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I Cant Find Shoes For Them!!!!! Help!!!!!

Dec 18, 2009

    1. I NEED HELP!!! My AOD tinies have 3.5 cm feet. Yet they are YoSDs, what kind of shoes can i get? where?? I am really nut now :P*_**_**_**_**_*
    2. buuuumpsssssssssss
    3. check for yo-sd shoes in the markeyplace
    4. The Yo shoes might be too long for them.. The Volks YoSD foot is 4.2cm and most Yo shoes are 45mm.
    5. Kemper shoes are a better option as they are smaller than most 'YoSd' shoes which can be huge!!
      Might also be worth looking at some Blythe shoe makers as the boots and trainers they make tend to be oversized for Blythe and can fit up to a 4cm foot size.
      If you look in the sticky thread on what fits Tinybear's dolls there may be links there.
      Also have a browse through the Planetdoll thread as the foot size for their tinies is not far off of the size you're looking for!
    6. LittleFees have feet that are 3.8cm so I think shoes that are a tight fit om them will work. I have a pair from here that fits snugly on my LittleFee so I think they would be nice. The ones I have is the Mary Janes with roses and my LittleFee can wear them both with and without socks but my CH Ange Ai - who have very slightly wider feet - can only wear them without socks.

      They are so some cute shoes on the AOD site. The ones in the beginning that are 25$ all fits their tinies.

    7. Oh thank u so much for the tips everyone ^^ i just foubd two lovely pairs on the sites you guys mentioed! LOVELY!
    8. Hujoos are off topic here but have 35mm feet, so shoes marketed for them are a good bet. The 40 mm Kemper shoes ( for Bleuette) fit them very well.
    9. Yeah my husband got me Hujoos over xmas , t trouble is that the inner size is 2.5 cm :P and the legs are very skinny. I think they fit little fees with 2.5 cm feet. (i am actually selling them boots, which i adore, as they are so pretty :( :():...(:...(:...(