How To Get Doll Money: The Master List of Ideas!

Mar 21, 2009

    1. Ugh. I'm so sorry.
    2. Selling old fandom merch to other fans is a good way to make some easy money!
      A lot of anime figures are only in production for a little while so some can be a lot harder to come by.
      I suggest using ebay to look at their prices and decided from there how much you want to sell, I always post high and add a "or best offer" because usually I'll end up with the amount I really wanted. You could also try selling for lower than the cheapest one for sale but that depends on much you really want/need it gone.
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    3. Really saving money is very hard! I try to create clothes for dolls and sell it. But my main work takes a lot of time, being a favorite and is low paid, but despite that I have to sew in my spare time...
      I want to save money for new body for my last head Domuya Fin
    4. One of my goals for this summer is to avoid buying anything for dolls, and use my time and energy to try and improve my skills in making clothes and props... I can save money I would have spent while testing the waters for a possible income source sometime in the future. :)
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    5. Thanks for sharing!I tried to make up the doll myself:love
    6. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned (I didn't see it on the first two pages, kinda skimmed a little thereafter), but if you have a decent phone I'd definitely recommend utilizing apps such as Couponer, Ibotta, etc. I believe you have to be 18 - 21+ for some of them, as they might include rebates pertaining to alcohol, but these apps can be a great way to rustle up a side-savings. Just make sure you abide by the terms of service - most require that you be the owner of the receipt you're scanning in for cashback, etc. It won't work if you share a receipt with your family or friends.
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    7. To piggyback on this, I highly recommend Digit or other auto savings apps! You can set them to save small amounts of money (around $2) at regular intervals, and you'd be surprised how quickly it adds up.
    8. Seriously seconding this. Do not put yourself into financial risk if you don't absolutely have to.

      The main collection of ideas on the first page is pretty thorough in suggestions but I feel like it's really good to reiterate how good it is to create a budget, not only for your doll but for your savings and personal accounts in general. By using apps (or even a notebook) to collect the honest, unvarnished truth about how you spend your money over a month's period you'll easily start seeing areas where you can trim back and add funds into your BJD fund.

      Sometimes it's little things such as realizing you spend a lot on eating out, or impulse shopping, money that you'd rather spend on your doll(s). Has your phone plan finished it's initial contract but you're still paying a phone bill as if you're still paying off your phone? Time to renegotiate to a cheaper plan.

      Once you have a baseline understanding of where your money goes it's a million times easier to figure out where you get extra cash. It's also doubly good just for figuring out your personal savings and expenditures in general.
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    9. This thread is good for financial advice. Yes it is wise to know where your money goes. Every month when my salary is credited to my account I set aside some money for the bills and a little extra for savings. I restrict myself an amount for my expenses like meals, entertainments, shopping, transport, cigarettes and miscellaneous. So yes I have two account for such purpose. As soon as I realize the "restricted amount" is almost gone by first half of the month. The phenomenon is I don't remember splurging on luxury goods.
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    10. A person can collect bear cans, bear bottles, wine bottles. I do this and save up what l make.
    11. I save in spare change. I RARELY spend money on my card. To me, swiping a plastic card doesn’t feel like real money, so I try to spend only cash. When I spend cash, i can see the money leaving, which feels more real, and I’m more likely to spend less. This helps me save up a lot. I use cash for important things too. The thing is, I HATE spending change. It gives me so much anxiety counting change in a store. I realized that change adds up fast. It’s a great way to save for a doll. I saved $25 in change this month! Sure, it’s not the fastest way, but it works. And its money I’m not missing. My account has all the money I’m saving, I spent cash on the things I need/going out, and I have change that I save up to buy doll stuff or new tattoos
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    12. can't save, i only stick with one doll at a time in that case...
    13. If you enjoy thrifting and have an interest in dolls other than BJDs, you can buy doll items from thrift stores and resell them to help pay for your BJDs. That's what I do.
    14. I'm really awful with money, so I'm frequently looking for ways to make a little bit extra since I can't save reliably.

      I've had success with some of the apps out there, especially Poshmark and Letgo-- I usually sell unopened subscription box products, clothes that don't do it for me anymore, or other gently used or basically new items.
    15. It's not good idea, but I sell my old stuff via App for Hand to Hand boards.. Low money as the result, but It's money too)
    16. I personally have a job (teacher) and thats how I get my doll money. If you are too young to get a regular job I recommend picking up a doll related craft (making eyes, clothes, wigs, jewelry) and selling your work to customers via Instagram.
    17. Its really big problem yo get money for this hobby( but when u aged u have more opportunities. But i just try to save money)
    18. Depending on your country, students, low income status people, aged pensioners and the disabled may be able to get concessions on utilities, car registration and/or movie tickets. At least with public transport, some of those groups are charged a lower fare. You can also get concessions for certain medications, bank fees and such. Also, procedures such as wisdom teeth can be cheaper in through public health over private.

      And finally, our solar powered hot water means we only use a little gas each month. It's not cheap to install solar panels but if it is feasible it can save you money.

      This is relevant mainly to Australia but may be possible in other countries.
    19. I'm saving up for a Dollshe craft saint or bernard so ill definitely be taking this advice :D To add on though, I try to have a piggy bank or savings account with limited access that way you won't be tempted to spend it.
    20. Saving Jar

      I have a jar where I put coins in. I bought a wallet without a pocket for coins so I need to put them on the end of the day into my jar. I'm always saving and if I want to buy smth I use the money I saved.
      It's a really easy method and you get fast used to it. Especially when you don't want some money flying around in your bags or pockets!