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"HUIS TEN BOSCH (in Japan)" Tour ~Dream FCS~ USA people can join!

Dec 1, 2006

    1. *Momoko One-Off models for this tour*


      News page:

      Tour plan:

      Date:22~23 Feb 2007

      Limited doll is "Toppi"...:aheartbea



      "SD faceup school / Beauty saloon" & "Tea party" & "Dinner Party" are held.

      Sweet Dream Scool A Head (for SD makeup school)


      Volks web top page

      Only 3 people can do "Dream Full Choice" by 500,000 JPY *_*

      If you can choose every head mold (Momoko, Shinku are included?), all skin colour and the makeup artist (K.Mayura, Valico, Saifa...all artists!), you pay money 500,000 JPY to get one SD?????

      New super dollfie "霊天使" (Rei-Tenshi) will be released then!

      Sumomo123's after report is here!
    2. @____@!!! Sunlight-skin long-legs Scarface Cecile with a faceup by... uh... SOMEONE AWESOME.

      They need to do this in the US, too T^T

    3. Oh, if you can participate in the tour, you pay 500,000 JPY? :o
      This is the price for doll only and you need to pay the money for tour, too~.
      I'm interested in the number of people who wants to do this in fact :wiggle
    4. Sunlight Syo Sweet Dream with slightly opened eyes and a face up by Mikey
      Sunlight Yukinojo with a face up by K.Mayura
      Pureskin FCS White Sakaki Awakening with a face up by Aone


      Whoever wins will be so lucky! :whee:
    5. Sigh, that's more money then I have to spend this year on dolls. SD13 Cyndy, sunlight skin. SD13 Sylive, sleeping, eyes just ever so slightly open.... Cyndy would be amazing tan, but Sylive sleeping... Y_Y

      Where IS this place? I saw the pic before but... where...

    6. The place is Nagasaki prefecture.

      Tour price is :
      From Tokyo 59,800yen
      From Nagoya 57,000yen
      From Kyoto 49,800yen
      From Osaka 49,000yen
      If you go to Nagasaki by yourself, it's 27,500yen.

      Usagi, SailorLimaBean, do you pay 500,000yen in fact if you can have the authority? :lol:
      I want to have my dream SD, of course, but 500,000yen is too expensive for me *_*
    7. Oh wow...I'm very confused, but omg...I want...*dies* I can't make up my mind.

    8. I wish I could :sweat but I have to agree, 500,000 yen is way beyond my limit. Whoever wins will definitely be a dedicated, rich, and maybe a little bit crazy, SD owner :lol:

    9. :lol: I agree with you :lol:
      But there must be over 3 people who raise their hands! I want to know the number and what dolls are made by whom :love
      Aww, if the price is 300,000yen, I might go...:sweat ...*Big sigh*
    10. And they will release new SD "霊天使" (Rei-Tenshi).
      Is it like a Sei-Tenshi? (I can't say it will be Sei-Tenshi size, there is no info yet~.)
    11. Oh! Could they possibly mean Sei Rei, like Sakaki?? :D I can't wait to see!
    12. I could probably see myself saving and saving for maybe spending Y300000 for a doll I could completely customize but 500000 is two full months pay as a teacher, which I am not yet....

      Now, the TOUR price would be more something do-able. I could save up for that... now...if only I spoke Japanese....
    13. Aren't Rei-tenshi supposed to be the ones below Sei-tenshi on the list of sizes? I seem to recall something about it and it was like... Rei-tenshi -> Sei-tenshi -> YoSD -> MSD etc. It was something talking about Sato somewhere, but I don't even know where to begin to search for it, or if it was even on DoA or in a magazine... ^_^; It's been a while so I'm probably mis-remembering...

      Ahh... If I could do that. ;o; Whiteskin Tsukasa, long leg SD13 boy body, and Mikey for the faceup... T_T Sigh. :<
    14. May I ask why it's called the 'Huis Den Bosch' tour?

      I'm just curious 'cause 'Huis Den Bosch' is a Dutch word. It means something like 'House of the 'Den Bosch' (the forest) family'.
    15. ooooooh my gosh. i was at huis ten bosch this august! :doh now i wish the exchange program to japan that i was on was longer, so i can participate in the tour...

    16. Ya~, there is a theme park which is called "HUIS TEN BOSCH" in Nagasaki Prefecture.

      "HUIS TEN BOSCH" Official Home Page

      Volks says they reserve full of this "Hotel Europe" at this tour.
    17. I can't get the tour info to appear, it keeps telling me an error occured and that I need to install some kind of Japanese language softwear.
      Then I just get 4 blank pages. >_<

      Oh well, it sounds like fun though, I'd love to go. ^_^
      I've been wanting to attend a Volks event so bad, and I haven't been able to attend any of the U.S. ones yet! :(

      Lol, I don't have a clue how much Y500,000 would equal in USDs, and considering I'm going to be going to the 2007 Worldcon in Japan thats something I kind of need to know!

      Is there some kind of quick way to figure out yen to dollars and dollars to yen?

      As for my dream FCS...
      A sunlight skin Kohaku head on a sunlight skin SDC body, with Tabi feet, and a face-up by the person who created the Kohaku/Hisui default face-up.

      The FCS I've got coming is close to my dream FCS already.
      He is a sunlight skin Kohaku boy. :)
      He just won't have a sunlight skin SDC body.
      He has a long legged MSD body with Tabi feet instead.
    18. For a quick rule of thumb, drop two zeros. 10000 yen = 100 US bucks.
    19. I see, Thanks SailorLimaBean! :)
      I'm going to make a note of that in my 2007 pocket calendar, and write it down in a few other places too, so I'll have it handy while I'm there.

      So lets see, then the Dream FCS would be roughly $5000.00 USD, right?
      That doesn't seem so bad...especially if you're really getting to choose from every head, every body type, and every option!
      Plus getting to choose the face-up artist!
    20. gaaah looking at the title and seeing Huis Ten Bosch sounded to good to be true, and allas it was :(

      well maybe Volks will come to the real Huise Ten Bosch sometime (i can dream can i? :)...)