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Hypermaniac 2006/Body question?

Dec 1, 2006

    1. Hello, first sorry if it doesnt go well here ^^u

      I want to order Skadi from Hypermaniac 2006 dolls, but she is a girl and I wanted a boy =( I'm just in love with her sculpt but I need change the gender ._.

      Anyone knows if dollshe hound or some similar tall/thin body would be great,

      or should I ask a trade of Skadi body for a Hyperdolly boy body? (sounds kind of crazy :doh I dont really believe anyone would do it...)

      Hypermaniac goes angry if you change their dolls body? = x

      :sorry hope not too much complicated questions, please only reply for accurate information if possible...
      Thank you!
    2. Skadi is a boy. ^^

      Old pictures showed her on a girl body, but he's a boy. Boy bodies I heard from HM don't even have the packages anyway.

      The official site has him listed as 'he' too. ^^ I like Skadi a lot too!
    3. I'm sorry but it's a girl =( I got an answer from Hypermaniac themselves about it:

      Hi Faye.
      I saw your picture well.
      But Skadi is girl.
      Skadi is only girl body it sells now.
      I can't help for your hope.
      Wait the good news.

      I told them I was thinking of him as a boy and how I could solve it >.<
    4. My Ksy and my Omicion are on Volks pureskin bodies, so you can change them with great results, but I do not think they (HM) will do it for you, the boys were sold last year.
    5. But then why do they call him a he on the website? T___T
    6. As I mentioned in the other thread, I think it is the story... Skadi 'was' a boy before some dark magiks made him a girl. That's the way I read it anyway.
    7. HM boy bodies....

      I noticed the re-release of Lacrima and the other 2003s is with the younger boy-body, unlike the more recent Gye-do and 2005s bodies which are... a little more mature than I wanted. :|

      I also noticed someone is selling Lacrima re-release. If you want the perfect match, buy the Lacrima and swap the head! Then you can re-sell Lacrima girl (just like my darling Rui) and keep Skadi boy!

      Just my thought
    8. I wanted to do the same T__T Skadi as a boy would be wonderfull *sigh* does anybody have an idea?
    9. I just got my Skadi and am even more convinced to make it a boy. Currently I am playing around with the idea of getting a dollstown Hue boy body. The head is a bit small and I know Hue is one of the taller boys so I wonder if it would work.