How To Get Doll Money: The Master List of Ideas!

Mar 21, 2009

    1. I'm selling in a site similar to craiglist, but its for my country, I dont want to have to ship.
      They do sell fairly quickly, but my country is currently going through a hard crisis so its difficult for everyone here.
      I was contacted for some item, specially the camera, but even people who said they would take never came to actually get it, so I'm worried...
      Do you have any tips for a great deal finalization?

      Thats actually one thing I'm not really sure about: Will it come up again? Its a 25cm slinky neko, in great condition, come with original box, brochure, shoes, eyes, wig... Its overall a great deal, which makes harder for me too let go. If it was a common doll I wouldnt be so stuck in the idea of getting it.
    2. If nothing else, when you don't buy the doll, you will eventually be able to turn around and put all the money you would have paid on interest on the loan into a WTB post on the Marketplace.
    3. You are right, I guess I should see if the things I'm selling sell until than, and if not, just get over it.
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    4. Hi! This is gonna be somewhat of a long reply. So I wanted to add in my two cents to this already informative post about plasma experience. I just finished donating the first time today and it was a experience. I am also in Arkansas and the center I go to offers up promotions every month so you can make a bit more extra cash when you donate. My first time was supposed to be $20 but it became $50 instead because of the monthly promotion they have, where you get $50 your first time, $60 your second, $50 your 3rd time, $70 the next time and $80 the 5th time you come in. That's $300 if you come 5 times before the promo ends by the start of next month. I know the center I go to offers these promotions all the time, not sure if the other centers in different areas offer up the same deal. It's true that the needle was pretty big so that was kind of an ordeal for me (I'm terrified of needles). But the staff was very kind and covered up my arm for me so I could relax a bit more. They have very detailed information on their BioLife website that explains everything you need to know before you donate. You need to have enough protein and iron in your system the day of otherwise you won't be able to donate. And you need to drink enough water the day of and also the day before, because apparently you lose a bit of water during the process as well. I took iron pills and ate about 70 grams of protein literally right before my appointment and my nurse who checked on me told me my levels were excellent, that the level of quality I guess of plasma I was giving was really good for a first time donor. The website said you had to eat a good meal that would give you enough protein no more than 3 hours before your appointment. That's another thing I want to talk about to. I know I'm replying to a post that's 3 years old so a lot has probably changed since then, but as far as I know everything is on a reservation basis. I don't think the center I go to takes walk ins. You can make an appointment on their website or on their app, but I definitely did not wait 5 hours. I arrived earlier than my appointment and they took me right in. You'll be in and out within an hour, but your first time will take 2 hours since you have to go through a physical. I kid you not, I cried my first time today when I saw how big the needle was when they stuck it in to me. I was told it was a normal thing that happens every now and then haha. They check your vein size during your physical and they want you to have big enough veins in both your arms in case they can't stick the needle in one of them. One of mine was definitely big enough to accommodate the needle but my other one was on the borderline between too small and acceptable, so I managed to barely qualify to be a donor. They will have to take your blood sample every time you check in for your appointment to make sure you qualify to donate that day. Lots of needles and poking and blood! :lol:If you are queasy at the thought of needles and blood you'll have to take those into consideration if you are interested in donating plasma! I myself do not like the sight of blood, and needles have terrified me ever since I was a child so I'm hoping that maybe this experience will help me get used to it? While making some cash on the side, of course! Sorry this was long! Just wanted to add in more info regarding plasma!

      EDIT: ok I read my information packet wrong. The whole thing with $50 the first donation and $60 the 2nd and so on and so forth, that is only for newcomers ^^;; so if you're a first timer that offer is good only for you! I'm sorry for the misinformation!
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    5. Sad thing we dont get money for plasma donation here (I dont know if I could anyway cause I have anemia).

      Updating my situation:
      The girl decided to give me more time because she saw how much I wanted it and she want the doll to go for someone that will really enjoy it.
      I got 200R$ so now I need 400 + shipping (its usually under 50). I still was not able to sell the camera, i was at our local genfest so I couldnt promote it, but now Im going to try again and I also found some really good clothes that dont fit and as brand new so I will try selling that too.
    6. @flornosertao, what about making doll accessories? There are always people who could buy nice eyes for their dolls and you could to get additional money in this way (and the things you need to make resin eyes aren't expensive).
    7. its possible, but there isnt any doll collectors here were a I live and our mail service sucks so bad (I sold a doll a month ago and it didnt arrive yet, the mail people dont even know what happened, they are like "oh, it was supposed to have arrived, how weird"), its discouraging ):
    8. Have you tried to file a complaint? What does the tracking number say?

      And you could sell your accessories abroad. I think that there are plenty of people who like to buy fancy eyes for their dolls.
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    9. Yes, I filed a complaint, but there is no answer for it yet.
      The track says "july 2 19:00 Recife/PE - object didnt arrived in the unit".
    10. Lately I just did an account for saving! Like... It'll be getting 30$ every month from my main bank account and making additional 1,5% or something. It's nothing big but lately I just discovered that I can't save other ways. And if I'll be patient, I can save enough.
    11. I finally got the doll I was saving for! Now I'm gonna save for another one (not a bjd this time). Never ending saving life LOL
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    12. I don't know if anyone else has already posted about this, but I wanted to share my realization in case anyone else is in the same situation.

      If you happen to have any of those little Funko Pop! figures still in the box, do a quick Ebay search and see how much they're going for. They really are today's Beanie Baby! I looked up these four that I bought a few years ago for maybe ten dollars each and found that I could get nearly $200 for them if I found the right buyer. I had no idea they'd ever become valuable! So maybe check your collections and see if you have anything like that? <3
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    13. i made doll dress for sale in my community and try to save it for some times, hard at first but luckily i get some supports from my parent ^^
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    14. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but it technically has to do with getting doll money, there anywhere on Den of Angels where I could share that I'm open for art commissions? Besides my profile and signature, that is.
    15. I don't actually have permission to view it yet, but I notice there's a hand-crafted goods section under the Marketplace tab. Maybe that would be the place to do it?
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    16. Thank you! :chibi I'll have to take a look there, then! I've thought for a while that the Marketplace might have options for that, but I've been a little cautious about getting my hopes up. Most people are probably looking for doll goods when they go around there, after all...and a drawing of their doll isn't quite what they have in mind at that moment. :XD:
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    17. You're welcome! Honestly, there are plenty of things you can do with a drawing of your doll. For example, you could print it out, put it in a tiny frame, and hang it in their house so it's like the doll had its portrait painted. I'm sure people are interested in something like that!
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    18. Art commissions (that are not faceups/blushing/tattoos on dolls) are not allowed on DoA:

      So, there isn't anywhere you can post that, other than a link to an outside "shop" (whether an actual shop or an informational page on a blog) in your signature.
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    19. Making a portfólio people could see to get interessed in your work would help, art comissions are also common in deviantart, so I would give it a try
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    20. Thank you, @flornosertao, @vicemage, and @GCDear, for your answers! :3nodding: I might consider linking to a main site I'm constructing, since otherwise my signature and profile would get cluttered with too many links. Otherwise, people can message me about it.