Hunting for Dollfie Dream - clothing, shoes, wigs

Nov 21, 2004

    1. As a happy owner of a DD, it is often frustrating to scour websites in search of shoes, clothes, (especially pants) only to order something that doesn't fit. How about we fellow DD owners post tips on which things worked, which brands fit our girls etc. I had to sell 2 sets of shoes that volks had in the DD catalogue as being compatible with the DD foot. Sure they fit on her feet, but her poor feet swam in them and they looked awful on her.

      Posh dolls

      Her slip on china brocade shoes are the best fit I've found so far. She has them in a few colors, but I don't think she is going to make anymore, at least until there is interest. I like them, but wish they were in solid colors (they would go better with jeans and dresses)

      High top tennis shoes. THese fit good as well, I didn't care for the lace up styles, but they look and fit really good none the less.

      Ellen is going to get back to me on her two newest lines on if they will fit the DD feet.

      Carpatina Dolls

      The dresses I have gotten from them fit fairly well (a bit short and the waist isn't snug) The slip on shoes fit really well. You can only get the shoes if you buy the outfit, but I got two of the dresses with shoes for 5.00 each on ebay.

      As I said in the other post. Magic attic and other slim body 18" doll clothing is a good fit (cept in the waist) But the tshirts fit very well and most are of such a design that alterations are easy. Pants don't fit and dresses are going to be about 4 inches shorter.

      I stick mostly with the short sleeve outfits and the dresses.

      Here is Avesha in the Blue dress with the shoes

      Hope this helps.
    2. Thanks for the tips! :daisy

      Here's mine: *lingerie*
      Just purchased some teddies, bra and panties from:

      They're made for MA Cissy 21". But they fit just fine. The price is good too compared to getting some things from Volks or other overseas vendors.

      Here's what I got:
      1) Barely There teddy, stretchy and fits fine
      2) Teddy in black, stretchy and looks fabulous
      3) Cissy bra in white, stretchy and looks great on my Nidal
      4)Tap panties, require some carefull 'sliding up' Nidal's fleshy thighs, and they're a bit balloonish tho.
      5) Hose/thigh highs I got, only reach Nidal's knees, just a smidge above. Those will be altered and used as socks.

      Doll Secrets also offers couple of things for SD sizes. In the future I might get a couple of the Cissy bathing suits and have Nidal do dress up.

      DD Shoes? Will post updates as am able to find appropriate ones!

      PS: Correct link for Carpatina:
    3. Thanks for the link to the dollsecrets, that tankhini is really cute.

      The carpatina link I posted was for the Fantasy Adventures line. Its the one with the shoes that fit. I'm not sure if the startdust classics shoes fit. They have alot of cute things on the carpatina site as well. They make cloaks and such for us "real" humans.

      Keep the advice coming

      (after we put shoes on em, they'll want to learn to read...)

      I know that the shoes I ordered from volks did not fit. They were even the ones that volks put in the DD catalogue. Her feet just swam in them. Unless I hear otherwise I think we can assume that none of the Volks SD shoes fit (too wide).

      The magic attic size shoes that I received today fit the DD feet. I am not sure if they are made by Magic Attic, just pretend or kid galaxy. The boots are a bit loose around the calf, but a bit of fur around the top will hide that. Pictures coming soon. the heels tend to be really thick (like platforms). But any port in a storm

      I ordered the obitsu loafers and they are much too small for the DD feet. I haven't tried the azone (do they make shoes?)

      no one has information on if the luts AI CH Ajumapama etc fit DD feet? I've emailed a few of the companies but no replies. Are the volks SD shoes really big on SD feet as well? it seems to me that the pair I have are huge, and if they fit the SD feet well then thee SD feet must be much bigger (wider) than DD feet. Is everyone getting bored with this topic? From the feedback so far it seems our DD's are running around in huge clogs or barefoot.

    4. I preordered a pair of shoes from Elaine @ poshdoll.

      But, don't know if they'd fit my Nidal till I receive them (sometime in the next 2 weeks or so). Although am thinking they might be a bit snug based on Elaine's listing.
      *I preordered before I got my Nidal home from Japan*

      I found that Tallina's has some decent looking high heeled shoes.Haven't placed an order yet, but will do so sometime next week. I'll let you know if they fit DD.

      Personally, am tired of seeing clunky platform shoes :roll: and looking for refined and feminine types for our 'ladies' .

      On another note, there's a listing on Ebay of reproduction doll shoes. Although measurement wise they seem 'big', I might (not sure yet), bid on them or other styles this seller has.

      SO, as of now, we're sampling from various vendors and seeing what does fit!


      We'll do what Michi has done, start making our own! :wink:
    5. Ghaleon's souldoll boots, which are made for SD girls or CP boys, fit my DD's feet great. :3 They're a little big, but since they're lace ups I can tighten the laces around her calves and you can't tell.
    6. I have a pair of Azone mary jane shoes for Saori. They are VERY roomy, but are less noticable when she's wearing stockings.

      Souldoll knee-high boots are "eh". I had to re-tie them VERY tight, and they're still loose around her legs. The tongue of the boots become curled because I have to tie them so tight.

      The Poshdolls outfit I have is one of my favorites. The pants look nice if I pull them down to be hip-huggers. The top I can move around to show off her bust a bit more, and the sleeves are nice and puffy.

      Saori in Poshdolls (pants aren't pulled down, so they look just a tad funny)

      The Ultraviolet_fern dress that I have is too small in the top, but looks nice in pictures. I have to stretch the top of the dress and the threading shows. I think this problem may have been fixed now that she has a CP doll, and I think it has a Mature Lishe body.

      Ultraviolet_fern dress

      KK Workshop ... you have to use your best judgement on this. Don't get outfits with jackets unless you're prepared to tailor them or want to keep them baggy. Dresses are too loose in the middle and have to be pinned back. Stockings fit perfect.

      KK Workshop Gothic & Loli dress: Pic w/o middle pinned back
      Pic of Black & Red outfit w/o being pinned back

      Volks undies for DD are very nice and tight. Love them to death, I have the tank top and panties set and I often use the tank top as an undershirt for many of Saori's outfits.

      Volks Undergarments
    7. Hey Jibrille
      Your DD is beautiful! :D Do you mind me asking where you got the pink wig?

    8. they have wogs like that at eluts and domuya (and a few other places too) if it helps ^_^
    9. Just got the shoes and they fit Nidal! They're well made down to the soles!
      Now I discovered (course other owners knew that already), I had to do a little *ankle joint manipulation* in order to have Nidal stand in them.
      DD could have their *ankle joint* clicked 4 times to front and to back *easily distinguinshed by sound*. So with some ankle and knee tinkering, Nidal is ready to do the walk! ;)

      NOTE Nidal has same feet girth as I do! right foot narrower than left foot! *bizarre* *_*
    10. Ok I finally got around to taking pics of these Luts boots on a DD. These boots are made for boys but look great on the DD. It laces all the way up and has 3 working straps(very detailed) so these boots are totally adjustable.

      Also I have pics of my DD in a KK Workshop outfit. This is the only KK outfit I have but it fits her very well.

      *Sorry for the headless pics, her head is away receiving a faceup.







    11. Good Cigar! I'll be looking at luts for some boots (I wonder if that rhymes). I just made a wardrobe for my DD. Eeep I didn't realise how much stuff she had. I need to fill in the blanks and then stop before I have to sell an organ or something. I'm waiting on the lolita shoes from Poshdolls. I'll post pics when they arrive.

    12. For footwear, I've found that the "Justine" boots, from Poshdolls fits like a glove....only...y'know. For her feet.

      Once I get my camera working (or swipe my dad's) I can take pics of Jeanne in one of her KK workshop outfits. It's one of the cheaper, and more simpler designs, but it fits wonderfully. Another trick to getting the KK dresses to fit: layers. If I layered Jeanne's undergarments, or just had her in think under-roos to begin with, outfits fit better.
    13. I'm SURE it's been said so hang me.
      I've found them to be so much better when they are strung with the double folded chord like their resin cousins. Plus trim out the knob to cure the arched back.
    14. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, but do you think Azone 60cm clothes would fit CH Ai girls? The reason I ask is I've ordered a few things for "SD/SD 13" off of Ebay and they were too baggy for my Customhouse Ai. Anyone know?
    15. I bought mine from poshdolls. They fit wonderfully. I still haven't figured out how to get her to stand in them unaided like the rest of her shoes, but they always look lovely!

    16. Volks sells black and white versions of a pair of plastic high heels. Poshdolls high heels are a very good fit, as Margarita_rosa said...

      The Dragon bought a pair of pretty Dollheart high heels - don't! They are much too long and quite a bit too wide for a DD!

      Not many DD specific shoes have been made. Generally people buy SD shoes and cross their fingers that they'll fit. :daisy
    17. Thanks very much!!!

      Judy (off to Poshdolls!)

      Did I mention that most poshdolls shoes fit the DD like a glove? Her high heels are the best. Other shoes that fit DD are magic attic, carpatina shoes. (not american girl shoes). Avesha loves shoes. I also have a pair of plaid pumps from custom house that fit wonderfully.

      go DD owners!