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Human Or Anthro On Outings?

Mar 16, 2011

    1. This is mostly for people who have both human/elf and anthro dolls but I'd love to hear what others would do given the chance!

      I have started taking my dolls with me when I go out places. I've also started giving everyone a "turn" to be out, but I came to a choice between a human boy and an anthro girl. I'm lucky enough to own a WS first run Misa-Minky head and while I am worried about her ears, I'm more worried about how people will react. I'm used to being stared at with my other dolls and occasionally get the "creepy" comment but it doesn't bother me with my human dolls.

      I don't know why it bothers me so much with my anthro! Maybe because they're still slightly unusual in the doll community? Cute ears or tail is fine but a whole head? Maybe I don't want her mocked? Am I over protective? What about you guys? Do you take yours out and about? If so, how do people react? If not, why (delicate ears, nose, etc)?
    2. I have sevaral anthro SOOM kids and I've never considered switching on their human legs for outings. I think it helps if you live in a larger city like I did because people in metropolitan areas are more desensitized to the 'strange and unusual' than those of smaller, more rural communities. I've had both positive and negative reactions to my Heliots but it's never phased me. If you feel concerned, it might be a good idea to go out with a friend or two so you feel more safe. Also, people in groups tend to be less approachable for hazing and harrassment than someone out on their own.
    3. I don't know how much I can contribute to this discussion (my boy only has a jackal head), but I'm more concerned with how it'll look in pictures and the backgrounds of where I'm going. Also, can't help but be concerned for his over-sized ears. O.O

      In any case, I don't think you're necessarily being overprotective. There are still people against Anthro anything, and adding the BJD quality to it can make any dolly owner understandably nervous about going out. At the same time, I wouldn't worry too much about people's reactions. People will be people will be people.

      I wouldn't be surprised if you got MORE positive reactions with your anthro girl than your human boy, since she would probably strike most non-doll owners as something "safe" in a doll, not so human looking, which I think is one of the reasons we as doll owners receive any negative feedback from non-doll owners.

      I have to agree with Awtan, take a friend or two with you when you go out with your girl. Anyone who is willing to pick on a single person for their dolls isn't going to do it to a whole group of dollie owners. And I always find it to be fun to go out with several dollie owners as opposed to by myself.
    4. I am not sure if I can help much, seeing as my boy only wears cat ears sometimes, but honestly I don't think anyone will have a "wtf" reaction....if anything it's because they're ignorant about the dolls in general, not how the doll appears. It seems like no one even gves a second look that my boy has his ears, only that I am a gothic Lolita carrying around an expensive-looking doll. So really, I wouldn't feel worried. In general I don't think it should matter much what people say anyway; I don't personally take my boy out with me to get compliments; I take him out with me because I like having his company and I like to take photos.
    5. It doesn't bother me too much. I have brought my AoD Jimi here and there and my gargantuan dragondoll Huang around (although he isnt unusual) But generally I don't take no shit when it comes to dolls. The only dolls i'd be worried about taking out ar my IMPLdoll Green Simon and my IMPL Ember and Eugene, who have easily losable ears.

      The way I see it, travel in a pack
    6. Anthros, because they can be seen as somewhat unusual, are probably a great thing to bring to a doll meet in full anthro form. While there are some people who may not care for anthros (as in owning one), they're still very interesting to look at. I for one, don't see myself wanting an anthro doll, but they can be really interesting to look at.
    7. well, i dont usually take my dolls out unless im with other doll owners (and im usually with people who dislike anythign doll/statue like) but i could care less..... i get wierd looks either way, so it doesnt bother me ^_^
    8. I only have one doll at the moment, but I'm getting my first anthro soon. He's a tiny so I'll probably bring him out with my MSD. I'm not sure why... Maybe because carrying around a little plastic rabbit seems more childish and I worry too much about what others think? Or possibly because I know there's a stigma with anthros that make people think of all the anthro porn floating around DA and automatically associate any anthro drawing or whatever with being a pervert (not saying the people that draw the anthro porn are necessarily perverts, just that I'm sick of being called a fur fag or other nasty names because I have several anthro characters that I enjoy drawing).

      Either way it all boils down to caring too much what other people think. :sweat It won't stop me from taking out Alice, but it will probably stop me from taking him out alone because I don't want to deal with people thinking I'm a baby or a weirdo (even though I am sorta a weirdo at times). It's just easier to defend your doll as art when it's not a cute little 16cm bunny. :sweat So Alice will always have a babysitter, more than likely.

      Ya know, actually the more I think about it I think I will just take him out on his own. It's silly to have 2 dolls to look after and juggle just to bring out my anthro. :sweat I don't know. I might feel a little more selfconscious about carrying him around, but I'll get over it. Like I said I just care too much about other people's opinions, which is crazy cuz I used to wear wolf ears and a tail EVERYWHERE in college, so what's the big deal carrying around an anthro doll? :sweat