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Hypermaniac re-release Hahanbi and Choyangbi, Kakiva and Eujquv (On Sale Now)

Apr 19, 2007

    1. It now states on the site that Hahanbi and Choyangbi will be re-released this early summer for intermational sale! Yeah for everyone that has always wanted one of these beauties.

      The information in in the free BBS under unlocked questions about re-releases.

      I am posting a question on their free BBS Board to confirm this.


      Hi tracy k
      Q : I am writing to ask about Hahanbi and Choyangbi's re-release. Are they still be be re-released in early summer of 2007?
      A : Yes.

      be happy...
    2. YEH BUT!!! I asked my self after that unlocked one (sorry mine was locked) and I got a reply that said she has NO plans to rerelase dolls and that plans change, only about a week before she has said she would rerelease.

      So much for that. Maybe you can post a question about it again unlocked and ask for confirmation. I think you will find she has changed her mind urgh....
    3. Oh, don't tell me that! I am looking at 4-02-2007. When did you post.

    4. You can see mine its 4-06 after that one (though its locked so you can't read it). It could be she doesn't want to commit to anything. Keep in mind hypermaniac took a very long time to release the Ishta and Muse much later than they said. If I remember it was nearly 8 months after the pics were released at the Doll Party Korea. This is not the first time they have said they would rerelease Hahanbi and Choyangbi either the last time was over a year ago. Lets see what they say in reply to your post on the hyper board.
    5. Question answered! Re-release scheduled for early summer!
    6. Hypermaniac will rerelease Hahanbi and Choyangbi in May ! :)
    7. Do Hahanbi and Choyangbi come in normal skin tone or white skin tone? Or both??
    8. Well Muse, Ishta and the most recent boys have light skin tone I think it passes as a white with a creamy pink tone added. Or a very light normal skin. Its much lighter than the earlier hypermaniacs. We won't know for sure if they continue to use the lighter resin though or if they will make a change back to more regular tone.
    9. Any news about these re-release?
    10. All I know is that I was told early summer; which would be mid-June.

    11. No she is postponed indefinitely LOL.

      As are Tei and Lacrima who they didn't plan to rerelease that I know of. Keep in mind that there is actually was a rerelease but only in Korean of Tei and Lacrima and Sirang. The resin is allot lighter though.

      Here is a Tei for sale! looks allot like a girl though he is a boy.

    12. I agree on both points Ryochan! I did hear there is Renewal written in the actual mold itself in the headcap though I don't have one. Your Lacrima is a renewal right? let me know if it says renewal in the cap ;)
    13. It looks like only Korea can order the dolls at this time. On the doll pages, it says: A/S period 1 year (only Korea).
    14. It works- just hit "Buy it Now" I think the a/s is a sort of service plan.


    15. Aha! I wasn't seeing the whole page as you have to scroll to the right to see everything. And then when I tried logging in at Paypal, it wouldn't work for me. I had to go and enable cookies in my Privacy settings to get it to work.

      You are correct--it does work!