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human dolls or non humans or anthro?

Feb 6, 2018

    1. Hi so im just curious. I want to know what percentage of your doll family is either Human, Anthropomorphic, or Non human dolls. (Non humans are those like animals or dont really have human type bodys)

      Do tell me also which category you prefer more and the reason why!! =D

      LET ME START!!

      I have over 13-15 dolls if im not mistaken

      4 humans
      6 anthropomorphic
      5 non humans

      I tend to lean more on Anthropomorphic types because they are unique and quite cute!! ♡ my fave in my current crew are my DZ Sawarieda and DZ big dipper.

      I personally think that if i get human type dolls, they arent that special because alot of the other comoanies have similar face sculpts unlike non humans and anthros.

      Grail doll of all time is a SIO2 ragdoll puppeteer. Hoping to find one in the future!! ♡

      Whats your preference? =D
    2. Lets see, I currently have...
      8 humans
      4 fantasy humans (elves/fairies/angels/metamorphs etc)
      6 anthropomorphic
      3 animals

      I'd have to say my preference is more towards fantasy and anthro dolls, particularly for dolls I bought because i liked the look of them. Most of my human dolls are for shelling specific characters so my crew is a mixed lot XD
    3. I have (or will have when they all ship)

      3 plain humans.
      3 elves
      3 humans (but with powers)
      4 ‘gods’
      1 ghost

      All of these guys look human, though so 14 human sculpts (elf ears aside).

      Which leaves one other... he’s a Telesthesia Upsilon. Is he anthro? He has horns and hooves. I like human dolls, but also really like elves. Funnily enough, upsilon is one I didn’t have a character in mind for at all. I just liked the sculpt and after visiting Alice’s on and off for months looking at him, decided I’d buy him anyway!

      I’m not against getting more non-human dolls, but my original list of characters (both my own and from pop culture) was all human/humanoid.
    4. Ah, let's see, I have-
      7 anthro animals
      1 non human corgi
      2 psuedo humans? (One is a robot, the other a really stylized human)
      I'd say I prefer anthro overall, and I'd also argue I don't even have a truly human doll. There are simply too many fantasy sculpts out there to fall in love with, and there are so many more I'd have if it wasn't for them being expensive/limited.
    5. Including the dolls I have ordered but not home, and including "prop" dolls, off topic BJDs and dolls made by BJD companies:

      Human: 17 full dolls, 1 head (71.4%)
      Pet/Animal: 4 (16.3%)
      Anthro: 1 (4.1%)
      Fantasy: 2 (8.2%)
      TOTAL: 24.5

      If you only want on topic, then all are human except one anthro, total 18.5. (94.6% human, 5.4% anthro)

      The next order I plan to place will be one human full doll, one human head and one pet/animal, because of an event. And soon one other who is a mystery at the moment because my birthday is next week and my sister said she ordered me an Aimerai QT Pet, so it could be an animal, or could be fantasy.

      Mostly, human dolls in SD scale are my favorites, because I feel I'm much better at writing human characters than fantasy, but sometimes my humans do have special powers/abilities like telekinesis, psychic abilities, inhuman speed and agility or communication with the dead and animals . Sometimes I want a pet for my dolls, or a fantasy tiny catches my eye. I like the anthro/pet/fantasy tinies because they're easy to carry with me when traveling or to meets, and most times they don't need wigs, shoes or even clothes. It's much cheaper and easier to collect them.
    6. Yes, i think he is considered an anthropomorphic type! =D

      I feel you! I just think that human dolls are a bit um... normal? Like its really different when you get anthros coz you kniw each comoany really has unique designs but if for humans i just feel that they more or less look the same but with slight facial fewture differences. =/ just my opinion though but most of my friends have a full human crew so im like a black sheep!! XD

      True. I told my friend you technically cut thr cost coz all you need is a decent face up. With small animal/pet types also if you carry them around, you wont scare people as much compared to bringing a huge scale doll!! Hahahah

      My facial preferences in terms if humans are more on SD size as well since i kind if like the mature face?!?! Kind of,?? Probably humans age 21-29 type faces

      Oh!! Your account photo is so adorable!! ♡ what company and sculpt is that?!?!?
      #6 reghina001, Feb 6, 2018
      Last edited by a moderator: Feb 8, 2018
    7. Thanks, it's a Pipos Cheshire Pang :)
    8. It’s definitely true that human/humanoid dolls are more expensive in the long run. They need eyes, wigs, clothes, shoes, faceup/body blushing. I don’t like keeping the same outfit on the dolls forever so they each need their own wardrobe to change around. Plus accessories, they all have jewelry, hair accessories or props. I usually spend more on these things than on the doll themselves. My anthro has eyes, faceup/blushing and two outfits and a couple of accessories. The pet dog has blushing, a dog bed, collar, leash, toys and food. The rest of the pets and fantasy tinies have eyes and faceup/blushing at most. Nothing else. I also find that I like dioramas and props for my humans for photos, but I’m happy with my non-humans having photos around the house or in nature. It’s fine if everything is wildly out of scale, since a mouse or monster or ghost wouldn’t necessarily needs things a certain size. Still, I love the details of doll sized clothes, accessories and props, so even though it’s expensive and inconvenient, it’s still worth it to me.

      I don’t care if strangers think I’m weird for taking a large doll in public to a meet or convention or photo shoot, so that doesn’t make much difference to me, but there is such a huge difference in weight! My 14cm anthro can easily be carried in a purse or pocket all over the place without any problem, but after carrying my Iplehouse nYID 58cm girl around a convention for six hours, I felt like my arm was going to fall off!
    9. Let’s see, I have:

      3 humans all are cartoon/anime style
      3 elf eared heads on human body
      1 sheep eared guy on human body
      1 human/fantasy head sculpt on a human body
      3 full anthro dolls
      And a whole zoo of OT animal dolls

      I like fantasy head sculpts on human bodies (msd size) or full anthro yosd sized bjds, with my favorite being the OT event animal dolls. But, I do enjoy looking at all types of dolls!
    10. My current group includes-
      7 humans
      7 with elf ears (including 2 Real Puki and 2 Puki Puki)
      3 with pointed ears and wings (one is blue, one is dark purple)
      2 fantasy dolls

      I like fantasy and elf-eared dolls. It makes for a more varied and interesting group than just humans.
    11. Oooh, interesting!!

      For me, I have:

      6 humans
      6 non-humans (elves)
      7 anthros
      2 animals (pets)
    12. Hahahah that sounds rough! Havent really tried bringing my doll out of the house. Not really coz of the judgement but rather the hazards involved when bringing your doll out to the world! Hahahaha one day i will bring them out! Just not today!! XD

      cool! I love all dolls that i think are cute but im just really more drawn to weird guys like some DZ and DC dolls

      Might go into fantasy in the future but to me they are just like augmented humans!! Hahaha but i do like the combinations of like deer or horse legs with the upper body and face of a human. (Sorry i forgot what these types of creatures are called)
      #12 reghina001, Feb 11, 2018
      Last edited by a moderator: Feb 24, 2018
    13. I definitely prefer animal /anthro over human, but I think they're both great. Right now I have one animal and one human, though I'm waiting on two animals/anthros and one human body, so it will soon be three to two!

      I just love the variety that non-human dolls bring. Some anthros are more human than others, some come in a variety of fantasy colors, many are tinies which means that even a few cm can make a big asthetic difference between dolls. They're kind of chaotic honestly! A collection of human dolls can definitely look a lot more uniform than anthros, haha.

      I will say though, my family did not understand why I was into dolls until my first SD girl. I guess it just didn't make sense why I would by hyped over waiting on a plastic critter. They teased me quite a bit until I got the big doll, which seems a lot more special to an outsider, I think. Sometimes I find it hard convincing myself on spending so much for a tiny anthro...
    14. Dont worry! Just get what makes you happy!! People are normally afraid of the unknow ln or extraordinary!! Let them be as we are avle to see the beauty of whats unique! ♡ we shall be the ones to love the unlovable!! XD
    15. Currently only humans, though 3 have fairy ears and one detachable cat ears.
    16. 3 humans
      1 nonhuman (goblin)

      Weird, I like elves in stories, but not as dolls for whatever reason. Maybe because my dolls are dolls in their story and so are already technically inhuman? At any rate, I've always preferred humanoids to anthros in stories and dolls, though I've seen one person with a really cute one. I am tempted to get a pet doll for the goblin to ride, though.