How to track down compatible heel feet for your doll?

Mar 14, 2021

    1. Hey everyone,

      In searching around regarding heel feet, I see a lot of threads looking for heel feet that would work for specific dolls - but I'm curious, do any of you all have strategies for generally determining if a companies' heel feet will work for a doll you have? Finding a way to get ankle measurements seems like the most straightforward way to do it conceptually, so I'm curious if there are any other factors that you'd consider before purchasing separate heel feet parts, that maybe might reduce the amount of crossing your fingers you end up doing before they arrive.:kitty1

      While I've definitely had a couple dolls whose flat feet would go into heels I had for them, I've got a couple that that definitely isn't going to work for. And furthermore one of them is a doll that isn't made anymore (so obviously can't get parts from the company), therefore hearing any thoughts on general strategy in the search would be super helpful.

      Thanks a ton!
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    2. I have done a fair bit of foot-swapping among the dolls I have and this is my experience:

      As long as the ankle joint is the traditional full ball joint type, then pretty much any foot with the same diameter of the ball joint is going to work as far as function goes.
      Getting the look an proportions right it's mostly a matter of comparing measuremets. Personal preferencen and what look you are going for is going to matter too, of course, but as long as the joint fits and the foot is in the same ball park measurement wise, it will most likely work.

      When it comes to the "inverted" type of joint (like the ones used by Iplehouse and Souldoll to name a few) all bets are off. You may be able to do it, but since the "ball" is part of the leg and is usually not a full ball, but a rather flat-ish rounded surface it will be a lot harder to figure out what will fit without trying it IRL. This type of joint also tends to have smaller range of motion and less friction. This increases the risk that the foot, even if you can get it on there, may not be able to take and hold the proper angle for a high heel foot.
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    3. @Lillith this is wonderful advice! Thank you.

      Do you know if anyone makes high heel feet that would work with a 70cm boy?
    4. @Lillith Awesome, thank you so much! Good to know - as I don't think I've seen that inverted ball joint design yet in my collection, so it's helpful to know to look out for it in particular.


      @cherubkeats My strategy if I were you would be to look for heel feet for lady dolls that are listed to be a couple centimeters taller than your doll, and then compare ankle sizes to yours. Might take a while to track down, but I definitely think that if you could find a compatible ankle on a design that's "bigger" than what someone might design for a 70cm lady, it'll look a little more natural on a male doll.
    5. Well!
      I'm glad I asked this question.
      Now that I got back to looking into the feet concern here for my lady - indeed, she's got the "inverted" ball joint on her leg! So, thanks again, @Lillith for sharing the information here. Funny how I commented above that I didn't think I had seen it when I had been staring right at it - that really gives me a great thankfulness to myself that I'm approaching these projects with some patience and reviewing things a couple times before moving forward (measure twice, cut once! haha).

      Also maybe I should put my dolls closer to my computer so that I can actually look at them when I'm typing about them :XD:

      In any case, it looks like the inverted feet are far and few between, so the most efficient option for me personally here is definitely going to be to sculpt my own in apoxie and put a little hook into it. I've got what I need in-house and considering the fact that these feet will only be to enable wearing a specific set of boot-heels, I'm not too worried about making them gorgeous. .... Unless I suddenly change my mind and want to make them pretty. LOL. Who knows, I'm unpredictable these days.

      Anyyyyyway. Thanks again!
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