How To Get Doll Money: The Master List of Ideas!

Mar 21, 2009

    1. I didn't see anyone mention this site yet but Fiverr seems to be an interesting option if you have a few skills you want to market! I haven't tried it myself but it's a freelancer marketplace where you post "gigs" that you can do starting from $5. The site takes 20% as commission but it's a large and well-established site so there's more security and a built-in customer base.
    2. @Autumnfallen I was working on fiverr for some time as an illustrator some years ago. At the beginning it was cool, but then I got more than 300$ stolen from my account, they managed to enter my account, change the paypal address where the money had to go, and withdrew all the amount, lucky me it was only 300$. It's not the safest place from my experience, and fiverr staff ignored me and said that for privacy reasons couldn't see who did that to take any action. The 20% rate is also a bit abusive in my opinion. For every fiver (5$) that a customer pays, the site gets 1$. So if you got 4$ and then paypal takes a small amount.... well, it's not the most encouraging thing to see.
    3. @Naisha Oh geez, I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. It's nuts that the company gave such a lazy excuse to not do anything. Hopefully they've improved their security and customer service since then. :|
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    4. WOW! These are all very good suggestions. Reinforcements and additions to ideas I hadn't thought about. Thank you very much for starting this thread Lizzard.
    5. Thanks for this thread its super helpful! Saving up for doll things can be slow but its worth it!
    6. I thought about BJD accessories. "mainly drink bottles, and shoes". What do you guys think?
    7. awsome advise
    8. I have issues with saving my money. It's hard to squirrel some away on my own. But I have an app called Digit that autmatically subtracts money from your checking account so you can save for specific goals. The app has an algorithm that decides what is a "safe" amount of money to put away towards a goal. So some days they take $2, other days they take $60. All you need to do is forget about it and it painlessly adds to your goal!
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    9. For me, I’ve donated long ponytails to a friend so she could make doll wigs, and then later I was able to get a job to just buy a doll. The trick was to only let me buy one for myself if it was for a special occasion; new job, good grades, finishing college, getting married....
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    10. Here in brazil its really hard to save money for dolls, but my sugestion is to save the extra money we gain in december and january ( we call "déciml terceiro). Or save money selling old stuffs that you do not use anymore, or make a uber account if you have a car ♡ , and if you dont you can use Rappi too ( rappi is a program that accept people with bikes :) )
    11. Once met a student who made side income by finding designer suits in resale shops and selling them online for profit. He would go around the nicest neighborhoods to maximize finds. For him, menswear was a hobby so it was probably easy to get started, basically I'm trying to say don't overlook your other areas of expertise!

      I second the suggestion to go through your Funko pops, lmost collectors look for mint condition boxes but even a dented box for a popular one is good. I work for a local retailer and we sell Pops online...keep checking the prices every now and then because they do change suddenly. This goes both ways, something can fall in value too so don't wait too long if you have something good.
    12. Thanks for really great ideas. I am excited to trial some of these.
    13. I'm so glad for this list! I think I'll try for a goal saving's account--rather than just hoping not to overspend from my written list.

      I love the envelope idea! I think I'll try it too. I'm currently trying to set aside the money in my Bullet Journal by writing down my funds and erasing a twenty every time I can but without the physical money it doesn't work as well for me.
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    14. I actually save all my pocket change and keep up the the amounts in a small ledger. I mainly use this for doll accessories since it takes a while to get a substantial amount.
      I've recently started packing a lunch for work, instead of eating out, and setting aside $20 from each pay check. This is helping me purchase a body for a floating head soon and now when a limited pops up I have a better chance of affording it.
    15. awesome ideas! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      I will definitely take note and try these tips
    16. This was really helpfull! I might get a summer job this year, I really have to save up anyways so tysm for this post!
    17. For anyone who likes writing, I'll just throw in Duotrope. It costs five dollars a month, so there's a little investment, but it's a great way to find paying markets for your writing. Contests are fun and can earn you a decent amount of money! It's international, too, so you're not restricted to events that are in your own country.

      Flight Rising is also a surprisingly good place to sell art commissions. (Plus, you can make dragons.) Toyhouse has a very healthy art marketplace. It's in invite beta, but you can request free codes through Tumblr.
    18. There is always plenty of money to get if you can work with Zbrush or Maya and make 3D files and then make 3D Prints of them. You can make doll-sized headphones or swords, items of any kind and commissioned by people or even done freelanced by yourself and just sell them. I know for sure there is always money to make there!
    19. That's sort of fascinating.... Might have to give it a try next time I have a proper job.

      Horrifying. I was just thinking of joining there (before coming to this old discussion board). Aside from the crappy customer service issue, is it possible to add your own layer of protection with two-factor authentication, or do they lack the tech for even that?
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    20. Maybe they added those kind of security settings after I was there, but definetely weren't there when I was :(