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How To Make A Shiwoo Manly?

Oct 23, 2008

    1. I have no idea where to put this...so if its in the wrong place, please move it:sweat

      So, I recently purchased a BW Shiwoo who plays a character of an angel that is well...manly. I'm not talking big, buff manly, but instead more sleek and slightly seductive, yet powering. Though, I find that the standdar Shiwoo has a very...Young and inncacont look to him (maybe only to me?). So, I was wondering ways to make him manly, or infact any happy-looking sculpt into a 'seme' without modding them. Maybe my eye position or...clothing?Any replies are grateful <3
      Oh, I'd like to add, im talking about a 1/3 Luts Standard model =) No Dreamings/Vampires in this house (sadly...) .

      Took out the definition of "seme and uke" because i cant define it properly :sweat
    2. I think my Shiwoo is manly, although he has long hair.
      pictures on DoA from him
      I think dreaming Shiwoo's (or vamps) are looking more manly than open eyed, because those eyes are so big this Shiwoo will often look cute.

      Give him a manly face-up with a bit evil eyebrows. More like this: ò_ó than ó_ò
      Eyeposing also helps much. Pose them a bit to one side. like: >_>
      And of course manly clothing helps. It's difficult to look manly in a pink skirt. :P
    3. I have to agree with True Crimson that vamp Shiwoo can be manly and not fem. I was pretty surpised at how buff he was when I first got mine. But in regards to the sculpt alot depends on the face up and gloss and blushing.

      I think I only have one pic of the open eye shiwoo I had but the rest are of vamp in different wigs which makes a differeance too

    4. You also may want to try shades of brown, expecially on the lips. Pink lips tend to mean 'girly'.

    5. True Crimson - Thanks, my boy will also have long hair ^^ You're right though...Dreaming/Vampire do seem much more...manly.

      Aichan -
      Thanks, the pictures are great =)

      vampireanneke - Ohh! I'd neevr thought of the 'pink lips' you're right though...Brown shades would work alot better. Thanks~
    6. open shirts??? will that work for his character? if you can show off the flat chest it will help (especially with good blushing) i know thats kind of an obvious but i showed my friends (who are new to bjds) pictures of shiwoos (they are one of my favorite sculpts) and most of them where boys but my friends only picked out one picture that they could tell was a boy. and he had an open shirt on

      and whatvampireanneke said about brown lips and stuff
    7. In general, you might lessen the impact of his face up as a means of butching him. For instance, like others said use more browns and less pinks. I'd definitely be more subtle with his blushing -- resist the urge to make him look too rosy, especially in the cheeks!. His eyelid and eyelash painting could be more subtle too, less of the "eyeliner technique" on his upper lid. :lol: I've seen some very nice looking dolls without dolly lashes, or you could use shorter and more sparse lashes.

      You might also want to cut back on your high/shiny gloss use for the lips, eyelids and/or brows. Maybe even use a satin finish gloss instead? This tip is definitely a matter of taste, as most ppl use the glossy finish to give a more life-like, "moist" look to the eyes and lips. I suggest this as a possible way to reduce the "lipstick look" some dolls have from gloss or using too much of it. *shrugs*

      Either way, good luck! I'd be interested in seeing the final effect. :)
    8. I owned Shiwoo twins for years and never once considered them anything other than masculine! The Dreaming Shiwoo is very, very masculine! However, my boys were also of a "fantasy" nature rather than being "real boys" and I think that probably went a long way towards keeping them in "male" character. I don't think it necessarily follows that the Shiwoo moulds are femmy.
    9. Well, beyond your pretty incorrect definitions of seme and uke - roles during sex and in relationships are determined by character and personality, not physical appearance, and if we're talking BL, the height, age, and appearance rules have been tossed aside for years.

      Here's a purple haired, default faceup with pink lips Shiwoo who is the seme in his relationship with an Iplehouse guy. It's all about attitude and how you portray them.

    10. Kim - Sorry, I didnt mean to imply it like that. I meant personality included, not only based on looks...
    11. I just think that he looks very young. I imagine him to look very many when he is older.
    12. Um, not that I'm trying to be a nit, but your definitions of semes and ukes are really inaccurate. My doll is much younger and smaller than his lover and he is a seme. It's got nothing to do with their looks, personality, behaviors, or anything like that. It's their preference. (Or as a doll, your preference.)

      On the matter of how to make a Shiwoo take on the appearance of 'manly' I think you need to keep away from anything that is dressy and frilly. Keep it simple, men are generally simple. (Like limit yourself to one to two accessories, such as a watch and a corded necklace.) Hm. For an angel, I would say find something like a long cloak or suit. Namely white if he's a heavenly angel or black if he's a fallen angel (Or whatever else you might have him as. I know, I have a chaos angel with calico rotting wings, so I know there is any kind of angel under the sun.)

      I would suggest having his eyes look down, because that will make him look tall. I would also say that dull colors are your friend. Black, brown, gray, deep green, and royal blue. They are more often used as "men's" colors. I would stay away from anything neon or bright, since this gives off a more 'playful' or 'juvenile' look.

      I hope that helps! ^__^; That&#8217;s all I can think of at the moment. Hope you find what you are looking for on making you little guy &#8216;manly.’
    13. I find this discussion interesting as it works for other sculpts.
      I would like to hear more.