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I Doll Winged Rearends

Oct 3, 2008

    1. Okay, is it my imagination, or are wings sprouting from these adorable I Doll bums?


      Any clue what gives? LOL!
    2. Hehehe, looks like the angle but you never know! They are **darling** though! OMG!!!
      QZ :)
    3. No, they just have a boa behind them on the display. You can see it also in the space between the girl doll and the rose. They just picked an unfortunate place to put the end on the right side.
    4. It's a terrible picture because of the placement of the white feather boa. They really need to redo the photo. They are pretty dolls, though.
    5. oh, that happens to me every time a fart. A plain white plume shoots out my bum.

      Good to know it happens to dollfies, too. Whew! What a relief!! I thought maybe I should call a doctor or somepin.:fangirl:
    6. lol that's funny, Sher! But seriously, that could effect someone's choice of what doll to buy. IF an inexperienced buyer doesn't like a plume farting doll they may forgo a really great doll because of the misleading picture.
      Little wings painted on the butt would be cute, IMO, though.
    7. Kids next time chew your ostrich completely.

      Seriously though it looks like one of those marabou trimmed babydoll nighties was thrown behind that roseball, its kind of odd looking.They are pretty cute even with the plume butt, I like the mouth sculpt on the one to the right.
    8. That is too funny! hehehehe....
    9. *falls over, dying with laughter* SHER!!! You slay me!! (I almost wrote "you sleigh me" but it's not Christmas yet)
    10. lol chew your ostrich completely lol!!

      i imagine it would be hard to fly if your wings where attached to your bum.