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how well does mini fee BOYS fit friends2bmade clothes

Apr 2, 2007

    1. ...........
    2. Very well!! Just ask Lachlana. Her MNF Shiwoo wears several pieces from F2BM. As does my DZ Megi.
    3. They have a really cute black skull tank top know if the boys section. I have a picture of it on my DZ Nina in friend2bmade thread. (last page) Kim
    4. Taji lives in F2BM clothes ;) The pants are all sort of long shorts on him, but he has striped stockings that he likes to wear underneath XD And so far all the shirts I've tried were perfect around his little torso. ^_^ Can't beat the prices either ;)
    5. are all the clothes the same size like are the pants or shirts too short?
    6. I asked that too and someone told me this
      "I've got a pair of jeans from them, and they don't fit my MNF boy, nor do they fit my DoD boy... I've also tried the butterfly jeans on my MNF boy, and they don't fit either. Pants pretty much seem to be a no-go."

      I think the pants end up looking like capri's because they're so short.
    7. The problem I had with the pants wasn't that they were short, it's that they don't fit over my boys' butts! I know my DoC boy has a ghetto booty, but I didn't think MNF boys did...I think it's just that they actually have a butt, as compared to stuffed dolls.

      Thanks for quoting me, june_bug ;) Probably should have clarified at the time exactly how they didn't fit. ^^;
    8. oopsie, didn't mean to mislead anyone.:sweat heh
    9. Weird, they fit my Kid Delf and Volks MSD.
    10. Really? The jeans? oO Don't fit my girly-boy.
    11. Yeah. I can get pictures, if you'd like.
    12. i would like that thanks :)
    13. my friend has a MNF boy and the F2BM shorts fit him well!
    14. No, I believe you. oO Pictures would probably be good for others just so they can see, though. I'll just continue to avoid the jeans myself. Too much junk in my boys' trunks. :P
    15. *laughs* I'll do that in the AM.