Hybrid discussion

Jun 14, 2018

    1. I thought it’d be nice to have a place to discuss all our hybrids and share pictures. I always wonder which thread I should post them to, otherwise!

      [mods: I did search, and I don’t think this thread exists! If it does, my apologies. ^_^]
    2. I don’t have pics that I can share from mobile, but my favourite hybrid ever is my girl Azrael, who’s a Zaoll Luv head in a Doll Chateau y-06 body. I also have my withdoll Adriana/resinsoul hybrid, who I love, and an Iplehouse/Dollstown girl, and a feeple65/supergem hybrid who still needs a bit of modding that I might try my own hand at before I send her off. I also have one hybrid boy, who is a doll chateau a-04? And a dollzone Raymond head.

      Hybrids I have part of include:
      -withdoll Cecily blue body (+ringdoll crystal head)
      -impldoll Joshua head (+loongsoul 73cm body)
      -soom gluino MV head (+dollzone gene winged body)
      -impl iris head (+dyed Dollmore glamour eve body)
      -twigling gamine head (+resinsoul bigger boy body)
      -impl Hannah head (+ideally a soom nephelin body, dyed)
      -iple Carina head (+impl muscle body)
      -I might put my f60 Lacrima head on an AS new 1/3 body, so I can mod her moe body to male and put a Kara Klum head on it
    3. Well I have my Adamelli on a maskcat doll body, unfortunately the neck needs to be modded a bit and she *really* needs a new face up. I have a bunch of different soom parts I was going to mod together... But IDK... I keep thinking I should sell them now instead, but can't seem to do that! I have other hybrids planned.
      I'd like to get some different twigling body combinations for my tedros and beryl.

      Edit: sorry I didn't see that this was in the large section before I posted...
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    4. I don't have pictures yet, but my favorite hybrid is my current project, a DIM Kassia on a Loongsoul BB body. (I hope it's okay to post about her here...she's technically a mini, but she has a 1/3 head.) The neck is a little long, and I might do some subtractive modding in the future, but it's not too obvious when she's dressed in her frilly clothes and wearing a wig. She's my elf-eared vampire baby. :love

      Hybridizing is addictive!
    5. My fav hybrid is Dz nb56-001 with Another Secret Narcissus!

      I don't have pictures yet, but I will take them... some day or another lol
    6. hear hear!! i love seeing other hybrids and enjoy the thought of having a place to specifically discuss them and share photos. i think my favorite hybrids that i own are ten, my crobidoll yeonho on a luts junior delf body, shion, my esthy peroth on a peak's woods dandy body, and alaska, my feeple60 halloween17 event head on a merrydollround petrichor body :)
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    8. I am a huge fan of hybrids too. I don't think I can chose a favorite hybrid among my dolls.
      I am very happy with my Rover (Les Enfants Terribles Don on a Soom Super Gem body) because the match was not something I was expecting. These pictures are from when he was first put together.

      [​IMG]First pictures of Rover by bjdzen, on Flickr
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    9. Napidoll Chesi on Dz nb56-001 body.

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    10. i will be in this group as well, as im waiting new head for my impldoll male idol body. i will swich his head to black cherry nikky head. so it will be perfect hybrid for my character project. and one impldoll azalea head i will order mirodoll 62 cm female body as it looks not bad as well. i know some mirodoll bodys is baned but not this one so im on legal project.
    11. That’s a brilliant colour match, and in tan as well!
    12. @Spuggey Thanks :D Yes, it really is wonderful match :D
      I have a few other tan hybrid as well:
      Elfdoll Ruru on Volks SD16 (tan / ebony)
      Volks Ruby on Ringdoll Grown (ebony / tan)
    13. Hybriding kind of came naturally to me (and I'm grateful to see this thread finally being made:dance), as I tended to swap out a majority of the default bodies for my Pullips while I was still collecting them. So, when I moved on to bjds, it just came as second nature.

      About 3/4 of my crew are hybrids. Some didn't have resin matches at the onset, but it wasn't too difficult to blush them to match.

      I've had a few hiccups when finding the right matches between bodies (proportions, aesthetic, etc), like when I was trying to find a good body to go with my Dollshe Aramis head. It's been a real learning experience in shopping for the right fits---always checking measurements, looking for reference photos and doing extensive research---but it's been enriching and enjoyable with some great results. It's so lovely how customizable bjds can be to suit what your tastes are, and what you can achieve with swapping between so many different companies. It allows you to be so creative!

      And, to add one of my hybrids---this is Azabien, a Little Rebel Kai head on the Resinsoul 70cm body:
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    15. Shucks, my only hybrids are out of need and caused by Fairyland. You know how they keep having events and then you have more floating heads than bodies? Well, I ordered bodies from Impldoll with resin matching so we'll see how that goes. I also ordered a loongsoul body for a doll where I have a rare character in mind. She needs to be able to pose on a skateboard and I think the loongsoul 58 bloom body version 1 will be the ticket. We shall see though! Impldoll did mistakenly send me a doll head (a Narissa human head) and I believe it was in a "real skin" color. Turns out she looks really good on a luts type 1 delf body of all things. The resin isn't too far off. The luts body was very yellow and even so the impldoll body has some pink tones, they just work well together! Anyways, here is that match:

      [​IMG]HumanNarissa by ingiebee, on Flickr

      This is an awesome thread. It's always hard to get current resin info, etc... then, like you said, you don't know where you should share them! Thanks Spuggey! :)
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    16. I want to add comments :D

      @dollsoflace , you and your doll get a "Wow" for both pose-ability and beautiful faceup! Love her!

      @Mademoiselle Grymms Wow, that's an amazing faceup and body work! She's so awesome!

      Oh wow to the color match from me too, @Prinsessen! I absolutely love the Les Enfants Terribles sculpts too! He's so awesome!

      @Demiurgo, your girl is so pretty and her outfit is WOW! Nice!

      @jade-eyed-cat your Azabien looks absolutely fab and really vamping it up in that outfit! Love him! His faceup, hair and to are just OMG, so amazingly matched without being overpowering... I just love the colors! I wish I had an eye for this! After a lifetime with dolls, I'm still slapping things on and trying things until I like the result. I wish I could plan it out like you obviously did! Beautiful!

      Spuggey, those two men are so realistic! Love them, and Ori is adorable!
    17. @IngieBee Thank you so much! Her outfit is really good but I have to learn how to take a decent picture lol
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    18. Currently, I have 3 hybrids.

      - Migidoll Jina + ClassyDoll senior girl body (pretty happy with this combi)
      - Akagidoll Ban + Impldoll star female body (the skin tones are very different. I'm thinking of getting a matching skin tone head from Impldoll just to make it complete)
      - Domuya Fin? + Custom House Ai SD female body (total disaster, disproportionate, not liking this combi at all)

      I'll try to find some pics and get them uploaded somewhere.

      Updated with some pics!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    19. @jade-eyed-cat your doll looks wonderful. The slender face matches the slender body so well. And that fave up and wig!
      @Spuggey those three look like they are having a cosy time together ;)
      @IngieBee thank you for the kind comment . Your girl indeed matches quite well on that body (how a lill yellowing can help sometimes). Resin matches is always a lill geuss indeed, so what was a match a few years back doesn't mean it's a match nowadays. Got really lucky with my dim head on the leekeworld, since newer leek resin is mutch darker I think. Now I can still easally blush the two parts together. Looking forward on your fairyland hybrids btw!
      @konstrain your qirls look so elegant, really lovelly
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    20. XD... thanks. They look like they’ve all had too much to drink...
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