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I asked DoD if DoT Sha and Shall were different, their answer!

Apr 21, 2006

    1. Ok... people were wondering if SHa's lips were different from Shall, right?
      Well... so I thought: why not asking DOD?

      "The lip of SHA is same.. maybe they say because of the make-up as depends on the make-up, it looks different.
      Shall is more faminin, and SHA has this cynical smile on his lip. To look more mascular SHA's lip is a bit bigger than Shall." - that was the answer...

      And.... DOD will release new girls. DOC and DOT.

      "We will release more girl doll - both DOC & DOT ^^
      Also picture will be changed as PITT or TWINGKEY, but there are few pictures that I personally like I will keep them. ^^;
      ReYa (Leya) will have new look this time, but JS works very slow and I always make sure give her enough time to get the best work of her.
      It is not easy to get images picture from her work. "

      Hope it helped!


    2. WOOHOO! New girls!!I hope the new girls are as beautiful as Shall is....:)
    3. Thanks a bunch for the info! *sends love waves to DoD and you*
    4. *bows* You are welcome ^^
      Hahaha I'm very excited about the new girls... I love girl dolls *o*
    5. Woooow! I wonder when the new DOT girls will be out? I am excited! ^^
    6. Thank you for always keeping us updated! I absolutely love DOD and want them to do their best work! So its okay waiting, I am very eager though!
    7. I can't wait to see the new DoC girl!

      They say Sha's lip is with a smile and fuller ... so that means it IS different, right? The words they said seem to be contradicting eachother. Still a bit confusing.
    8. I think they mean it is painted to look fuller... the actual sculpt is identical.
    9. New doc girls? Yeah! I can't wait to see them! That's wonderfull! Thank you for this information!
    10. Great~!!!!!!!!
      I Want She Is A Queen
    11. that's really great! there something I love about their girl dolls. they seem so delicate. can't wait to see new girls :) thank you for this information!
    12. Oh wow, I absolutely cannot wait to see thier new girls! Shall is so beautiful... a friend of mine ordered her about a week ago and I can't wait to see her ^_^
    13. I can't wait to see either! I'm so glad DOD takes paypal now! It makes it easier! It would be even better if there were US doll dealers that you could buy them from, since I like to do layaway when possible, and with DOD it has to be paid for all at once! But I love my DOD dolls, so it's worth it!
    14. Oooh, yay for new girls! And I didn't even realize (until now) that they were the same sculpt. The way they're painted is so different ...
    15. :o! new girls? I might just be tempted ^^
    16. Ooh can't wait X.x but they had to go and bring new DOTs out so soon after I already ordered one >.< lol oh well, can always get the heads ^^...unless..they got an awesome wig X.x;; or something. I'm gonna be so broke :...( my bank account hates me already for much of my spending recently ^^;;
    17. OMG new DOD girls!? Both DOT and DOC!?!? :o
    18. Hello,

      I want a Sha head, but D.O.D. does not have a Sha head listed for sale. However, I have noticed that "Sha is SHALL 's boy version," and that D.O.D. does have a Shall head listed for sale. My question is, are these two molds the same only sold on different bodies or are the molds for Sha and Shall different? If they are different, how different are they and in what ways?

    19. Naw, the two heads are both exactly the same.
    20. What? I never knew that! xD I always assumed that "Sha is SHALL 's boy version" meant that there were a few small differences between the two heads.