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Hypermaniac - Renewal Kakiva and Sleeping Kakiva 2010

Jul 24, 2010

    1. Oh its wonderful to see hypermaniac is back, there dolls wouldnt be right for my bjd family but ive always admired them and have mad respect for their company ^^. The two new ones are adorable and I really like the makeup they did on them.
    2. This is great news. ) I hope they will also do Euykuv and Choyanbi. I hope the head will be basic again =)
    3. I am really excited about this! I wish it didn't seem to all be in Korean when I go to the message board, I wanted to leave a message asking if they will reproduce Eujquiv again... I've wanted one for so long! :D
    4. fyi they will never be basic in the sense you mean. Hypermaniac offers for a time period then closes the offering. They don't sell dolls in a shop of any kind on an ongoing basis.

      I asked on the board if the faces are exactly the same as the last rerelease I will update when they reply. They look very similar but the open eye one looks less sad in the eye shape it may be just the makeup though.
    5. Annnnnd I finally figured out how to use the message board on the Hypermaniac site. :doh I wrote asking about Eujquiv, and saw someone had as well, so hopefully it will get the point across and get a rerelease of her started at some point too. :D
    6. I'm thrilled to see Hypermaniac showing signs of life! I wrote on their message board a few months ago asking if they would be open again and she said they planned to release dolls but she didn't say what or when!

      I like Kakiva but I'm crossing my fingers for a Renewal of Dong-Ha or new 60cm boy! My Omicron is one of my favorite dolls and I so want to have a little brother/cousin for him.
    7. Oh wow! What excellent news. I've admired Hypermaniac from afar for quite some time. I'm so happy they're producing again. Sleepy Kakiva is... so.... SO CUTE! ;3; *mad raging love for sleepy dolls* I really hope to see more from them following this, and wish the company well ^__^
    8. It's great to have news from Hypermaniac! it has been a very long waiting but although I love the old Hypermaniacs, I would like to see new sculpts more than renewals versions.
    9. excellent news! I've always wanted one of these. Anyone have any idea what the price might be?
    10. Well I know they are not cheap about 700.00 - 800.00 if I remember correctly.
    11. I think that last time Kakiva was about $700 with makeup and shipping. I hope that we have more info about this sale soon ^^!
    12. I really like the new makeup...Kakiva was always my favourite Hypermaniac sculpt but that was some time ago ^^ Before I started buying Volks dollies.
      But I will be following the news here and maybe I will get an open eyed Kakiva when she´s released...depends on the pricing.
    13. Oh yaaaay, I'm so happy. ;w; I hope Choyangbi becomes available, he's actually the first doll whose FACE I really fell (and stayed) in love with. (For me it's always bodies) And I hope they have more sculpts too, I'd be so excited to see them, I love the style!!

      PS does anyone know where to find some good pictures of the bodies? Any Hypermaniac body. *A*;; I've seen the hands and feet and they're the same gorgeous soft squishy style as the faces~
    14. I hope the bodies have been updated : X The Skadi one I have is rather hard to pose .__.;;
    15. It's great that Hypermaniac is producing again! I love the Hyper faces, but I'm also hoping they have improved the bodies. I have a Renewal Hahanbi and she can't sit worth a darn -- very annoying.
    16. Thats SO true I had muse briefly.
    17. I am hoping also - my ishta is a lovely girl, but wobbly ankles and bad at sitting
    18. That is odd, my Omicron is a champion sitter. He needs the Worlds Tightest Stringing and sueding and boots and luck to stand well but he can sit. But I like having some dolls with an old-fashioned dollishness to them and that's one of the things that makes Omicron one of my favorite dolls. But then, Omicron and Ksy had completely different bodies than the earlier and later dolls. Are the Renewal girls single piece torsos?