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Hypermaniac Site down?

Aug 3, 2005

    1. I can't get past the first page...I keep getting a red X for the image. Anyone else?

      Are they revamping stuff?
    2. Whooo - Thanks for the link TreeLore

      I'm behind on the times and sat there looking at all the red X's and started clicking on stuff trying to get "somewhere" I could see ANYTHING beyond the pop-ups asking if I wanted to d'load the music for the site :-|

      I still get a bunch of red X's but at least I can see the dolly page!

      Now, I have to figure out how to order.....
    3. It's working for me . . . here are the links to the pages for the currently available dolls (So-Som is sold out):





      The "Buy Now" link is at the bottom right-hand corner of each page. They do take PayPal. The boys are a straight $800.00 with face-up, even though that's not exactly what ₩800000 converts to. The $800 includes shipping.

      I'm not sure how much the non-face-upped boys are, but that's how much my Na-Hu was (now, hurry up and ship hiiiiimmmmm, waiiiii!!!)


      -- Andi :)
    4. Oooh thanks Andi! *tries to go look again*
      Err... Should I be calling you Andi or Ashbet *frowns n' scratches head*
      Hmmm.. I get info, but still no piccies... *sighs* You don't happen to know if they just sell the heads do you? *can't find any links that work for her*
    5. Hehe, whatever you like!! I go by Andi in person and Ashbet as an online nick, but my real name is no secret, I always sign my posts . . . I'll answer to Ashbet in person, too, if someone knows me from online!! No worries either way ^-^

      The (whole) site, including pictures, is definitely working for me -- what browser are you using?

      They don't, unfortunately, just sell heads -- they only sell whole dolls, and then only until the limited period is done.

      I have a HM girl body bought from Lolly, and it's beautiful quality!!

      -- A :)
    6. Ahhhh figures on the dollies... *grins* I'm using IE... don't have netscape on this machine, and I get some of the pics - basically the ones with the heads, and then THAT is it.. *Frowns*

      this is what I get :


      And if I go into the item page itself, nope.. I get text again, but no pics at all... lots of lil red x's... *sighs*
    7. I have the X problem with a few sites like HM and Ethereal Angels, I have to disable my Norton Anti Virus protection while I view them.
    8. Oooooo! I didn't even THINK of that - but you're right... I bet you that'll do it! *thwacks self* Thanks idrisfynn! :)