) and I'm going with my friend, who also is taking a YOSD girl and it'll be cute to take pictures of them playing together in the photo set room. I'm trying to decide if I want to take any others as well, or call it good. For a usual vacation, I'd only take one, but since this whole trip is based around BJDs, I might take one of my mini girls too just to have one of each size I own with me.
    6. The main reason for taking doll or not is their size and safety of a destination place. So sometimes I'm not taking anyone although it could be a nice place to take some photos, but because of too much people or running kids it's better to leave BJDs at home. But when I finally decide to take someone, most of the time I take my Sakura&Paper Kazari. He's so small that I can put him in sunglasses case so lately he even was with me on holidays and first my doll to fly airplaine ;)
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    7. I used to really agonize over deciding who to take with me on trips, but now I have a favorite, so he always comes. Sometimes if I have room and energy enough for two, it's him and one other, but my dolls are all pretty big so often it's just him.
    8. I've never taken a doll anywhere as they are the big 70cm boys lol. Now that I'm going to a bjd con in my state that we are driving to it gets real...
      most likely I'll be bringing "Enoch" who I've just named "Cohen" as I'm picking up his boyfriend Eric from someone on DOA who's attending at the con so most definitely him....
    9. I always bring whichever doll is most complete-- since mine are always cycling through new outfits, wigs, etc.

      As of right now, my F60 Rin (pictured in my avatar) will be the one to go with me somewhere.
    10. For me, unless I am traveling for a doll purpose (doll convention) and I've a mind to bring a particular doll, I have always chosen a tiny BJD to travel with me because they are easier to stow when you are on the go and you can keep them better secure than a larger doll. Also depends how you are getting there...a plane would have me choose an MSD or tiny, If I was driving I might be inclined to take a larger doll if I was jonesing to.
    11. I look at the doll's back story, believe it or not. If one particular doll has a back story that involves some sort of trip or vacation, then I pick that doll. Oh yeah, size also factors in.
    12. I have many dolls I’d like to take traveling, but they all have their ‘issues’ so I don’t take any of them. I just ordered a FL Realfee that is intended to be my travel buddy. He will be small, but not too small, and easy to take. So I will have just one doll who will go on all adventures with me.
    13. If I take any at all, I would probably take my Realfee. Somehow he seems the most appropriate. But honestly, I wouldn't want to have to carry him around. I'm usually too busy to take pictures.
    14. I need to know this too cos i be going for a trip in 2 months time and i want to bring 1 doll with me! I want to bring 1 of my boy cos its easier cos not much styling needed! Good for quick snap!
    15. I take either my MSDs or Yo sized dolls. My SD girls are too big for me to transport easily.
    16. Usually i prefer to chose the tiny one as they are easier to be transported with me all along during the travel and they are easier to be posed especially when I had a lot of carrying with me. I use to bring my large doll once and got toooo tried with.
    17. I don't think I would carry my doll with me to a trip it would be hard for me to do so since I would be worried about their wellbeing.
    18. I take a YoSD, which was a lot easier when I only had one. Now that I have three, it’s hard to pick. I’m planning a trip soon, and I think I’m taking the one who hasn’t been on a trip with me before.
    19. I usually just take whoever I'm most attached to at a given time. It's usually an SD, but if I were doing a hiking trip or something I would probably stick with my smaller kids...
    20. I think about the safety.

      Like, if I'm taking them to another country or on a plane I's keep them in a doll carrier/carry on. But then again, the biggest dolls I have are msd's so...yeah...

      Safety is a big one for me. What's the risk of them getting broken or stolen...