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How well does the HappyDoll girl body pose?

Apr 21, 2006

    1. I've been searching the board, but I haven't found an awnser.
      See, I think I'm falling for Dorothy, her face is just perfect for a character of mind...
      Does any of you have a Dorothy? Is she just as beautiful as on the pictures?
      And the most important question:
      But how well does the body pose?

      Please help me out here...
    2. I had a Margo and she was an amazing poser!
    3. thanks Gayle,

      that's good to hear. Dorothy needs to be, 'cause my character is a dancer... can't have dancers who are stiff...

      Though it will take a looooong time for me to buy her... my dollfund is currently $0,-...:(
    4. My Dorothy arrived yesterday,and I'm amazed by how well she stands. You can just sort of plonk her down and she stands really easily...of course, that may be because she has huge feet and the thickest ankles ever!

      She is very sweet, however, and I will be posting lots of pics soon. If you like your dolls a bit on the chunky side, English looking and pouty, she is the girl for you. The doll bag is funky black nylon and the pillow is bright pink! Default make up is stunning. Very 'blushy' but nice and natural looking. Mine came with black glass eyes (hot glued in), short brown wig (nice), a pair of pants, cleaning sponge, extra string, a cute teddy and a pencil!!!

      She took 31 days to arrive, which is a bit long, but she's well worth the wait. Her hands are very strange and awkward looking, but I love her to bits! Photos to follow!
    5. Thank you for your description of her, Kamika Ai. Yes I like the english looking lady's, so I'm am now saving for a Dorothy.

      (it will take a long time, though, yesterday I received my first doll... YAY!!! and I am now money-less)

      Congratulations on your happy-doll. Have fun admiring her.

    6. I have a Margo and a Mabel, and they both arrived very loosely strung. They could best be described as "floppy." Tightening the strings has helped, but I think the only thing that will fix them completely is restringing and sueding. However, because they're loosely strung, they can be posed easily, it's just that they have trouble holding some poses.

      I'd imagine there's a happy medium somewhere, so you may have to experiment a little to find the best tradeoff between posability and ability to hold a pose. The personalities of these dolls are more important to me than their ability to pose, so I just haven't taken the time to play with the stringing.

      I think Dorothy is beautiful! She doesn't really fit into my doll family, which is why I don't have one, but I really like looking at pictures of her.
    7. Yes I got my Dorothy recently too! She looks EXACTALY like she does in the pictures! I loves her so!
      She poses very well. I love how welll you can get her to lied own. You know ^_^ she can lie down and look like a real person. . not a doll. It makes me very happy!