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Hugedoll New BJD

Mar 16, 2008

    1. I posted this in news, but I guess I should start a discussion as well:

      Years ago I had found this company and loved their quirky little doll faces with the big eyes, now they are making some of their dolls out of resin!

      Here's a link to their international site: Basic Layout

      I hope they bring more of their dolls over to resin, and their other BJD's from their foreign site at Hugedoll. I just wanted to spread the word. I hope it goes well for them, if it does they may make more of their dolls out of resin.

      I'm really going to have to get one, they are too, too, cute!
      #1 Bubble Gum Goth, Mar 16, 2008
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    2. I must say that they look like Blythe imitations to me.
    3. I think I had seen three threads of this dolls already :sweat They really look like pullips. Maybe because they have big heads like them. How tall are they?
    4. They do kind of look like Blythe and Pullips, but I thought they looked more like some dolls from the 60's I had seen, like Little Miss No Name for instance and those clothe Japanese dolls with the big eyes.

      The big one is 28cm, the little one is 13cm. I've seen some really cute Pullips, if they had been made out of resin I would have bought them.
    5. Well I don't know if theis thread will stay up long... They were also posted on the tiny side and the mods said they were checking them out to see if they were on topic.
    6. These dolls are currently being discussed by the mods and admins of the board for "topicness."