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Hypermaniac is Open !

Nov 18, 2004

    1. I just received good news ....
      Hypermaniac (Hyperdollies) is accepting orders again starting today !



    2. Oh good! I haven't saved up enough yet to get a dollfie, much less a hypermaniac one, but I just love their dolls all the same :D Maybe those lottery tickets will pay off soon.... *crosses her fingers* :grin:
    3. All I get is red Xs. NO pics! :(
    4. yeah...its not working for me either...XP

    5. It works just fine for me...
    6. Mia, are you going to be adopting a sibling for Amadeus???

      I admire HM dolls so much, they always seem so...I dunno...aristocratic.
    7. I can't see any picture, why? :crushed
    8. :crushed
      I wish I can get Ksy ....I heard after Dec.31st...she will no longer be available....
      Omiclon is already Sold Out..no more for the remainder of the year......
      Thank Goodness I already have him otherwise...I would be devastated....

      I have two kids in the middle of adoption.........
      have to really conserve this year.......
    9. Mia... next year, they might bring out someone you like better than Ksy :) It'll all work out :D