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How would you feel if your doll was bootlegged?

Dec 20, 2006

    1. So I came across this and, ugh, it is disgusting:


      Lolidoll Yo-SD Suzuna/Rengemaru bootleg. I wonder if Volks knows about this? Maybe someone should inform them... I can tell it's a Suzuna/Rengemaru mold due to the shape of the jaw and the lips, though the eyes don't seem as round as the Volks originals. The Yo-SD body is also a dead giveaway with the hands and the pudgy feet, though the thigh joint is is smooth in the Volks original.

      Seeing it made me wonder if anybody would actually buy one of these bootlegs despite not being able to show them off on DoA. I was also wondering about how others feel about others buying a bootleg of a mold that they loved? And how one would feel if one of their dolls' mold was copied and sold illegally?
    2. yes, you can tell it's a copy. I'm sure how much it costs in american dollars. The girl looks looks cute, but I know the resin is probably low quality, and i wouldn't feel right buying a copy.
    3. It's roughly about $100 USD. O_O
    4. Wow . . . that's a bootleg?! Its so obvious, how can they do that? *fumes*

      Bootlegs irk me in general, but if it was one of, say, Nono, I would be especially annoyed because my Nono is so special to me. Even if there was a bootleg of SD Momoko (I LOVE her but could never afford her), I wouldn't get it. It would bug me too much.
    5. With all the companies copying them I don't know if Volks can even keep up anymore. I don't want to see them waste their time fighting lawsuits against companies who will just reassemble after going bankrupt once. It'd be nice if people just did their research, and used their conscience and common sense when buying dolls, but I won't hold my breath. All I can do is support the real Volks and try to educate people as much as possible.

      I should work on a blacklisted page of companies who've directly copied Volks for my guide, since with all the newcomers to this hobby they may not have encyclopedic knowledge of every sculpt and won't recognize a copy..
    6. LOL! That sounds like a good idea. I know I probably wouldn't have known any better about a year ago...
    7. If some company came with bootlegs of my most precious doll TT~ I would be unhappy. I adore her, and wish anyone who likes her as I do to help support the real creator.
    8. All my boys are so unique, I would hate to see them cheaply ripped off :/ I've been in it two years, and this problem has blown up during those years to the point of lunacy. I'm sure it'll only get worse, too. So far, there has been accusation of Volks, Luts, and Dollshe being copied. I know this is a luxury item trade and impossible to keep bootlegs out, but it is troublesome. I feel sorry for consumers, too, that have been conned (because even underpriced BJDs are pretty pricey) by bootleggers and wasted good money on something of bad quality. It hurts the hobby, especially since the paranoia it causes can further confuse things for newcomers.

      That said, I'm glad DoA has a banned dolls list now to keep track of proven copies. It helps ^^
    9. I think Volks likes us to be proactive about this. I also hope someone has informed them. They did have that thank you notice about catching bootleggers with the help of devoted fans.
    10. A bootlegged doll is an incompleted doll. 'nuff said.
    11. Lolidoll strikes again, eh...

      Can you imagine how awful it would be, as a new person to the hobby - to unknowingly spend a lot of money on a doll to bring it home only to discover it was a bootleg?? Unbearable.

      Even if the bootleg was relatively "cheap" compared to the Originals, to have wasted that much money and not received the quality of the genuine article ><;;......

      And saddening, really. :(
    12. What if this happens,
      Someone went on ebay or the Marketplace and bought a "Yo-SD Suzuna" only to discover it was a bootleg doll from Lolidoll?
      I would hate to see potential BJD buyers who wishes to buy pre-owned dolls having to learn every minute detail of a doll so not to be cheated
    13. I used to have a Forever Doll. I didn't know anything about FD when I bought him (2001-ish) and when I found out I was crushed.

      For years, I kept trying to convinve myself that it didn't matter because the damage was already done, but I ended up giving in and selling him sometime last year.

      I loved the little guy, but I didn't want him in my house anymore, even as an experimental test subject.
    14. If I bought a doll, that was bootlegged I later found out, no matter how much I loved the doll, it would ruin it for me.

      And what can you do with it? You can't sell it here... and if you don't want it...

      But to say that the n00bs should research and such, well, I'm sure most of them do! Who takes something this expensive lightly when buying? But it takes a while to learn ALL companies, and molds, and what to look for. They might not even be aware that it's a big problem to start looking out for...

      And it's a shame that it's a problem we have to worry about.
    15. Having been involved with anime for as long as I have, you get used to seeing bootlegs. Over the years though, my opinion on them has greatly changed.

      If I found out my doll was bootlegged, I would feel sickened, cheated, and scammed. Especially since I paid the price of an original. ^^;; But say I thought I had just gotten a really good deal. I'd still feel cheated... unfortunately, wherever there are collectibles, there will be bootleggers. It's a sad reality.
    16. but would you keep it if the bootleg doll was a gift?
      in that case i would. but i wouldnt buy it cuz it's a copy and i dont think it's the same quality either
      and you cant blame people for buying bootlegs if they dont know that they are. it takes a long time to get to know everything and all >_<
    17. Burn it, probably, if you didn't want it any longer. I can't see just throwing it away if you loved it. Needs some kind of ritual... But then again, I'm the kind of person that holds mini funerals for goldfish, so... :sweat

      Bootlegs are so odd. I can't imagine spending $100 dollars on a bootleg. If I didn't know and was just dumb, then maybe on accident, but if you know, then it's just stupid. I feel for the people that do it without knowing. It's terrible feeling when you learn it's a fake later (happened to me once, though not with a doll).
    18. These bootlegs are appalling; I wonder what goes through the bootleggers' minds when they make them?

      Despite the long wait I had with Luts, it's this kind of thing that makes me really happy that I went with an official company. I'm confident that the doll I recieve will be of a high quality, and won't be a ripoff. The money I pay will be going to the people who created the doll.
    19. It wouldn't be a pleasant feeling, but there's little to do about it. It's like buying books with the cover torn off, they'll tell you it's just a damaged book and sell it for a discounted price. Though, don't fall for that. It just means the original artist didn't gain any profit from it. I don't like the concept of bootlegged items, but there's little to do about them.
    20. I hate the thought of anything being bootlegged and feel that we ought to pay for original thought, creativity and quality. A bootlegged doll is as abhorent to me as seeing someone carrying an obviously fake Louis Vuitton bag and trying to act all posh!!