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Hypermaniac: HyperDolly

Apr 6, 2011

    1. O mai! they're so adorable :D To tell you the truth though, I'm glad they're tinies. Because I have absolutely no money to buy hypers! Glad to see they still making dolls. I'm hoping they'll have 60cm boys sometime in the future (hopefully I'll have money too ;) )
    2. Thanks for posting the news! I've long been a fan of Kakiva and Eujquiv but sadly do not own one, so it's good to see they've come out with new tinies!
    3. OMG they're so cute! I love Myo-SeRyo! I terribly wanna buy one... but I'm hesitating :sweat
    4. Me, too... I am holing out for a face I am in complete love with and also for the chance that they may re-release So Soms or another tiny that size.
    5. I love hyperdolly's but the bodies look a bit weird, and I sold my ishtar, despite her lovely face, beacuse the body was so bad.
    6. Oh - I'm so tempted... GAH!!! They are so cute... but I don't really want any more tinies. If they were MSDs I would have caved in a sec.
    7. When I got the e-mail from hypermaniac with the photo of their dolls becoming available I was excited to pass on the info.
      Does anyone know if these are on sale for a limited time period? Are these the same face dolls? I can't tell much difference!
    8. They are limited but I don't know the time period... I know hypermaniac bodies are usually bad so I'm afraid to be disappointed... Besides, I'm saving for a Volks FCS and I think it would be too much for me financially if I cave and buy her... I think they are super cute though!
    9. I understand your feeling about that. It is true hypers are not very good at sitting upright. It would have been helpful if hypermaniac had showed pictures of her sitting up. The chest area seems a bit wide to me? making her body look a bit bulky and the hands would have been cuter with a bit of softness to them. Hopefully they won't be too hard to get in and out of sleeve openings! Other than that I like Myo-SeRyo's face. She does look allot like a more mature So-Sam (I think the name is) the tiny they did a few years back. Yes they haven't given any info if she is limited by time or numbers.

      I am giving Myo-SeRyo some thought. I am not crazy about the others face I wish I was as I like pairs of a particular size and company.

      When you say same face - these are TOTALLY new dolls - faces and bodies - first time they ever did yo-sized dolls. The two kakiva that are shown there are not for sale - they should have made that more obvious...
    10. I'm doubting too. The faces are very cute but I don't like the bodies, and I'm not very into tiny dolls... but they are hypermaniac ><
    11. I ended up ordering both because I had the SAME hesitation about Choyangbi and Hahanbi (very very similar faces) but in person they look really different. I didn't want to miss out on the one I liked better by picking the wrong one since they are SO hard to find on secondary market. I keep telling myself I will only keep one, but I rather expect I'll end up doing like I usually do which is being unable to part with either. ;_;
      I didn't care for the larger Hyper bodies (Ishta and Skadi especially) but their older bodies I liked quite a lot and Muse has a great body ( a chunkier MSD-size making her more little-girl like). So, I'll give them a shot and if I don't like them, I'll just put them on some other bodies such as littlefee which makes fantastic yo-sized bodies.
      Oooh, can't wait for them to get here!
    12. I've never ordered from Hypermaniac. Do the dolls come with the outfits pictured?
    13. If you read the shop info - just wig and eyes. The eyes are acrylic I am guessing and they may not be the wig and eyes pictured.
    14. I ordered Myo-HangRa.

      HyperManiacs really don't have "bad" bodies. True, they won't stand on one foot for you, generally, and they wouldn't win a posing contest; but when you pick them up the feel of the heavy, almost soft, resin in your hands is magical. I'd rather have my Hypers than any doll that can do yoga.

      But it's a wonderful hobby, this, because everyone can find a doll that suits them, no matter what the criteria.
    15. Finally I decided and bought Myo-SeRyo. I'd love to have both but I can't right now ><

      About the bodies... old hypers stand perfectly with a bit of hotglue in the joints but the new bodies have a different design which doesn't work in some positions. I'm going to give my Skadi body a second opportunity because I love hypermaniac resin, and I'm going to fix her joints until she (actually he) can sits well and stands like a rock.

      I just hope these new dolls haven't got the same "crazy" ankles.
    16. I just ordered Myo-SeRyo! She was so cute, I couldn't resist. I don't usually buy girl dolls but... She is a hypermaniac! haha !
      I hope the waiting time is what they say, not longer (25 business days seem okay for me). I've never ordered from Hypermaniac so I don't know what to expect!
    17. Did you order it with the face-up? Can anyone tell me what they think of the face-ups that are done by Hypermaniac? Are they worth the extra $50?
    18. I ordered mine blank just because I have a special character in mind.