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How to stop spoiling your BJD?

Oct 20, 2017

    1. I have had him since middle of June and I can't stop buying him things. He already has a box with stuff that fits him and with stuff that doesn't! And I've just ordered another wig (plus I have more plans for later this year) *facepalms*

      how do you deal with the constant need to buy them things?
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    2. Simple, eventually you run out of money.

      In all seriousness, if you want to limit how much you purchase, you could try setting aside a certain amount of money separate from the money you have to spend freely. Each month/week/whenever you get money basically, add the same amount or less to this separate amount. This separate bit is your doll money, you can buy whatever you want for your doll as long as it's from that. If, however, you find that you run out of doll money, don't buy anything more until you have more doll money.
      Now let's say you don't want to do that, that's perfectly fine. You could also set yourself a physical limit like, "I'll only purchase x amount of things under y amount of money per month" and stick to that.
      If you find you have a lot of stuff that doesn't fit your doll, you might want to remember or write down somewhere that that type of clothing doesn't fit your doll and then sell those clothes that don't fit.
      Try making and sewing things! It gives you a new skill and you don't have to buy doll things to get your doll new stuff.
      Eventually you'll probably find an outfit that's perfect on your doll and that might help lessen your intense desire a bit as well.

      For how I deal with it I just sort of go for it or use one of the things I mentioned haha.
      Good luck!
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    3. I wish I had the money to spoil my boys! Right now I've limited myself to giving them a small wardrobe each, and a small cache of scrounged props to use. I normally get my doll clothes second-hand so it feels less like "spoiling" them.
    4. This is what I do. Make a list in order of importance. Then, limit myself to only buying those things in order every 2-3 months. Or wait until a doll show.

      I know it's hard not to buy them things though! I think it helps when I've finally settled on a specific look.
    5. I limit myself to certain amounf each month for dolly stuff. I either spend it on clothes/wigs/eyes/props etc. or set it aside to save towards a doll. I also make a little money on the side (I have a part time job on top of my daily job) and all that goes to my dolls. It drives me to work harder when I need stuff for a doll. ;) I also have a list of things like @brightberry
    6. Eventually, you just accept your fate. I'm almost 10 years into the hobby and I enjoy buying clothes and shoes as much or more than buying the dolls themselves.

      I do have a system like @KlanceKlanceRevolutn suggests. Since I started the hobby, my rule has been that I get X amount of money per week to spend on things for fun. (That amount has been anywhere from $5 to $60, depending on my job and how much extra I can responsibly afford.) That's not just doll money, it's fun money. Everything else in my check goes to bills, food, necessities or savings, but that reserved amount is only for fun things--dolls, music, gaming, books, whatever I feel like. When that money is gone for the week, I'm done. It's worked really well for me. The only exceptions to spending extra are if I receive money as a gift, or if I sell a doll or things from other hobbies. I usually do still buy things for my dolls at least a couple of times a month. Recently, I've sold a few dolls, so I've been splurging on extras for the remaining ones. Last month, I barely spent any at all because I had other things the cash needed to go to (swaps, shipping for swaps, books, art supplies). It keeps my budget balanced, but still allows me to have fun.
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    7. Buy a horse then you will have no money for your doll.
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    8. My dolls own more stuff than me and their outfits are all more expensive than mine. :|

      I have a doll fund but I still blow the budget once in a blue moon LOL. My doll fund is separately set up in a Paypal account and I usually try to re-channel back some funds to it by selling off unwanted doll items, so I don't have to use fresh funds from my bank account to pay for it. It's only when my doll fund is wiped (like an unexpected doll purchase) that I might take any surplus funds out from my bank to pay for it, but what I won't touch and never touch is the "necessary expenditure" which goes toward paying bills, food, healthcare, and all the important stuff.

      I think it helps to have separate funds for different expenses so you're less tempted to spend them. Also you can consider selling unwanted doll items to raise extra funds for newer stuff. I heard of people selling old dolls to buy new dolls so the hobby's kind of self-sustaining that way, or at least you won't blow too much money on the newer purchase.

      Another thing is that I try to complete my dolls as much as I can because I find that I'm more tempted to buy them stuff when they are still incomplete. At least when they are fully done, the need to buy extra stuff is less intense. Although I'd still be very tempted to just keep spoiling my doll if he/she's the only one lol. :lol:
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    9. As suggested, pick up sewing. You won't spend money on things you don't need, because fabric will go a long ways for a doll, you can make multiple outfits with the same type of material and all look different, and you'll be learning a new skill. For me, sewing is also a relaxing thing, even if sometimes it drives me a little crazy if it's something I've never made. That's the fun part though. And then your spending more time, making things for your doll and enjoying him versus just endlessly buying things for him. :)

      You can sell the stuff that doesn't fit him as well. You can recoup some of that money and either add it to doll funds, or use it to buy yourself something. Or if you choose to pick up sewing, use it as fabric buying fodder.

      Be warned though, making clothes can be more fun then buying them. Cause if you get good enough, if you want something bad enough for your doll, you can learn to make it. Also look up cheaper places for things like shoes. You can also learn to make wigs too. This hobby doesn't have to be a money sink.
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    10. I'm chiming in with DIY stuff. However, be very careful not to go overboard with collecting supplies, as the cost of thread, glue and things do add up.
    11. There is no way to stop... Just surrenter! XD The only thing that stopped me for a bit was to uninstall the app for AliExpress. That and looking at my bank account... XD
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    12. Oh my goodness, I have this problem too, especially when the prices of clothes and accessories are quite hefty! Argh. I try to keep a budget on how much I can spend at a specific time. Sometimes, I limit my own spendings too, so I can have money aside for doll-related goods. I've attempted sewing clothes myself and it was really difficult, but I'll get there one day! ><;
    13. Ha-ha! Yes, it's difficult to stop spoiling dolls.

      But remember that it's bad to spoil anyone or anything, so for your own good, try to not go over-board! Maybe focus on doing things with what you already have? Do some photoshoots or just change clothes or put outfits you have together? Start on a project that doesn't involve getting a lot more things. Maybe do a photo-story, or just make up your own stories for your dolls.

      I really don't know because I'm bad about spoiling my dolls... :sweat
    14. I put my dolls in their boxes, out of sight out of mind. You have to stop going to all the website that show all those cute shoes and clothes, you don`t want what you haven`t seen. I have been in the hobby for ten years and at first I would purchase a lot of stuff, but as time goes by I am more and more selective and picky. Also having other hobbies helps take your mind away from that urge to spend.
    15. I only let myself spend what comes to me through my tips or through pocket change. I'm not allowed to touch what has been deposited into my bank account or savings unless I've budgeted ahead of time to purchase a doll itself rather than accessories. It's really saved me from impulse spending on my guys!
    16. Sew for him, craft for him. Personally, the more I learn to make things for my dolls, the less I am inclined to buy anything. Nowadays, the only things that get my money are: shoes, eyes, wigs and occasionally a piece of clothing that I can't make yet.