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Feb 15, 2005

    1. Last sunday, there was a kind of doll fair in Korea, and there came new eyemakers and new dolls.

      One of silicon eye maker site is in Korean, but worth a look.
      There are two type of dolls("Gems" - Dimo and Dilui) , and many silicon eyes("Soom" eyes). :D
      I think there is no English site... but the eye price is about 37$. ^_^;;


      The other eyemaker site is under construction. Her eyes are great, but no pictures...
      Sorry for my mistake forget to bring a camera....-_-
    2. :o cool!

      Is it just me or do the dolls look Veeeerrrryyyy simmiler to Luts/CP dolls?? Just a thought...

      Pretty tho!

    3. I would love to get my hands on Dimo.. he's very cute and has tons of potential face-up-wise
    4. Black Kitten certainly reminds me of Soo, but maybe it's just the faceup... :|
    5. Oh, what beautiful new dolls! :D (I'll have to check them out more thoroughly when I get home, stupid school not allowing me to translate anything.)
    6. I think Beautiful Days Dimo is super-nice. I reaaaallly love the realbluemarble eyes and the soft pink eyes.
      When I saw the body type I was instantly reminded of the CP Luts Delf body though... It's because of the lower-waist joint and the more defined abs.
      I still prefer the Delf bodies to these, but Dimo and Dillui's faces are really nice and it looks like you can buy their heads separately^^
      Black Angel Dimo is SEXXXY~~~

    7. I have to agree. Dimo looks like Soo and Chiwoo's child, to me. XD;
    8. I reeeeeeally love the eyes in the Universe series and the Babylon series.
    9. Those eyes are gorgeous! (So are the dolls, but ... Well, I'm personally looking for eyes. ;-))

      Erh ... Does anyone read Korean? I really would like to 1) know if they ship internationally and 2) how on it would be possible to order from them.
    10. I love Gloomy Party Dillui. Insanely pretty. Dillui full stop, actually. She has a glorious face.
      The eyes are magnificent - maybe there's a possibility of a group order? I love the Universe and Clear series. I want Mephisto and at lease two of those Marbles from Universe, and umpteen from the Clear series!
    11. I'm really liking some of the eyes aswell, neat colours ^^
    12. Dimo is soo cute. A must. XD
    13. *0* I have to second or third or whatever we're on about the eyes! The universe series is killing me! They have the exact green eye I've been searching for, not to mention a couple of those blues and violets...ooh!

      If someone does a group order, I'm *so* in!!!

    14. Gawd. I want him. I need to know how to order him, how much he will cost, etc. He's just so cute. I love him in the way I love f-29/17 (but the f-29 I'll never have. *cry*) He's just...ugh. I'm DYING here! :cry: :oops: *_*
    15. Hurray! Another source for cat eyes! Now if only I understood the language (& knew which size I will need)....
    16. I love the eyes too....and Dimo's pretty cute. Arrgh...if only I could read anything.
    17. I'm totally floored by those eyes!!!
    18. That animation of the squishy eye totally cracks me up XD

      The price seems to be comparable to masterpiece eyes- but shipping could definitely tip the scales. Fantastic colors!
    19. Cute photography for the dolls, and those eyes...! *drools* So shiiiiiiiiny.
    20. I really like Dillui...She looks like a grown up version of AR Dana to me. A little like AR Diana but with smaller eyes. I don't really like the body, though it looks as though they sell the heads seperately? Heres hoping they come out with an international site someday.