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How well do Mattel Kelly Clothes fit PukiPuki?

Jul 17, 2008

    1. By the end of this summer, I really hope to have a PukiPuki Rose in my hands.

      She has the sweetest face. ;~;

      I've almost got enough for her, and a FairyLand face up for her. I don't mind her being bald, for pukis are often adorable anyhow, but purchasing clothing could be a pain.

      So I'm wondering, exactly HOW WELL do Mattel Kelly clothes fit pukipuki? Are there certain types of outfits that won't fit at all?

      It would be easier for me to just buy Kelly clothes, lol. >w<

      Thanks, guys!

      ~ Carrie
    2. Kelly tops, skirts, dresses fit really well. Pants are a little too tight, some shoes are too small, but some fit.
    3. Yeah, I was wondering about the pants.. Really doubted the shoes altogether, too. *_*

    4. The shorts I have fit fine, I understand the mary jane shoes are too tight, and that you have to cut off the strap, but the non-strapped shoes fit, and I believe some people just put the boots on without the foot (otherwise the foot might get stuck in the boot?) When I say the shorts fit fine, though, I'm talking about my Felixdoll Brownie which seems to be virtually the same size as puki?! BTW, I have an incoming puki too :)

      If you want an inexpensive wig, right now kemper has the long straight hair with bangs wig on sale (see puki thread) I just got two of them today and they're quite nice...really :)
    5. Kelly doll dresses and tops fit like a dream. Pants are a bit short on the puki's tho, kind of like capris. ^_^ Everything else tho, shoes included fits well.
    6. It's a toss up. Most of the Kelly clothes I've bought have fit. A few are too big in the torso. Most pants and skirts, unless really short, are tight and make moving the legs difficult.

      As for shoes, some of the larger ones fit, but make the magnets in the feet very weak.
    7. Oh, but there is an idea. Put magnets in the boots and put them on without shoes, that'd be a nice way to put boots on, no? (just glue them in in the right direction, LOL
    8. That is an idea. Just have to make sure the magnets are strong enough. Though I like my puki barefoot. The only time I put the shoes on her is if I sit her down.
    9. if you search pukis in the gallery (which is what i do when i'm bored T^T) and view some of the threads you'll find a lot of kelly cloths. i found at least 5 pieces that i already own on several pukis in the gallery. i've heard just about all the kelly cloths fit except for the pants, they're a bit short and tight from what i've heard, but depending on the type of shorts they might fit then.

      but as of now i'm saving for the puki Rose and Mary Basic, and i have 15 sets of kelly cloths for them. all donated by my friend who was an avid barbie collector. and i might be getting more soon from another friend.

      i hope you get her soon. i wish i could get mine faster TT^TT
      i feel like crying now.......*crawls into a corner*
    10. Maybe we should start an album somewhere of the Kelly clothes that fit - sort of like the Friends 2B Made album for minis? I have a new Puki on the way too, and have been sorting through my daughter's old Barbie things for goodies!
    11. Like others here noted, the long pants tend to be too tight and poor Puki can't bend or sit. The dresses and shirts are nice, but a pair of denim overalls I bought were also a bit tight. So I try to stick with Kelly dresses, shirts and shorts. :)
    12. Thanks for all the feedback guys, I really appreciate it all! ^_^