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How you students save for dolls?

May 5, 2018

    1. For people who are currently studying, how do you save up your money for dolls?

      Personally, i get money through saving up my allowance very slowly, from ang paos too during chinese new year and i get money on my birthday too.
      Once or twice a year, i will get to work part time job during my school holiday. I would love to work on the weekends during schooling period but my course is very project heavy, most of the time i will be working on my projects, during my free time i will be spending with my dolls/crafting.

      How do you cope with your studies and hobby?
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    2. I have two jobs: babysitting and a server. The money from both jobs really add up and all you gotta do is learn how to budget correctly. As for juggling between studies and hobby, focus on schoolwork first then play. Honestly, having a university life is crucial to the next plan of my life and I wanna make sure I will do what I can to ensure I will have a steady income job with job incentives I'm looking for. The only time I plan on focusing on my hobby is summer break for the rest of my university life and after easing into a job.
    3. I basically save very very slowly, I try and keep a little bit of my allowance back at the end of each month and then I use money from things like my birthday and Chistmas. I also use layaway a lot if I can afford the monthly payments (depends on the price of what I'm buying) I can't currently get a job due to uni work and health reasons so I'm hoping to possibly start some art commissions on my bjd Instagram and open a Redbubble store for my graphic design work (what I do at uni) and I'll save that money too. I have struggled to juggle the hobby and uni which has made me sad, I have had time to hang out with my boy but now it's summer holiday for me I'll be able to get back into it!
    4. I work two jobs and get funds from the government called fafsa (not sure if it's a US only thing, but basically I get a certain amount of money depening on how many classes I'm taking per semester). I use fafsa for most of my living expenses, one of my jobs is for college expenses (ie books, etc), and the other job is for life expenses. I usually have a small bit left over and rather than spending it on something small that month, I'll save it up over a few months if I want a new dollie. Otherwise it'll probably be spent on something for a doll at least.

      For my birthday and Christmas I usually ask specifically for gift of money rather than possessions since most of my family knows that money helps me more than anything. :>

      When it comes to juggling school, studies, and hobbies, hobbies come last. I usually mix my school and studies together somewhat (as in do homework at work when I'm able to since I'm allowed) so I at least do still have time for hobbies.
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    5. When I was still a student, I took the occasional side-job when I had time to do it. I also kept a very tight budget and transfered money to my savings account at the start of the month, instead of at the end, so it would force me to be very careful with my spendings. And of course, when my birthday came up, I'd ask for money.

      It's a slow process, but I was able to get Cicero (my SwD Lucas) and some other dolls this way.
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    6. What I do is I work 2 part-time jobs, and since school is just a language school (just 5 hrs during weekdays) I can have time for 2 part-times. Since I live in this country alone (meaning no family whatsoever) I have to budget my food/living expenses and the extra money I get I can either save or spend however I want. It's just a lot of saving and budgeting really.
      I'm only studying the language so an hour or even 30 mins of studying is more than enough. (although if I have some free time I like to study more than that:)) I don't get a lot of time to spend with my doll but at least they're there?:lol: lol
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    7. Same, saving allowance and choosing dolls over other gifts when its my bday (though I can't do it this year because I'm needing a new phone :/), my parents don't like the idea of working and studying, they say "if i'm paying you uni you should dedicate all your time to it" so I will be only able to work from when uni intership phase starts XD
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    8. I just saved up all my money slowly from side jobs, allowance and b-day money then bought myself a doll as my grad gift to myself X'D...took me four yrs but was good cause I could relax and focus on working with my new dolly project as a reward for myself before job hunting and getting back into the work force
    9. I am a part-time student without a job due to health issues, so I also save whatever gift money I have for new dolls. When I receive money from other sources than my parents, I also tend to split it into halves, one for my personal savings and the other one for my hobbies, which are all expensive. I also occasionally save up by selling what I have no use for anymore, like old doll shoes or shirts. In the end, it's a lot of small amounts that add up over long periods of time.

      I do plan on trying to take some occasional commissions later down the line though. I want to learn new skills that complement the ones I currently have and try to create myself a small job to stay motivated. I've been out of a job for over a year and it's really starting to wear on me.

      One thing I do to keep myself motivated is writing down all of my doll savings in my planner. That way I can clearly see my saving progress over time and it gives me the possibility to shop around for what doll I want to have and what her style will be. I think that I'll also start gluing doll pictures in it for motivation purposes. :lol:
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    10. I'm a college student and I make almost all my money by tutoring kids in maths and physics (what I'm studing at uni). At first it seemed impossible to be able to save up enough money to buy a doll without a real job, but I've actually accumulated a lot since I've started tutoring, mostly because I don't spend it for anything else. It still takes a lot of time though and saving up birthday or christmas money helps too. Smart budgeting is key though, as much as waiting for the perfect deal to buy your dream bjd ^^
    11. When I was into bjd I was working by then. Used my credit card to pay first.
    12. Actually some poeple will choose make some doll clothes For sale orm.do faceup.
    13. I graduated a couple of years ago, however, when I was a student, I was working weekends as a bartender (and sometimes the cook :lol: ) at a bar within walking distance of my university. It was a popular spot, and since I went to a big ol' football school, game days alone could easily have me walking out with $500+ in tips.

      If you don't mind working in the food and service industry, I would absolutely recommend working as a waitress or a bartender over something like working as a cashier, especially if you attend a party/athletics school. I was only working Thursday through Saturday, nights only, and still making significantly more than my friends who were working at the mall.
    14. Work.
      I'm part-time at a hospital cafe; I budget myself and cut back on nonessentials anywhere I can. I literally have a piggy bank for change I find and a savings dedicated to dolls. Anytime I have extra money, part of it goes into my savings and the other to the doll fund.
    15. I used money from my summer internship when I was in college. I only started the hobby my senior year though, so I didn't get too much before I was out of school. I also got a campus job for a bit, but it was pretty short.
    16. I really admire people who work while studying, I have like a panic-attack every single week when I'm in uni, if I had to study + work I would probably go insane! I like the comission idea though, since is time flexible like we student usually need... I can do hand embroidery and some vector art, but I dont know where to get people interested ):
    17. I'm not a student anymore but I was when I was saving for my first doll. Luckily I had a weekend job so that's where most of the funds came from but I also took to selling a bunch of stuff to get the little bit extra I needed. I also saved Christmas and birthday money to be able to buy clothes and stuff for him so he wouldn't be coming home to nothing haha
    18. I have a part time job but I don't have heavy lessons in my university.

      Besides my job , I will choose event price or sencond hand doll to buy and it can lower so much for me.
      I'm thinking use a body and have many doll heads I prefer so I may buy head only in the future.
    19. since i'm a shifter and that my schedule hasn't been quite hectic (art school is busy so i thank last semester for giving me the time i need), I made art commissions online and save money from it to buy my dolls and it's the only way I could earn the money for a doll
      it's not steady though since I tire myself too easily, so I close slots often.. but I was able to make it
    20. I have not bought any dolls recently due to me taking a very long hiatus from the hobby but I am slowly coming back. When I first purchased my BJD's I was too young to have my own form of income so I made sure to save money from birthday's and other random holidays. It was kinda a painful process, but waiting to get my own BJD made the wait more than worth it.
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