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Hypermanic So-Soom question

Aug 7, 2005

    1. for any one who has her ..could you post a body photo
      I would love to see what she is like before I order her
      is her body one peice ?, like the pocketfairy , or jointed waist like i-elf ?
    2. [​IMG]



      She poses like a dream~ she's got a great center of balance. She's a really versatile little tiny, that's for sure.
    3. Oh, for pete's sake! :D From that angle and with the freckles, she looks a bit like Kish Riley, but ten times cuter... :D
    4. Oh no , she is so cute :crushed
      ...my car failed its MOT ...that means I have to spend all my hard earned cash on having it fixed ...£250. to £500. ...thats my So-Soom and Pansy :crushed
      ...she is lovely
    5. [​IMG]

      i'm glad you guys like her :chibi
      I'm having a bit of a time bonding with her- i've already given her two faceups :P Her wigs are a struggle because of the size [and i'm VERY picky on how they look] but her posing is so awesome, i'm going to work on her some more, before i decide.
      Kish Riley? i'm not sure i've heard of those dolls :o

      i'm sorry about your car tinybear- but at least you have your adorable little elf to keep to busy :D
    6. I do ! And Nessa is stunning
      I was instantly smitten and she hasnt left my side
      I know how you feel about bonding , my Gienne ,I have never bonded with ...she is beautiful absolutly stunning , her face-up perfection , her body is tiny and so well balanced but I just cant bond ...
      if you do decide to part with her ..PM me
      the end of this month , I have another show ...so will get paid LOL
    7. Eeeeee, that last photo is so cute!

      OT-ish: Riley by Helen Kish is a 7.5-inch non-BJD doll. Very cute, but I never got one. I have seen customized versions that look very much like your girl with the freckles; so cuuuuuute!

      Here's a page with some customized Kish dolls, including Riley, so maybe you can see what I mean.


      I think Davona carries Kish dolls at


      As I said, your girl is ten times cuter, but I do think there's a certain resemblance with this face-up and wig.
    8. :D su cute! she's very similar to what I wanted my so-soom to look... but I do not know if i'll buy her...
      actually I have to decide between her, a lati doll, and another PF, but chou this time.
      can I ask you what type of wigs she wears?
      and how did you put lashes on? and what type of lashes? ?__?
    9. Thank you for the link salena! You're right! she does look very similar XD!! I really liked NariPons, like yours, because of the pouty lips, but then i found sosom, and she's PERFECT.

      And if i do decide to sell her, you'll be the first i tell tinybear~ all your dolls have a great home! :D [I like your little illica- she looks very adorable, but i think nessa is my favorite of yours :3]

      Sure! Her wig is actually a highly butchered Monique wig from MiniWorld! I actually cut the wig IN HALF [it was a 4/5 size] and wrapped it around her head, tied it on with a ribbon, and clipped it in the back. So she looks like a balding 40yr old from the back- I really want a white mohair fluffy wig for her- and this one is only to tide her over until i get that.
      The wig she came with is that brown one with the bangs-

      For some reason the lashes were easier to put on her than my big girls- I got them off a doll that i found at the dollar store [they have cheap dolls there, for $1 & $3, that i just take their eyes, wigs, and clothes] but she had good lashes that were falling off, so i got one and stripped it XD
      The best deal on lashes though! just $1! and they were already cut the perfect size XD
    10. Did you cut the wig because it was too small and wouldn't fit onto her head...or was it too big? Just curious because I have a So-som on the way and ordered a size 4/5 wig for her.
    11. thanks a lot for the info!!!
      this is really a good idea, I'll look and see if I can buy some cheap dolls to take their lashes and maybe some other things XDD
    12. You're welcome, Cari! Glad you like my darling Moy, too.

      Now... If it turns out you really can't bond with So-Som but you like Tinybear's Lilica, and Tinybear can't bond with her Lilica but she likes your So-Som... Well... Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? :wiggle
    13. I have a So-Som (ordered with faceup, but she came without, poor thing) ..

      the wigs I had made for Pocket Fairies, plus the Riley-size wigs all fit this cutie..

      and the Pocket Fairy shoes do, too!!


      (The ponytail wig is especially cute on her...)

      Soon as my little girl gets a faceup, I will post pictures!
    14. The wig was too big- here's what I mean, you can see the remains of the one i cut, as well as a way i temporarily clipped another 4/5 wig so it would fit a bit more snug on her head. I would say they were about an inch too big- so they're awfully floppy. Like a big hat.


      and here's how i clipped the brown one on her head for photos [ahh, the magic of photography.]


      And since i had her out, i took better pictures of her body- [since that's what this thread is about]

      Here's her little mutant butt. I was quite surprised to see it- and i think she's sensitive about it.


      and she tried to go kung fu on me for stripping her for photos-


      but she was really morphing into sailor venus to attack me with cuteness XDDDD


      sorry for the picspam, i couldn't resist.

      I wish you lived closer so I could go to a meet and actually SEE moy- i'd love to see how tiny she is in person XD I love her little pouty lips-
      I think the blonde wig is doing it for her- i do like her just a little more :3
      but i agree XD if i don't end up bonding, i'd totally be open to a trade XDD
    15. So move on down to Texas! The weather's fine!

      Where does GothicLibrarian live with the famous Honorine who started it all? Isn't she in Indiana? I'm geographically challenged, but pretty sure that's closer to you than Texas... :D

      Don't tell So-Som, but I cackled like a cartoon hag when I saw her Little Mutant Butt(TM). She does look rather murderous in that kung fu shot. :lol:
    16. Does anyone have a list of all the different tinies and where to get them and how much they cost? Once again I find myself pining away for a little doll, and I have to say that this one is terribly cute. What a personality she has!! How much is she? Where can I get her? :daisy
    17. how cute :D
      just a little thing... are the shoes attached to te feet? or they are "normal" shoes?
      I do not like a lot shoes-feet ^^''
    18. I paid $300 and bought her from hypermaniac.com, she came without faceup- only with carrier, eyes, wig, and extra rubber bands to string her with. [no elastic!]
      I wouldn't know about a real list of them- all I could say is go to gigglegeek's site, and look through the sections for all the tinies *_*

      Nope :D [i don't like them either!] they're Kelly shoes [from barbie] which i got off of a dollar store knock off kelly for a buck- the dolls outfit was a little small though- sosom is a fatty! XD I love the dollar store.

      It's hot enough in ohio XDD stupid ozone action days~ lol.
      I'm hoping us ohioans get off our little mutant butts and organize a northern meet~ so i can see Kakyuu, Karin and Vicki J- they all have huge collections *o*
      when i saw her bottom I was like "eww! it has flaps!" lol.
    19. there has just been a thread started listing a lot of the tinys
      they can cost anything for $200. for a Happy doll kit ....to the skys the limmit for a PocketFairy on Ebay ........but beware they are like chocolates ...you cant stop at One!
    20. Cari- I have two wigs that I got from Global that are two small for my Aga Fairy, maybe they would work for your girl. One is blond braids called Hedi, and the other is a Mohair wig with curly bangs pulled back on the sides and long in back, I really hated that they didn't fit because they had the right amount of hair for the size wig they are. So many just have way to much hair.
      Here's a picture of them On Josette; Don't laugh, she's mad that I took her picture with them on.