Huajing-Doll 1/4 Discussion

Dec 23, 2015

    1. Huajing-Doll Waiting Room
      Where to order:
      Clover-Singing | Legenddoll | Jeeryama-Ebay

      Note: To order from Clover-Singing, email them to request they add the doll you want to buy on their website if it isn't listed. Christina will add it upon your request. They are not all listed since the company is so new!

      I look forward to seeing more pictures from owners of Huajing-doll as the company grows in popularity!
      I wasn't able to get pictures of the 1/4 boy body from Jeeryama, but when my Ivan arrives I'll be sure to do a box opening and take pictures of it. :3
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    2. You decided to order Ivan?! Congrats! I can't wait to see photos. I bet he'll be awesome. :thumbup

      What are your plans for him, if you don't mind my asking? He has a cute face. I'd be tempted to turn him into a grump. :XD:
    3. I did! Thanks so much~ ;v; I had a feeling he'd be awesome.
      Something about that face! I haven't quite decided, but I've already chosen a wig for him~ It's a mint green short wavy wig and I just plan to make him as cute as possible. XD
      He may be a little grumpy looking~ He has a natural pout.
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    4. Ah and sorry to double post, but I made a waiting room so we can see about how long the waiting time is for Huajing-doll. :3 My order is on layaway but it will be less than a month's layaway, so I don't think it will have an impact on production time (I hope lol)!

      Here it is:
    5. Sorry for the late reply---just saw this. :sweat

      I think a short green wig will look awesome! I def' agree about that cute lil' grumpy face. Too cute. Are you getting his default face-up or will you have a custom one painted?
    6. Lol np~
      I am going to be doing it myself! :3 The default looks lovely but I love doing my own.
      I'm really excited for him, I hope they have nice resin.
      I hope when he arrives more people will be tempted to check out the company hehe. :p
    7. Any updates on your boy, @Genevieve?! :whee:
    8. None yet! ;v; I am 1 month into the 2 month production period! It's been crawling by I tell ya. XD
      And still no pictures of the boy body. I've asked 2 dealers who have him and they still don't have any. D:
      I'm basing my expectations off of the girl body and off of xagadoll's 1/4 boy body, so we'll see what happens. :p
    9. Waiting is hard, I tell ya. I hope your Ivan ships soon---smart idea to refer to the Xagadoll boys when it comes to Ivan's body. I'm actually waiting on a 1/4 Xagadoll May boy right now. :XD:

      And lookie what I found! More Huajing Doll cuties---looks like the company is jumping on the 1/4 baby trend.


      That's Youle.

      Dandan is here.

      Looking forward to updates on your boy! :thumbup
    10. Ohh congrats!! And great news, yesterday I got the shipping notification for Ivan! I am so excited omg~

      I saw those new dolls, they're absolutely adorable. I very nearly bought one of their 1/6 dolls TangYuan because he looks like Ivan's little brother...I just might after seeing how I like Ivan!
    11. WOW! Congrats on your shipping notice!!!! :XD: I'm very excited for you! Do you plan to post a box opening? I'd love to see photos of an HDoll... I have yet to see owner pictures of any of their sculpts.

      And thank you for the congrats on my May. I def' think TangYuan would make a great brother for your Ivan. :thumbup
    12. Yes I intend to do a box opening! :D
      I am actually pretty excited, I've never ordered a doll with so little information on it like this. I don't know what to expect from the body, box, or anything! :P
    13. YAAAAAAY! :XD:

      Can't wait to see your Ivan's box opening. :thumbup
    14. I had to leave for school right after opening him, so the box opening pics will be up later. I can just say now that I ADORE him!! :love The body is just what I hoped it would be, cute and shapely. The resin is wonderful and heavy, I'm really pleased with him. He's absolutely adorable ahhh.
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    15. Congrats! I'm glad to learn he arrived safely! That's so awesome. :thumbup

      I eagerly await box opening photos---my wishlist may be growing soon, heh. :XD:
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    16. I'm smitten. :whee: So, so cute... I love his blank face 10x more than his face in his promos. Thank you so much for sharing your box opening. I hope more people discover this awesome brand and buy more of their dolls! NGL given their price I'm tempted to buy one to dye a crazy color with iDye Poly. (Or just buy one, heh.)

      Please continue posting pictures of him in this thread. I can't wait to see who you make of him! :thumbup

      ETA: I'll have to look at Mignon! I don't think I've seen that sculpt yet.
    17. I do too aaghhh~ In person I can't get over that cute smooshy face~! I can't decide whether I want to go after Tangyuan or Mignon next, but I know Mignon also looks 10x better without a faceup. I like the company faceup but they put a weird smile on him/her that doesn't go with his sculpt. :p

      I think that seeing him has definitely helped, hopefully I scored Huajing-doll a few more orders! ;3
      that would be really interesting, I hope they can come out with a tan or maybe even something more interesting! And I sure will, I don't expect to get time to do a faceup any time soon but he's so cute blank, I may just post pics of him like that haha.
    18. I would LOVE to see a tan option. If they released tan resin, I'd bump 'em up on my wishlist. :XD:

      And I just looked up Mignon----too stinkin' cute. I love dolls with teeth/open mouths, although I do agree that she is painted a little funny in her promo photos.
    19. Oh me too. X'D I did Ripley's faceup yesterday~ He's got such a unique face, I'm not used to painting that style. I don't think the one I did suits him much but for now it'll do! He didn't come out like I was expecting haha.
      I just think that his eyes are already so eye catching that he didn't need all the pizzazz I put on them. :p I've never had such a cute baby face, I will have to adapt my style~
      [​IMG]Ripley by Genevieve, on Flickr
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