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Hybrid discussion

Jun 14, 2018

    1. I thought it’d be nice to have a place to discuss all our hybrids and share pictures. I always wonder which thread I should post them to, otherwise!

      [mods: I did search, and I don’t think this thread exists! If it does, my apologies. ^_^]
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    2. I don’t have pics that I can share from mobile, but my favourite hybrid ever is my girl Azrael, who’s a Zaoll Luv head in a Doll Chateau y-06 body. I also have my withdoll Adriana/resinsoul hybrid, who I love, and an Iplehouse/Dollstown girl, and a feeple65/supergem hybrid who still needs a bit of modding that I might try my own hand at before I send her off. I also have one hybrid boy, who is a doll chateau a-04? And a dollzone Raymond head.

      Hybrids I have part of include:
      -withdoll Cecily blue body (+ringdoll crystal head)
      -impldoll Joshua head (+loongsoul 73cm body)
      -soom gluino MV head (+dollzone gene winged body)
      -impl iris head (+dyed Dollmore glamour eve body)
      -twigling gamine head (+resinsoul bigger boy body)
      -impl Hannah head (+ideally a soom nephelin body, dyed)
      -iple Carina head (+impl muscle body)
      -I might put my f60 Lacrima head on an AS new 1/3 body, so I can mod her moe body to male and put a Kara Klum head on it
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    3. hear hear!! i love seeing other hybrids and enjoy the thought of having a place to specifically discuss them and share photos. i think my favorite hybrids that i own are ten, my crobidoll yeonho on a luts junior delf body, shion, my esthy peroth on a peak's woods dandy body, and alaska, my feeple60 halloween17 event head on a merrydollround petrichor body :)
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    4. I am a huge fan of hybrids too. I don't think I can chose a favorite hybrid among my dolls.
      I am very happy with my Rover (Les Enfants Terribles Don on a Soom Super Gem body) because the match was not something I was expecting. These pictures are from when he was first put together.

      [​IMG]First pictures of Rover by bjdzen, on Flickr
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    5. i will be in this group as well, as im waiting new head for my impldoll male idol body. i will swich his head to black cherry nikky head. so it will be perfect hybrid for my character project. and one impldoll azalea head i will order mirodoll 62 cm female body as it looks not bad as well. i know some mirodoll bodys is baned but not this one so im on legal project.
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    6. That’s a brilliant colour match, and in tan as well!
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    7. @Spuggey Thanks :D Yes, it really is wonderful match :D
      I have a few other tan hybrid as well:
      Elfdoll Ruru on Volks SD16 (tan / ebony)
      Volks Ruby on Ringdoll Grown (ebony / tan)
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    8. Hybriding kind of came naturally to me (and I'm grateful to see this thread finally being made:dance), as I tended to swap out a majority of the default bodies for my Pullips while I was still collecting them. So, when I moved on to bjds, it just came as second nature.

      About 3/4 of my crew are hybrids. Some didn't have resin matches at the onset, but it wasn't too difficult to blush them to match.

      I've had a few hiccups when finding the right matches between bodies (proportions, aesthetic, etc), like when I was trying to find a good body to go with my Dollshe Aramis head. It's been a real learning experience in shopping for the right fits---always checking measurements, looking for reference photos and doing extensive research---but it's been enriching and enjoyable with some great results. It's so lovely how customizable bjds can be to suit what your tastes are, and what you can achieve with swapping between so many different companies. It allows you to be so creative!

      And, to add one of my hybrids---this is Azabien, a Little Rebel Kai head on the Resinsoul 70cm body:
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    9. Shucks, my only hybrids are out of need and caused by Fairyland. You know how they keep having events and then you have more floating heads than bodies? Well, I ordered bodies from Impldoll with resin matching so we'll see how that goes. I also ordered a loongsoul body for a doll where I have a rare character in mind. She needs to be able to pose on a skateboard and I think the loongsoul 58 bloom body version 1 will be the ticket. We shall see though! Impldoll did mistakenly send me a doll head (a Narissa human head) and I believe it was in a "real skin" color. Turns out she looks really good on a luts type 1 delf body of all things. The resin isn't too far off. The luts body was very yellow and even so the impldoll body has some pink tones, they just work well together! Anyways, here is that match:

      [​IMG]HumanNarissa by ingiebee, on Flickr

      This is an awesome thread. It's always hard to get current resin info, etc... then, like you said, you don't know where you should share them! Thanks Spuggey! :)
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    10. Currently, I have 3 hybrids.

      - Migidoll Jina + ClassyDoll senior girl body (pretty happy with this combi)
      - Akagidoll Ban + Impldoll star female body (the skin tones are very different. I'm thinking of getting a matching skin tone head from Impldoll just to make it complete)
      - Domuya Fin? + Custom House Ai SD female body (total disaster, disproportionate, not liking this combi at all)

      I'll try to find some pics and get them uploaded somewhere.

      Updated with some pics!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    11. I mostly own hybrids at this point. I am obsessed over proportion and height, and most of the dolls I like don't come with the measurements I want them to have. So, hybrids!

      I have way too many pictures to post them all, but my favorite doll right now is made of five Ringdoll K heads, a Dollmore Model body and Soom SG jointed hands!

      (this is his sleeping head)

      Also I'm pretty sure there is another hybrid thread somewhere...I posted my dolls there. I just can't remember where it ended up...
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    12. LOL @Spuggey

      He looks awesome, @VampireAngel13 . I love tall lean boys!

      You know last night I was bad again. I was messing around with my Supiadoll with the new 65cm body and thinking I'd like another doll with that body, but something more mature, and I realized I had already spent the money on resin matching for some bodies at Impldoll, and decided to add a head. Supia matches close enough for me, the Fairyland resin I had Impldoll match, and now I can just hold on to that head until I can afford another body. I think it'll look really good on there :) But ugh, no more dollies! LOL
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    13. I currently hybrid three heads to one body. One day that will change but for now they all share my Spirit Doll proud with the Doll Legend jointed hands.
      From left to right we have Orsino, a modified DL Chimera. Sir Thomas a look-a-like sculpt from Natrume; and the last one is Æthelstahn a Dika Doll Floyer.
      I thought I'd share how each fits and matches. Orsino is the main owner/wearer of this body so him first.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      He fits well proportion wise but he's much pinker than the Spirit resin, the face up draws it out even more. Once he has proper clothes to wear it wont be nearly so obvious.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Æthelstahn is an almost perfect fit, his resin matches near seamlessly. He;s meant to be my model doll who can wear anything, any style and not have it be out of character, so this good match is nice.
      And then we've got Sir Thomas. Hella pale in the resin and I got him in the normal variety. Also, as @Spuggey pointed out in my box opening thread for him, he does look very bobble headed on this body. Not a great fit for him to be honest. My plan is to have him one a Granado Vigor but that's really a *someday* kind of thing.
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    14. I really love your Orsino, @PennyForTheGuy, but I can't help seeing the patchiness of the putty you used. So I wanted to point out that you could try smoothing it out by using Apoxy Putty the picture only shows one jar - there are two... You kneed them together 1/2 and 1/2 to activate the hardening of the putty. But anyway, you can smooth that stuff out with wet fingers or tools, just like clay and after it cures, you can easily sand it. I think he is so adorable regardless, but I wanted to share in case you wanted to smooth it out a bit :)
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    15. [​IMG]Leg swap by SteamWitch, on Flickr
      Leg swap between Resinsoul Long (70cm) and IslandDoll SD 60cm, resulting bodies 64cm and 66cm.
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    16. Yay a thread about hybrids! I love seeing others take on these lovely resin creations! Currently have my eyes on wanting get a SQ Lab SDG16 body but not sure what other resin matches other then volks.
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    17. [​IMG]
      two of my hybrids - My king Francis is blackcherry doll head nikky in normal skin but is more pink white could say and his body is impldoll idol FGB in real skin as is more peach colour so there is no colour match but with clothes on it looks not bad and girl is azalea head in special anti uv real skin witch matched not so bad with dollshe mango oriental skin ( body is classic 26F dollshe body ).
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    18. Oh boy, oh boy, is this the thread for me! Most of my dolls are large hybrids, most of my doll plans involve large hybrids, and I have pictures to spam so watch out. Also, I think the other hybrid thread was just a database (oh, and that one old ethics thread), but don't quote me on that.

      EDIT: Found them!: Hybrids https://denofangels.com/threads/hybrid-dolls.569301/ https://denofangels.com/threads/all-hybrid-doll-_.58149/ I think that this thread is sufficiently different though.

      Anywho, I have a Migidoll Ell/Beyours 65 hybrid. Went in blind since thanks to Beyours insistence on full dolls, hybrids are rare, but I got lucky and the mismatch is minuscule.


      And my other current hybrid is my dark tan Island Doll Sparkle/chocolate Granado Female Nuevo. Almost didn't get her because even though I was enamored with Sparkle, I wanted a girl, and Island Doll only offered the sculpt on male and gender neutral bodies. Plus, a dark tan match is a pain. But I got lucky that when I finally saved up the money, the dark tans turned out to be pretty darned closed and saved me a good bit of money. It's so nice to finally have her together.


      I also have an LLT Red Dove and LLT Lazuli waiting for a Guu Doll 60.5 body and boypink muscle girl body respectively.
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    19. Well, only for informational purposes, not out of the box solution, but impldoll did a perfect match with my custom color order to match Fairyland's normal. I got an Aurora head last minute thinking I would one day get her a Supiadoll 65cm body because Supia matches Fairyland quite well and I really like their (freaking expensive as heck) new body, LOL.

      And the fairyland match was perfect too. The problem with Fairyland is that they have that mechanism at the neck. You can buy, and I have bought, these 3d printed versions at Shapeways. They work really well, but the heads don't have much range. On my Impldoll bodies, they can't look up down or tilt their heads at all without widening the opening of the hole to allow for a little movement of the chord, but even then the head only moves a little. If you look at Fairyland's neck piece you see it all slides around on a round bead embedded in a very large rounded area in the neck. This allows for amazing movement. The shapeways gizmo only allows for easy removal and switch out of the head, which is awesome especially if you change their clothes a lot.

      Ultimately, there is a reason that the Shapeways neck adapter doesn't work as well as a simple S-hook. That is, when the pivot location is at the neck as in all other dolls, the point where the chord meets and wraps around the S-hook allows the head to pivot. And as I write this, I realize I can not just turn my heads into S-hook heads, and get the same results because the S-hook would end up too far away (unless I completely modified the actual head's neck opening, which I'm not willing to do) the neck opening in the Impldoll bodies are still too narrow, and the chords come out too stiff. So as I write this, I realize my best option is to continue to use the Shapeways adapter, and modifying my Impldoll body's neck to give the adapter as much range as I can, and just be happy with it :(

      But The best part about these Impldoll bodies is the price, and they pose very well. The special color order was a one time charge of $50 for all the bodies and the head, which is incredible. I don't do nude photos, so the aesthetics don't need to be perfect, and the main look of the model bodies pleases me, though I have heard others don't like it, so???
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    20. Just FYI, getting a lighter head and darker body is a pretty easy solution most of the time. The head is going to be painted anyway, and it infinitely a smaller area to match than a body (well, OK, not infinitely, LOL) Here are a couple of my matches. I originally bought Impldoll's normal pink bodies for my fairyland heads. The match was awful, and I wasn't about to blush an entire body to match, been there, done that with an MSD size body, and I don't want to do it again (results were blotchy and easily damaged) So I ordered resin matching, which Impldoll did a perfect job on. Now we have to see how well they age together?!

      Anyways, my point is I ended up buying a white skin Fairyland doll head to match to the body, and in my unskilled craptastic hands, I think the match is pretty close! Note, the doll needs wig and clothes and probably a second try on the faceup, LOL. Also, I got an Elfdoll Hazy in snow skin, which was yellowish, but extremely light, and I still think I did an OK / pretty dang close match to the other pink body. I'm also proud of her faceup, it's my best one so far. Practice does make a difference after all!

      We're used to being careful with our heads, and if you have an artist do your head, send a hand or foot with the head, the artist can almost always accommodate this adjustment :)
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