Hujoo Cora 43cm Resin Girl

Apr 5, 2011

    1. I am impressed wth the engeneering of this doll, looks almost like an Hybrid between and action fgure and ball joints. Really clever, she's been designed to hold a variaty of poses. Can't wait to see what price they will ask for her and if she's be on-topic or not... I hope she's on topic because it's really a fresh look on how a ball joint cn be changed for better posture.
    2. Yeah, the joints are like WOW!!

      I have to say I'm sorry she's not a big version of the other Hujoo dolls. I LOVE the big giant heads! And the weirdness of the features.

      I hope she is on topic too, she looks like an engineering feat!
    3. I'm impressed too, her joints are really interesting plus her face is so beautiful. Good for Hujoo, they have created an amazing and very unique doll.
    4. Oh wow!!! Please let her be on topic! Please please! I got one if the off topics as my first doll, and I've been searching desperately for a resin minihu~
      Talk about posability.... it looks like her joints have almost a ratchet like system... would probably eliminate any need for sueding.
      Talk about engineering genious.
    5. I saw her initially when searching for Hujoo Suve, but I've totally fallen in love with her and seriously hope she's on topic, and in my budget. >.<
    6. She is BEAUTIFUL! I just wish she had a more mature figure...nearly all of my MSD sized dolls are of the mature bodied variety. Of course...depending on her price, I may just decide I don't care if she fits with the rest or not!

      And her joints! They're amazing! If I were to get her, I'd want her with her own joints, so there's no way I'd want to hybrid her head to another body.
    7. I might try to give her some how a mature bust, but I'm just not sure how I'd go about doing that.
    8. I like more mature sculpts too but this one has me tickled I must say I love her lines and she would make a great 12 or 13 years old.
    9. Huh. That IS interesting o_O may actually give minifee a run for their money. I'm also curious about what the price'll be, though I've no plans for an MSD. Maybe they'll eventually make SDs like this!
    10. Of course i just bought my blueberry girl tonight lol. Depending on the price I might have to get her I love her face and that body, omg! ^0^
    11. Bother, no word on price for a bit it seems:

      Cora is currently preparing the production did not come're on the correct price.
      Soon I will update with prices." ~Hujoo
    12. I hope they release her price soon! The more I think about this girl, the more I want her! Please, lovely girl, be in a price range where I won't mind you not fitting with the rest...or...hmmm...she might just work well with the set of SD sized dolls I'm slowly working on...methinks it's time to show this lovely little lady to the hubby...See what he thinks about her. Since the character she'd embody is his. Heh.

      Edit to add: Well, the hubby likes her for his character! Woohoo! I love it when he's cooperative like that! The current sculpt planned for what would be her big sister is an Elfdoll Soah (my grail doll, heh) and I think they'll look darling together.
    13. The jointing system is intriguing... Looks like it would hold a lot of pose! I must say I am looking forward to owner picture and also for how much this body go for...
    14. I was thinking today about how there isn't a immature MSD line that puts a huge priority on posing. She's got such a pretty face, too!

      I'm keeping an eye out.
    15. The mods have decided that this doll is on topic.
    16. Her joints look amazing. I hope they release a boy soon. :)
    17. She's gorgeous and her joint system is so different from what I've and liked on DOA. Happy to hear that she's on topic, but she has no butt.
    18. I really like her body (especially the hands) and her is face actually pretty cute too. I don't collect msd but would be intrested in a similar Sd body!