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Hybrid discussion

Jun 14, 2018 at 2:30 PM

    1. I thought it’d be nice to have a place to discuss all our hybrids and share pictures. I always wonder which thread I should post them to, otherwise!

      [mods: I did search, and I don’t think this thread exists! If it does, my apologies. ^_^]
    2. I don’t have pics that I can share from mobile, but my favourite hybrid ever is my girl Azrael, who’s a Zaoll Luv head in a Doll Chateau y-06 body. I also have my withdoll Adriana/resinsoul hybrid, who I love, and an Iplehouse/Dollstown girl, and a feeple65/supergem hybrid who still needs a bit of modding that I might try my own hand at before I send her off. I also have one hybrid boy, who is a doll chateau a-04? And a dollzone Raymond head.

      Hybrids I have part of include:
      -withdoll Cecily blue body (+ringdoll crystal head)
      -impldoll Joshua head (+loongsoul 73cm body)
      -soom gluino MV head (+dollzone gene winged body)
      -impl iris head (+dyed Dollmore glamour eve body)
      -twigling gamine head (+resinsoul bigger boy body)
      -impl Hannah head (+ideally a soom nephelin body, dyed)
      -iple Carina head (+impl muscle body)
      -I might put my f60 Lacrima head on an AS new 1/3 body, so I can mod her moe body to male and put a Kara Klum head on it
    3. Well I have my Adamelli on a maskcat doll body, unfortunately the neck needs to be modded a bit and she *really* needs a new face up. I have a bunch of different soom parts I was going to mod together... But IDK... I keep thinking I should sell them now instead, but can't seem to do that! I have other hybrids planned.
      I'd like to get some different twigling body combinations for my tedros and beryl.

      Edit: sorry I didn't see that this was in the large section before I posted...
      #3 shadow_takatori, Jun 14, 2018 at 3:48 PM
      Last edited: Jun 14, 2018 at 4:14 PM
    4. I don't have pictures yet, but my favorite hybrid is my current project, a DIM Kassia on a Loongsoul BB body. (I hope it's okay to post about her here...she's technically a mini, but she has a 1/3 head.) The neck is a little long, and I might do some subtractive modding in the future, but it's not too obvious when she's dressed in her frilly clothes and wearing a wig. She's my elf-eared vampire baby. :love

      Hybridizing is addictive!
    5. My fav hybrid is Dz nb56-001 with Another Secret Narcissus!

      I don't have pictures yet, but I will take them... some day or another lol
    6. hear hear!! i love seeing other hybrids and enjoy the thought of having a place to specifically discuss them and share photos. i think my favorite hybrids that i own are ten, my crobidoll yeonho on a luts junior delf body, shion, my esthy peroth on a peak's woods dandy body, and alaska, my feeple60 halloween17 event head on a merrydollround petrichor body :)
    7. Hybrids are something I didn't consider until an incredibly frustrating experience with a doll that posed like poop. That's when I knew I didn't want to buy the same body/brand for the floating heads I had and I took the plunge into the hybrid world... and now I can't go back. It's been the best decision I've made in this hobby!

      Sharing my FL Minifee Spring 2017 head on the Dollzone B45-012 body (in Normal / Normal Pink respectively.) I have changed her Dollzone hands out for the long finger-nailed Resin Soul MSD hands (can't recall what their name is) because it went better with her personality and because I wasn't a fan of the sausage fingers on the DZ. Her character is a dancer, so it was incredibly important for me that she had a body that could move and hold poses like this one. I also liked the wider hips and slender legs of the DZ body, as it closely resembled the initial sketches of this character.

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    8. I've never thought of this combination before seeing your girl — would MNF magnet wrists work with DZ?
    9. I'm currently away from home, so I can't try the Minifee magnetic wrists on this body, but my impression of this is that the Dollzone body has a larger wrist circumference than Minifee bodies. When I get back home, I'll definitely try this and see how it looks... but I do think that the wrist/hands might look smaller.
    10. Ah have been looking for a thread like this! Always in debate where I should post the pictures of my hybrids.
      I cheated a little with my first hybrid. It being dollzone and doll chateau, which are sister companies so matching wasn't that hard. Except the resin, one of the two companies had just changed their resin colour -, - However with some blushing that resolved pretty easily.
      I will post some pics once I'm home.
      My dim/leekeworld isn't done yet.
      @dollsoflace very interesting hybrid not one you see often but she worked out really well as far as I can see!
    11. I was thinking of doing a Doll Chateau youth body-03 with a Impldoll Hannah head... I know I would have to mod the neck but I think that body has the delicate rose look i'm going for, and the head is perfect!
    12. I have a y-04, which is similar, and a Hannah head. If you’d like pictures, I can send you some!
    13. I would love to see some pictures!
    14. Ooh! So many hybrids! :XD:

      I certainly have a lot of them - I think I have mostly hybrids. Mainly, it’s because I buy artists heads and I’m picky about the look of bodies.

      My hybrids: (ignore the numbering - it’s from my profile with non hybrids removed!)
      Minimees & fictional (other people's) characters:
      1. Thranduil (Lee Pace) - 72cm Dragon Doll body, Modoll head sculpt.
      3.Loki (Tom Hiddleston) - Impldoll 72cm, Modoll head sculpt.
      4.Lee (Pace) - Namonaki head sculpt, mirodoll 68cm
      5. “Harry” (Harrison Ford) - Namonaki custom sculpt, Ringdoll 70cm

      The Ridge (my) Characters:
      1. Teo (Iker Casillas) - 68cm Ringdoll body and custom head sculpt from Namonaki.
      2. Emilio AKA 'Rocketboy' - Migidoll Ryu head, mirodoll body.
      4. Saskia - Doll Family A Que Wei head on 60cm Mirodoll body.

      2. Orion (Ori) - 5 star doll 72cm body, Modoll Tomei head.

      I have two more planned in the coming months and I intend to replace the Mirodoll bodies - even though these are not banned, they are so floppy even with sueding. One literally has one leg longer than the other, so he can’t stand up!

      I’ll post some pictures if I even get any decent ones... :blush
    15. Well finally at home and found an older picture of my first hybrid. Dollzone pandora on the dc kid body 07 both pink skin.
      Sorry for the grainy texture of the picture, it's been shot with an old pentax (even tho I like to make pictures with it, it's clearly not a good camera to use for bjd photography >.<). In the back is my DIM x Leekeworld hybrid, however so far havent worked on her.

      @Spuggey those are quite of hybrids you got there, would love to meet them. Even if the photo quality isn't great (as you can see mine isn't either ;p)

      Do have to say once you go hybriding it's hard to go back. Being a perfectionist sometimes I just need the right body with the right head ect ect, even if they aren't from the same company. On my to do list is a Miracledoll jing with a myou body, miracledoll baiye with either a myou, leekeworld or minifee body. And lastly (I think this is going to be the hardest), an islanddoll vivian head on a old feeple 60 body with...and thats probably the most dificult...jointed hands....So far I did not manage to find any info on feeple and jointed hands. Would alread help so much if company's making jointed hands posted the size of their hands and wrists (At the moment I only found the sizes of dikadoll).
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    16. I am a huge fan of hybrids too. I don't think I can chose a favorite hybrid among my dolls.
      I am very happy with my Rover (Les Enfants Terribles Don on a Soom Super Gem body) because the match was not something I was expecting. These pictures are from when he was first put together.

      [​IMG]First pictures of Rover by bjdzen, on Flickr
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    17. Napidoll Chesi on Dz nb56-001 body.

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    18. i will be in this group as well, as im waiting new head for my impldoll male idol body. i will swich his head to black cherry nikky head. so it will be perfect hybrid for my character project. and one impldoll azalea head i will order mirodoll 62 cm female body as it looks not bad as well. i know some mirodoll bodys is baned but not this one so im on legal project.
    19. That’s a brilliant colour match, and in tan as well!
    20. @Spuggey Thanks :D Yes, it really is wonderful match :D
      I have a few other tan hybrid as well:
      Elfdoll Ruru on Volks SD16 (tan / ebony)
      Volks Ruby on Ringdoll Grown (ebony / tan)