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How to decipher scale when looking for Mini sized stuffs

Jan 17, 2009

    1. :D

      So I will be ordering me my first MSD sized lovelies soon! (Minifee Shushu and Ruth) and have been snooping around the internet trying to find them stuff like furniture, props, etc. Ive run into a problem with understanding scaling....

      Some websites mention 1:4 scale 1/4 scale..... etc Does anyone have a breakdown of a sure-fire way to see if items will fit correctly?

      *_**sigh* I'm just frustrated with it
    2. 1/4 scale means SD (im pretty sure anyways) i think 1/3 is msd.

      but as far as i know, when it comes to furniture, it will still work for msd sized dolls

      EDIT: wait i made a mistake. its the other way around: 1/4 is msd =]

      when i go to doll-zone and click on 1/3 it brings up the SD (and bigger) dolls and when i click on 1/4 it brings up the msd
    3. Erm, yeah.

      1/4 is MSD. 1/3 is SD.

      Be careful when shopping for MSD items. There are slim MSDs (Doll-Zone, Unoa, Fairyland) and there are immature MSDs (Volks, Dollmore, Luts). Not all clothes will fit on all dolls.
    4. Most MSD or 1/4 clothes unless stated are meant for MSDs close to chubby bodies like Volks. Since you'll have a Minifee, you need to go along DollZone and Unoa clothes cause trust me regular MSD clothes are outright huge on my Shoyo and Megi. Unoa clothes are a little shorter, but they fit very nice.
    5. Are you getting one with smaller breasts or bigger breasts? The one with smaller breasts would probably fit Narae clothes while you'd have to be careful not to get anything tight for the bigger breast body. Things like t-shirts for instans will be fine though. I'm not sure about shoos. You'll have to check the measurements on the Fairyland.

      I don't have a MNF myself yet though. Most of the slim minis are pretty close in size though.

    6. Are you looking for furniture and props on non-BJD websites? 1/4 is the scale of minis if they were adults (or had child size furniture built for them), and 1/3 is the scale of 60cm dolls, or of minis if they are meant to be children.

      So basically if you want to buy a chair that looks in scale to a mini you can buy 1/4 scale, or if you want one that looks like a grownup's chair with a little kid sitting in it (and which could double as a chair for any 60cm dolls you may own) go with 1/3.

      Clothing, shoes, and anything like that obviously you'll want 1/4 scale and you'll want to check to be sure it will fit the type of doll you have, as sizing varies from brand to brand.

      I hope that made sense? XD;;
    7. I just made an order from Dollmore for my AoD and DZ. What I did was look up the stats on Dolllmore of the model and compared them to the stats on AoD and DZ for the dolls I had. They were pretty close, the pants are a wee short but not bad and frankly not noticeable when he's wearing high top sneakers.

      Since you're buying girls, I would suggest checking the bust measurements and shoulder measurements the closest. short sleeves or skirt length can be fixed with a quick piece of lace but too tight in the boobs is seams ripping!:o
    8. Yea, keep looking for 1/4 scale furniture ^^ You might find LOTSA cute sofa ,armchair, bed on Ebay if u search under "American Girl doll" or "18 inches doll". And the scale is perfect for the doll too.

      And I agree with Toshirodragon >.< Mnfs are considered slim msd, so you should be aware of their measurements in order to buy clothes that are perfect-fit for them >__<