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I don't know who I want!

May 16, 2008

    1. Oka,y I guess I should ask for advice from other people who have actually bought dolls, since I'm still quite new to BJD. I wanted an Obitsu but I've seen some a lot prettier, now. I was leaning towards Dana from AngelRegion but was told they've had some shipping/relaibility questions. :doh

      So I know a few things I'd like to lean towards.
      + I'd like her to have more realistic face as opposed to a more anime style.
      + I want her in the range of about 40-48 CM (or about 18 inches).
      + More childlike, less mature.
      + In a rang of about 300-400 dollars. Wig + eyes included a plus, face up not necessary.

      Any advice?

    2. My advice would be to look at as many threads as you can, and wait until 'your' doll speaks to you!! Kid Delf dolls are lovely I think, and less mature body. Use the search facility and search for all different dolls until you find the one you love
    3. have a look at unidoll.com they have some incredibly beautiful childlike creatures :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    4. I agree with kayjay ^____^
      Find a few moulds you like, then research on how other owners like that particular company? n__n
    5. I lovelovelove kid delf too, but I agree, just spend a few hours windowshopping on DoA!
    6. i think what Kayjay said is the best method. look at as many threads, find a doll you like and then look at more threads of that same doll. it helps to see lots of different pictures by different people because they can interpret the same doll in variable ways so you get a better idea of what it is like than from just looking at the pics of the manufacturers site. :)
    7. Bluefairy. xD
    8. Dollmore makes some non-anime styles, as does Souldoll. . . I'm not really sure what you mean by anime style. i think bluefairy and peakskill dolls look really animeic.
    9. I second (third?) the advice to keep looking at threads, also the gallery and general searches online. Look at as many owner pix as possible of sculpts you like, because as has been said, they are often very different from the studio shots the manufacturers use. Ask questions, even if it means PMing people as they often love their dolls to be admired, I know it made my day when someone pmd me about Rat...

      Get yourself up to forty posts so you can access the marketplace, that way you can get an idea of prices and what's selling, it does seem to go in waves, one week Unoa's and the next luts, with all else in between.

      One of my main sources of research is the 'meetup' threads, especially if you haven't had access to a doll live yet, you can get an idea of how big the dolls are compared to each other, and against real people for scale, put the name of your desired scuplt into the search on that board and see what comes up. Dolls vary a lot even within their size ranges, (and that really brings home the 'mature sculpt versus childlike' when you actually see them together) again ask questions because we all love the same thing and people are always willing to help out a newbie.

      Hope this helps, and good luck in your search!

      oh and the last thing? if you possibly can, I really reccomend attending a doll meet, even if it's only for an hour, you'll learn so much and meet some really nice people :)

      Trust me, you'll KNOW when your doll speaks to you :) <glares at Kefri, the most demanding piece of dolly resin ever>