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Hypermaniac in production again!

Jul 23, 2010

    1. Great news!! What's puzzle me a little is: they are announced as "limited" but are listed in the "basic" section... So are they limited or not??
    2. I think the last couple of Renewal releases were all limited in number.
      The last time they released brand new sculpts you had a limited time period to buy them.

      I'm just so excited Hypermaniac is showing signs of life again. :fangirl:
    3. Do they come with the Muse body the renewal body?
      Also I see the fist hands on that doll - do they come with the regular open hands as well?

      that is exciting but why don't they make new molds?......
      the open eye Kakiva - the eyes look a slightly different shape than the last release (open eye version) Less sad?
    4. The hypermaniac sculpter has a young child, which is why she stopped production in the first place over the last few years. (randomly: she's very cute, her daughter, i've seen photos). Making new molds is probably too much for her at the moment...children take alot of time

    5. When will they go for sale on US site? They are for sale now on Korea's site.
    6. Grab your Kakiva!!! Up for sale!!
    7. great news!
      Tell me, where you can see pictures of the body? (Wrote on his website that it is 10 years old body and all)
    8. Okay, I just tried to buy a Kakiva. They all seem to be sold out. Also, how do I become a member? Even when I click English site, I still can't join.
    9. Scottie it´s not necessary to be a member, I bought the kakiva and pay directly with Paypal.