Huajing 1/3 Doll Discussion

Jul 7, 2019

    1. I'm thinking of buying one of these dolls myself so I wanted to start a discussion thread to see what others thought of them. I'd love to see some owner pics and read your comments on the quality, posability, clothing options, etc. Right now, my favourite sculpt is Aviel. I think she has an adorable, mournful expression. What is your favourite sculpt?
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    2. I'm really into the Silk head! It looks super cute, and the price is really good so I might get one eventually :P
    3. I don't own any but I'm interested in them as well so I'll stick around here :)
      There's not much info on them which is a shame because they're really beautiful. My personal favourites are Yue and Yuan!
    4. Silk is cute. I also like the eyes she has in the sales pictures because they have dark blue pupils and light blue irises.
    5. They have beautiful angel wings. You could pair one or both of them with a demonic-looking doll, like this one for example:
      Red-Moon SP, 43cm Dika Doll - BJD Dolls, Accessories - Alice's Collections
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    6. Does anyone know if Luts clothing would fit these dolls?
    7. So I'm going to be order two of their 56cm girl bodies! There's not much info (outside of China) about them, so it'll be interesting to see them once they arrive. From the photos they look gorgeous and slender, which I love. I'll be ordering through Alice Collections~ Will keep y'all updated ^^
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    8. Thank you. I decided to order Aviel through Alice's Collections at the end of August, but the doll hasn't arrived yet. Alice's Collections said they thought it would take about three months or longer, if there are extra parts. I also ordered the extra hands that were an event gift. I will post some photos when the doll arrives.
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    9. Aviel arrived! I'm excited to work on her faceup over Christmas. Here is a picture of the blank doll with the default hands:
      Huajing Aviel
      I haven't decided how to style her yet. I usually buy Victorian-looking dresses but I also like kimonos and schoolgirl uniforms.
    10. Has anyone received a doll from them so far? I'm considering one of their girl bodies for a hybrid, so I'd love to see more photos of what they look like.