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Hz New Dolls (roro)

Sep 8, 2008

    1. Well, i think some of u knows HZ n have brought their fantastic costumes~

      Now HZ are releasin their new BJDs.

      Very special ones that we have even seen such BJDs before.

      If any body loves Heise's art, they probably knows her cute charas

      now, and Roros (sounds like meat meat in Chin) are based on those charas

      Here is da link to view roros' pic.

      if u can read Chin that will be great

      and if not, you can just click on da dolls' pic, then u will see more

      The dolls are named "Tian Tian", "Wang Ye", "Ka ka", "Fei" and "Han Han"

      And, hz are havin a event now, da 1st 100 ppl who order it

      £¨dat means 100 in Chin n 100 in other countries£©

      will get a unique birth card.

      Roro are 188 USD for each one n 736 USD for all five w/o shippin fee.

      Now, in Chin we r havin a group orderin event which we can get discount
      so if u r interested in takin roro home we still get several discount spots left.
      More Information : CLICK HERE

      btw, da new news is out, HZ is plannin to release new roro soon

      da actual time is unsure, but i guess it will be either end of this yr or beginnin of next yr.
    2. Im confused? i thought hz was dollzone? Is hz dollzone or totally independant of them? and if so does hz have its own english site? ^sorry so many questions X>x
    3. HZ is not dollzone, they are independant ^w^

      and they have nothing in common except they are all chinese company,

      HZ used to make BJD's costume only, but now they released their own doll.

      All da HZ's products and dolls are designed by HEISE.

      Here's the link to Heise's DeviantArt http://heise.deviantart.com/
    4. HZ is not dollzone, and never in my experience have I know DZ to go by the abbreviation HZ. HZ is Heisejinyao, she is best known for the immaculate uniforms and fantasy type outfits on DoA, as well as gorgeous boots, and exceedingly gorgeous CG art.
    5. is there a US site or distributor that we can order from? im really wanting one of them. are they all boys or can you get a girl body? the sleeping one has horns are they removable?
    6. The Roros are under discussion by the mods to determine if they will be considered on topic. However, because they have very few joints, they will probably be considered OT. Thank you!