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I-Doll Studio: Birth of Alice & Event

May 19, 2009

    1. News release

      I have certainly been looking forward to more sculpts coming up from the artist after Byul. Alice exactly fits the character I have planned for the future! I think she's gorgeous and I'm happy to see her offered in urethane.

      What does everyone else think of her?
    2. I think she's lovely -- she really reminds me of some of the older dolls who originally brought me into the hobby.

      If I weren't suffering from resin saturation, she'd be on my list!

      -- A (no new dolls unless somebody gets sold, eek!)
    3. I'm madly in love with my Byul--the resin quality is superb, and I think the IDolls body is one of the most beautiful BJD girl bodies on the market. :aheartbea Alice has such a wistful, longing expression, where Byul looks strong and self-assured to me . . . I'm really looking forward to whatever Andro has in store for us next!
    4. I am also really looking forward to what Andro has in the works! From the prototype photos of heads that are up on the site, it looks like there will be a few with smaller eyes. I'm definitely interested in these future ladies!
    5. I thought I'd bump this thread up seeing as I-doll are having a sale at present until Jan 10. I've just bought Alice - I couldn't resist.
    6. This sale is very exciting! I think I'm going to jump in and buy an Alice towards the middle of the week. I didn't think I'd be able to get her so soon. ^^
    7. Yay! I'll be glad to see more Alices around!
    8. these dolls are sooo beautiful...I have trouble deciding which one I like best. x3 I'm excited about the special, I wish I had spare money to snag one!
    9. I know. I'd like to get a Byul as well after seeing her with a custom face-up. She's really lovely. I guess I'll have to wait until later on. I have a friend who's got one and she also says the body is incredible. I'll have to wait and see. Supposedly she will only take one to two weeks to send her out.... I may still have time to buy another in the sale. I don't think I'll be getting the cash in time though. Pity.
    10. Hobbysue, you could always order the Byul head separately and have them share a body. I agree the body is nice, but is strung weird and mine flops all over the place. I need to sit down with it and restring, possibly also suede.
    11. Ah, I was just about to ask how they pose. is flopping a common problem with the bodies?
    12. Flopping is common with a lot of BJDs. I'll have to ask Kaye how hers poses. She loves her Byul. Flopping doesn't worry me as I'm happy to restring and I find it usually fixes any problems. The only doll I couldn't restring was my Flexi Fin and that was because the leg holes were too narrow and I'd have to redrill them to get a better elastic through. Other than that, any other BJD has been easy. Considering the price they are at present, it's worth a little work for the money.

      Does anyone have owner photos of Alice? I don't think I've seen any of her - only Byul.

      I asked Kaye about her Byul and she said that hers was strung normally and posed perfectly.

      I finally got my girl face-upped and made her an outfit. Face-up is by Sour Circus located here on DoA. Meet my Alice:
    13. Hobbysue: She looks absolutely divine!!! I am giving my girls faceups right now, but will wait to post pictures once they both have bodies. ;) I decided to have Byul keep her I-Doll body and Alice will have a SpiritDoll body.
    14. I've got Spiritdoll Jade, I haven't tried Alice's head on her body. I really like the I-Doll body so I think I'd buy a full doll again. She's a lot chunkier than I was expecting.
    15. The I-Doll body is just lovely...and way chunkier than I expected as well. I'm really impressed with the sculpting design.
    16. She's more like an EID woman than a normal SD. My Akando may be in love......
    17. Yaaaaay!!! I think she'd look great with an EID boytoy! ;) Mine will be sharing a TranscendB/Super Gem boyfriend.
    18. THey look like spome are cast in a transluecent resin and some are urethane. I really like to transleucent resin better. but ho wdo these dolls hold up over time? I think that Byuel and alice and arnoah are just beautiful dolls. I like the more realistic approach every time. it makes the fantasy that much sweeter.
    19. The initial Byuls were case in French resin, but I don't think they are offered in French resin anymore. As with all French resins...I would assume the initial Byuls cast would tend to yellow more rapidly than the urethane currently offered.

      The quality, weight, and look of the resin is really nice and I would say it's comparable to other Korean companies (e.g. Supia, Limhwa, etc). But, the sculpt of the body is really to die for! Great posing and beautiful curvy shape.
    20. There is a UV protection that is added by most companies these days, mostly thanks to Kaye Wiggs using it on her dolls and the translucency tends to last for 5 years without yellowing. I've now got both and while the french resin look is lovely, I still prefer urethane. Don't know why, just do.