New Doll [Huajing Doll] New Limited Special Dolls - Crab Monsters, 12% off

Oct 25, 2019

    1. Hi dear,

      Huajing Doll just released two amazing Limited Special Dolls, they're Crab Monsters Qing Yi & Zi Yi, the dolls are only available as nude doll or fullset, limited 40 sets per doll.

      There's 12% discount for both nude doll & fullset before Nov. 11th, 2019

      Crab Monster - Qing Yi
      Crab Monster - Zi Yi


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    2. I love them both so much! But is there a reason why, with the full sets, you can't get both the crab claws and monster hands?
      Also, what color base resin are the dolls in the promo pics? I know they're available in normal and white, but it'd be nice to know what the promo dolls are for comparison.
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    3. You can add 4 both crab claws & monster hands, we've added the option ^^, the skin color in pictures is White skin.
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    4. Thank you! :D
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    5. Is there an image of the blank sculpts for both heads and body?