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I am such a dope!!! Unoa sitting

Oct 24, 2006

    1. I have only owned my doll for about a month now and admittedly she lives in her box because she has no clothes yet. Anyway, I had been a little disappointed because I couldn't get her to sit very well, it was more like a layback rather than a proper sit.

      Well today I finally worked out that if I pull her leg out of it's socket a little there is this little bit of plastic that locks onto her bottom and makes her legs so that she can sit properly. I was totally amazed that I hadn't seen this before.

      Of course most of you are probably saying "der!" but she is my only doll and I haven't been doing this long. Just thought it might help another newbie like me.

      Edited to add the pic
      http://www.freewebs.com/julliams/Unoa Sist/Unoa Sist 081 (Medium).jpg

      Ok so she does have clothes but this is only a half made nightee that I have given up on - lol!

    2. No, der, Juliette! Most dolls don't have that. Unoas are pretty special. :)
    3. That's why I want an Unoa! They seem to be the only dolls that do that ;)
    4. Hey, that's pretty cool, I didn't know they had that either!
    5. Do you know about the tab on her lower back that allows her to slouch forward?
    6. Unoas are love. :D
    7. I agree totally!
    8. IS that the 1.0 or 1.5 version or both??
    9. I have a really early Unoa (1.0) and she has the tabs on the backs of her thighs and in her waist joint.

      eeee unoas are so light and posable and lovely! My first doll was a Lusis, they make great first dolls!
    10. yans have something like that as well! shes really cute though! :)
    11. Mine is a 1.5 so I can't speak for 1.0.

    12. Mine is a 1.5 so I can't speak for 1.0.

    13. Both versions have tabs at back and thighs from what I can see in unoa freak.
    14. limhwa does it too!
    15. Your doll is a real cutie!!! Aren't they just so much fun?! (and I think the gown is cute too!)

      I bet you are glad you figured the sitting thing out!


    16. Yay Juliette! Congrats! She's adorable and so is her nightie!
      (Love her shoes, btw! ^_~)
    17. Reviving this old thread because I just found out that my Unoa 2nd does this too *yay* Here I was, propping her up on her hands so that she didn't topple over backwards due to her one piece torso, & voila! I discovered the little ridges at the back of her thighs :fangirl: It creates a lovely seamless thigh joint- *sigh* I love Unoas :aheartbea
    18. btw where are the tabs on her back? I know about the ones on her thigh caps.