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How to spot a recast?

Aug 17, 2016

    1. Hi y'all!

      I've been shopping around on eBay for an inexpensive practice heads for faceups when I realize --
      I'm fairly new to the hobby and have no idea how to spot a fake.
      A lot of the heads Im seeing are unreasonably low in price, and I feel that they CANNOT be legit.

      So I ask you more experienced shoppers -- how do you spot a recast on sites like eBay?
    2. you can get practice heads for around 20$ from legit companies. Alice Collections has some.
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    3. !!! 0:

      Thanks! I've been looking at legit sites I knew sold lower priced dolls, but I didn't think about Alice Collections!
      I'll definitely snag one of those

      Though I still think knowing how to spot a recast/fake on sites like ebay would be useful in the future lmao, so I guess if anyone has tips on how to spot a fake in general please tell me!
    4. So you basically want to stay away from ebay and other sites of the sort when buying anything doll related (as in like parts) because 99% of the time the dolls are recast XP

      Recast dolls are typically sold for less than the dolls on the official websites the dolls come from.

      Usually most dolls that aren't recast on ebay are going to be used so that's a good distinguishing factor I suppose.

      And yeah, go look at dealer sites such as mint on card, denver doll, Alice's collections, and don't forget about the official doll sites!

      I hope this helps ^^"
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    5. The only legit dealer I'm personally aware of is Jeeryama!
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    6. Really if you use common sense you can buy dolls from eBay relatively safely. I've got a few good deals from there and I've sold dolls there without problems by following some simple rules.

      1. Look at what else the seller is selling. Are they selling a bunch of dolls? Do some of them have Certificates of authenticity and boxes? If they are selling a bunch of dolls all listed at low prices they could just be leaving the hobby but if they have other sales listed as recast be wary.

      2. Look at the asking price. If it's an auction the seller may start low to entice buyers but an extremely low price set to 'buy it now!' Is a red flag to me.

      3. Always compare photos. Does the doll come in the color the sellers doll is cast in? Does the resin texture look right? Does the dolls resin look thick and properly cast? If the answer is no be suspecious. You should familiarize yourself with what the legit doll looks like and be on the alert for any discrepancies.

      4. If in doubt ask the seller for more photos. Pictures of inside the head cap and of any identifying companey marks should be provided. Alot of recasts are very roughly finished inside. If the seller isn't willing to take anymore photos or help prove the doll is real be wary.

      5. Older dolls are usually yellowed to some degree. If the seller us selling a very old doll but they say it has no yellowing and looks brand new that's a bad sign.
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    7. I would avoid sites like ebay entirely when it comes to dolls, like others have said they are almost certain to either be a recast or they just take your money and don't send anything.
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    8. I bought my grail off of ebay, from another user, who i later found actually had a DOA account. Do research and don't go after just cheap stuff because it's cheap. There's nothing wrong with buying old dolls through ebay (or new from official dealers) as long as you do your homework.
    9. Research is the key. Do not be swayed by very cheap prices. Ask for papers. I do believe that if the doll is legit, they'd be able to provide everything that you need. Like, even though they might've lost the papers, they WOULD have item provenance, screencap of purchase or like an email from the company certifying it's legit.

      I don't see any hardship in proving a doll is legit if it is legit :) If you're buying through ebay, you might have some friends who can help you spot if it's a recast or not. Maybe even DOA mods can help :)
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    10. Oh yes, some do. I have several dolls here I know are legit because I bought them straight from the company who actually have their arm and/or leg parts marked as right and left. If I remember correctly - Iplehouse and Volks, too.
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    11. My Doll Leaves Kira has tiny "left" and "right" marks on his knee and elbow peanuts as well!
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    12. If you're going to shop on eBay, make yourself familiar with the company and sculpt in question. Look up box openings on DoA to see what their boxes and certificates look like, so you will recognize them in eBay photos. If the price is way less than the price on the company's website, that's a big red flag. If it's in a color that isn't offered by the company, it's almost definitely a recast (the one except being that someone dyed or airbrushed it). If the name of the eBay auction is vague like "pretty BJD female normal skin" or uses multiple company names like "Volks Fairyland Soom BJD 1/3" that is definitely a recast.

      Since you are already suspicious of the low priced ones, you're on the right track. When in doubt, you can ask more experienced hobbyists for their opinion on specific dolls, no need to be embarrassed or hesitant! It's much better to ask and be absolutely sure you are buying legit, then accidentally get a recast because you didn't ask for advice. After a while you will get an eye for it yourself. :3
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    13. The old CP Delfs are marked, too. Little "L"s and "R"s somewhere in the joint on each leg and arm part....
    14. I can provide examples of my Doll Leaves boy's marks and also the marks inside my (heavily modified) sleeping Eliya Minifee head.
    15. It would be nice if there was a database with high-res images and descriptions of official release stuff. Like, a picture of the inside of the head, any distinguishing marks in the resin, a close-up of the COA, and the box, and a description of the resin texture and listing of colors and whatnot. I currently have three IOS heads (one with a body) that I know are legit, but I also have a couple of event heads from Luts and one from Ringdoll. They wouldn't even have come with COAs, being event items, and in light of all the recasting, I'd feel a lot better if I could easily compare them to legitimate heads from their respective companies.

      If such a database already exists, please point me in that direction! But if it doesn't, we should probably have something like that.
    16. It's been suggested before... and the idea was eventually abandoned, because it was pointed out that the recasters themselves would likely end up using it as a resource to "correct" their mistakes and potentially start copying the CoAs, boxes and such.
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    17. Interesting thoughts. I never thought people would go that far to prove its not a fake, when it is a fake.
    18. Unfortunately, they do.

      I know that some Volks headplates and Soom CoAs have been faked in the past. At the same time, certain legit Volks heads (like the School heads) do not have headplates, and there are legit dolls who do not come with CoAs or even boxes (especially older dolls). My legit Spiritdoll body and Impldoll that came directly from the companies came in a doll carrier with no box and no CoA. So even a box, CoA or headplate isn't a guarantee that a doll is legit or recast. You just have to research the company really well first and find out what things your doll should or shouldn't have, where is safe to buy, and places to avoid.
    19. I thought of that too, but in order to recast, wouldn't they have to have an official copy of the doll in the first place? CoA, box, and all?