Hua Yi dolls?

May 19, 2016

    1. I tried searching but couldn't find anything about these dolls. Looks like they don't have a website but only a Taobao shop, though I did find a couple owner pics around the web.


      I particularly like Durand (Google translates it like that), and the body seems nice as well even if I thought no one made changeable private parts anymore :XD:
      They only have one male 1/3 body, some animal ears, and... well I can't really tell how many are actual sculpts without a good translation :sweat

    2. Some Chinese artists only sell on taobao casting their heads in limited number.

      In the case of the one you liked he can be castes in white, pink and yellow. You can buy just the head or the head with the body. The body have a separated list on the shop.

      Anything around 350-500 is a head, this work on pretty much any shop when looking on taobao.

      And this list is their face-up service. The list priced 100.
      【华逸BJD 】BJD化妆 妆面拍付页面
    3. Thanks! I think they have like 10 heads, some are listed twice and I don't know why Durand is on another page altogether.

      The head with elf ears is also pretty interesting, I never ordered from Taobao before though.
      I always need to complicate things picking unpopular dolls ^^''
    4. @ninive buying from taobao can be simple with a shopping service. I use taobaotrend for BJDs and got one straight from a company there. Make life easier since CNY cheaper than dollar and I found orders to be much quicker.

      My advice is first look the option marked here first, it will show all items with new ones in top. Bellow this each bold text will be a category with the lighter text being an option.

      On the shop you linked their categories have no text so is harder to get how they divide their items but since they have few items searching by the news is much quicker.

      They have no information beside measures on the body of their lists so asking a service to ask them about differences and options are your best bet. On taobaotrend you can contact them with list and questions before ordering so you can be sure of everything.