Sales Promotion HTTDOLLS SUMMER 2018 SALE: Bambee heads and Automail arms are now on sale for $25!

Jun 26, 2018


      *Update 07/01/2018: Sold out of everything. Thank you everyone!

      HTTDOLLS is having a summer sales event for Bambee heads and automail arms.
      Bambee heads are on sale for $25 (tan skin) & $35 (white skin) (originally $110), and automail arms are on sale for $25 (originally $75.50).
      Sale runs until August 4th, 2018, or while supplies last.



      *Bambee heads are only available in white and tan resin (normal skin heads are sold out).
      *White skin Bambee heads show signs of yellowing as these are not newly produced heads.
      *Only LEFT side automail arms are available.
      *International customers- Please feel free to contact me for more shipping options.

      Please visit: Home
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    2. Hi there, The WS heads are showing as $35, and they're $30 in this post. Which is correct? Thank you!
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    3. Sorry about that! I've corrected the news post. Price on my website is correct ($35).
    4. EDIT: Apologies, I see the 'Shop' link now, haha! Sorry for the silly mistake :P

      Hi, just to check, we just email the hotmail address on the website in order to purchase? Thank you :)
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    5. Aww, I missed the Bambee heads! She's gorgeous, I wish I would have acted quicker! :atremblin

      Will you be releasing anymore of them? I saw that the promotion was until August.
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    6. The donut piece for the arms, is that another joint piece for the shoulder?

      Edit: Also, are these items in stock or made after order?
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    7. The donut piece is more like an extender- If you're trying to use the arm on a body that is taller than 60cm (Volks SD13 & similar), you'll probably want to get it with the donut piece to extend/elongate the arm so the overall length matches the other arm.
      Also, larger dolls (such as Volks SD17) have deeper shoulder joint sockets, so the donut helps the automail arm stay in place.

      These are in stock & ready to ship :)
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    8. Thank you! I just ordered the donut piece version.

      Do you know how long the processing time will be?
    9. Orders are usually shipped out within 2 to 3 business days :)
    10. Sorry! Currently there are plans to re-release Bambee heads or automail arms once they run out of stock :(
    11. The web store seems to be down. I’d really like to buy an automail arm before they sell out, but I can’t seem to connect to the server.
    12. Sorry for the inconvenience! It's back up now :)
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    13. Unfortunately, it's down again...
    14. Sorry about that! It should be working now :)